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pokemon battle revolution

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii' started by pokemon master, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. pyrolight

    pyrolight Picsart~>@nissathehedghog

    its cool
  2. Dare-Devil

    Dare-Devil Dare-Devil

    I like it so much, It a real fun game
  3. disk

    disk n00b


    What a great post, changed my anti-commenting ways. I will try and drop a comment here far more in the future.
  4. Zoruamunch

    Zoruamunch n00b

    I want the game

    i want the game but it is annoying that i dont have a 3DS but i do have pokémon b/w!
  5. spiderpig0402

    spiderpig0402 n00b

    i tried it once. i think it was RUBY. the gameplay was not that good but i played it all the way. love the game. ROCKS!
  6. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    Nope, pokemon is for little gay boys
  7. hollysurly

    hollysurly Hire character Train skil

    I like it
    But i like wii

  8. HatedPro

    HatedPro n00b



    Nice picture!!!!! :coolgleam::thumb:
  9. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    You hit the nail on the head,, eventually... Pokemon is fucking shit
  10. Assentytedy

    Assentytedy n00b

    I'm the first time here.

    I am freshman.
    Lucky to speak to everyone appropriate here.
  11. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Yes ! I love the graphics on it. :D
  12. jkjNGre

    jkjNGre n00b

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  13. ngfhRt

    ngfhRt n00b

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  14. Pappitedryday

    Pappitedryday n00b


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  15. cvw5nark0h

    cvw5nark0h n00b

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  16. bfRth

    bfRth n00b

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  17. fgfhRs

    fgfhRs n00b

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  18. bghRTh

    bghRTh Guest

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  19. MakHuppyMaf

    MakHuppyMaf n00b

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  20. dx2xkyt9ao

    dx2xkyt9ao Banned

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