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Questions about Photons

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by sdflick619, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. sdflick619

    sdflick619 Resident Intellectual

    Oka I have a couple questions about Photons. If anyone is versed in Modern Physics and has some theory or answer let me know, and PM me that you posted or PM me your answers please.

    1. Theoretically if you travel faster than the speed of light long enough and have the necessary advanced equipment, you could look back at earth and see Dinosaurs. I know that the diffusion of light and photons would create a problem with seeing the image, but I was wondering if decay would effect the image as well. I.E. Do photons have a half life, such that after a certain amount of time the photons would decay and thus make it unable to see the image again even if it was possible to fly fast and far enough.

    2. Do photons have mass? This question came up because I was joking with my friend about disproving the theory that if you travel infinitely fast that your become infinitely more massive. Then I asked why photons (if they have mass) traveling at the speed of light are not really massive. My friend suggested that they only have momentum and energy, but that raised another question of how then Blackholes affect photons and light. Because it is my understanding that Blackholes are extremely dense, exerting a large gravitational force which is so great that even light cannot escape and I can't understand how gravity can affect something that does not have mass.

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