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Random Thread

Discussion in 'Hell' started by fuckmyassrightnowyoubitch, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. in the spirit of this board just post what you want to post or talk what you want to talk about but post, i want this forums to be active again
  2. Sephon Mcjagger

    Sephon Mcjagger Rp'ing a good hobby, and keeps creativity High!

    Ok then. I wanna talk about a typical fun day in the life and time Shenanigans. One time, there was this kid i knew called him Snake kid cause he would gather like lizards in the backyard of my house. and learned that these plants that grew wildly in the back yard were plants that are used to make Sour candy needless to say it was true and for years thought they were just cool Bamboo weeds to smack and thought they were poison Ivy xD

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