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Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by RecklessWartuga, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. So is this the same forum as before, just updated. Or has everything been wiped from before to a certain date and this a re-do of sorts? Haven't been on here in ages and I've come back to see things changed quite a bit.
  2. hot_rodder

    hot_rodder Kik isnow SubFurryCumSlut

    Seems like a sorta wipe and an update. Probably wiped everything that couldn't be transferred over.
  3. Thanks for responding.

    Quite the surprise still, I was expecting to return one day to find a defunct domain page.
  4. flemollie

    flemollie Guest

    We're happy to see people are still active on these forums after it was closed for signups for a few years.

    We're still working on things after a software change. Main reason for the update is to close any vulnerabilities and that info and data of all users is protected.

    No data or functionality should be lost. If you're missing something please let me know.
  5. That's definitely understandable. I was more or less just surprised to see the site still up, I'm not too active here anymore but hey hope whatever you guys are trying to build with the new forum goes well.

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