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Puppet Nightmares Browser RPG Adult game review (18+ only)

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Dreadder, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Dreadder

    Dreadder Reaper

    Well, let me first say that I hope this post does not count as a violation of a No advertising rule, since it is meant as a simple review from a player who'd like to share this little hidden gem of a game with others and I do not own that game or anything similar. If it does, I sincerely apologise and kindly ask moderators to delete it.

    Puppet nightmares is an interesting graphic online dark fantasy humorous adult RPG which is still developing. Currently the game has 4 chapters, with presumably 2 to be still added in time, but since one of the main charms of the game is collecting and unlocking various Soul Puppets, which you use to fight, each with different unique skills and statistics and unlocking new medals, the fact that the story is still not finished is somehow beside the point. Be warned though, that it is adult only, due to often explicit graphics and adult themes.

    One of the things I personally like about Puppet Nightmares is, that unlike most other online RPG games, even the non-donors can achieve everything and are not as heavily handicapped as elsewhere and at the same time, the game is not time limited with turns, which is another thing I usually dislike about similar games.

    It is difficult to say what is the main thing about this game, since everyone can find something for themselves - that being collecting puppets and trophies for perfectionist such as myself, creating the ultimate PVP party to dominate other players or simply enjoy the dark tale that is unwinding before of your eyes through beautifully drawn graphics and lots of dark adult humour and graphics.

    The core of the gameplay are of course the battles, which are turn based and where you control three of your puppets (which you choose, train, customize and gear up entirely up to your liking). The amount of possible customization is truly amazing, since there's dozens of different soul puppets (final number is said to be 100); of different qualities, which you can breed by yourself, find through dungeons or buy in respective shops, dozens of different enemies and guests, which you can also buy and use, numerous tattoos, which grant special buffs, hundreds of different kinds of equips, which you can also make by yourself and different skills and disciplines with which you can customize your party even further.

    The money used ingame is either common coins, which can be earned through grinding in dungeons, and credit, which can be either bought by donating or earned with voting, frequent playing, pvping and few other ways... Players can also trade among themselves with the help of an auction house.

    The game also has one of the most extensive, thorough and user friendly help section I've seen in such online games, while veteran players and moderators are always present on chat, happy to answer any question or give a hint or two. Speaking of chat, there is also a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere, especially in the off topic part of the chat. The creator of the game is also very open to suggestions, so it is quite common to see him implement a suggested feature if he feels it will improve the game or make it more user friendly.

    Well, I believe that's all I can describe with words, so I suggest you give it a try and see for yourselves. As for the link, you can click the one in my signature.
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