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Discussion in 'Playstation' started by jezza, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. jezza

    jezza Guest

    ps3 is way better than xbox360:fmad::roftl:
  2. warren93

    warren93 Manbearpig awareness

    obviously :D
  3. punguawud

    punguawud Banned

    seriously though.
    theyre both the same pretty much
    ps3 has free online and all that but they still play the same games and have the same graphics.
    nah seriously 360's pwns the shitty ps3
  4. warren93

    warren93 Manbearpig awareness

    *ahem* how does a console play something when the other has it as an exclusive?

    and yes ps3 is better than a shitty 360 i know
  5. avlisdxa

    avlisdxa Really Lazy Guy

    Problems with Xbox is that it was a rush job, I mean you get a standard version, most likely it'll break itself or the games
    PS3 has problems too, but less than the Xbox which mainly stems from its reliability

    Because of that, I'd rather perfer the PS thank you ^^

    I know there's more to that, I just wanted to keep it simplified so don't give me any crap plz, thank you
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 13, 2010
  6. Emprasoforvio

    Emprasoforvio n00b

    PS3 is pretty cool, the free internet has its advantages/disadvantages. for one.. its free.

    the games are tottally awesome.. i really dont care about the exclusive games for xbox360 since theyre not my genre of games anyway.

    i love the 1080p support.. and with that the games just look Awesome. media server thing could use some work.. but like i said..it has its advantages/disadvantages.

    love the mini OS on it tho.. can do like every thing i want.. shame its not as versatile as the one on the PSP.

    i considered buying the xbox360.., but when i heard it didnt had wifi (yes the more expensive version does i know) ... i quickly reconsidered.. and bought a ps3... it has blu ray.. wifi.. and some digital sound support.. soo its pretty much everything i want.

    i had some xbox360 users saying my PS3 isnt legit anymore.. since i changed my harddisk.. i still say theyre wrong :p

    40gb to 250gb.. and still use like.. 20 or 30 of it...

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