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rap or rock?

Discussion in 'Music' started by TubaDude, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    ill except any kind of rock over rap.to me rap is bad poetry(not to mention all of the cussing and the horrible influence it causes)and someone beating on a can.who else thinks this?
  2. Hershey

    Hershey i2's Chocolate Megatron.

    Well, I think both are great types of music,
    The rap we know now is much more violent and yes the cussing,
    But there are still artists who rap without all the cussing and violence
  3. Hyakushiki

    Hyakushiki Ouroboros


    I grew up around hiphop/rap, and I still enjoy a few songs here and there from various artists. However, I prefer rock infinitely more. When I say rock, that includes hard/alternative/metal (and most sub-genres).
  4. Firefly 17

    Firefly 17 n00b

    Firefly 17

    I grew up around rock/metal so its only natural for me to love the stuff and like Hyakushi it includes most sub genres except screamo..

    sorry to all the people out there who like rap to me its a voice you cant understand speaking really quickly and usually about drugs and hoes and all the ways they say to treat women dont sit right with me.. plus it's usually put infront of the same duuf duf bass beat and thats just horrible.. once again sorry that is just my opinion and every1 is entitled to one

    damn title tricked me... ahwell pay no attention first time post xD
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 14, 2008
  5. ccking14

    ccking14 italian king

    u kno what rap stands for

    (User was banned for this post)- I don't feel like perma-banning, bxc it's a different thread, but I do feel like banning such a contemptuous poster.

    and excuse my laguage i put a star so i would no be the whole word:thumb:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2008
  6. Chainz

    Chainz You Mom's Boytoy

    both really...mostly rap but i got some bands like slipknot, linken park, disturbed, trapt...rock is ok for me but rap is what i really enjoy listening to
  7. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Dr. Doc

    Rock, I hate nearly 98% of all rap.
  8. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    listen to tupac's stuff and tell me that rap is just about drugs and hoes and not about the injustices in society
  9. Raze

    Raze Hmm...

    I like both.
  10. Wacko123

    Wacko123 Ave Alook at My bebo Prof

    To be Homest I hate rap, I can listen to any rock track but only a few of rap
  11. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    How about this:

    Offfspring of

    Oh well, sounds like one. Anywho, I'm not too totally immersed into the world of rap, but I appreciate it. My friend's boyfriend recently tried to get me to broaden my rap and hip-hop horizons, as he's real big into older stuff and despises most modern day rap, but I'm just not ready right now. It's more of a ska/reggae "phase" (although they're genres you really can't outgrow) currently, but when I feel I want to, I think I'll listen to some more, maybe download a few tunes and get a lil' more familiar. I have to admit, most modern day rap is just plain silly and the rhymes either plain suck or revolve around one crappy chorus that is circulated and recycled throughout the songs. Some have even tried adapting guitar and other things that hardly fit in just to be innovative and creative, but it all comes down to the rhymes; if you can't spit, then you ain't... poop. So, I guess that's why the more deft people prefer old school stuff, because they have infinitely better rhymes.

    I think that's what will make rap for me when I finally get more into it. I'll tear into the good ones and reject crap.

    Anyway, to the polite rock aficionados who don't really get into rap, I respect you. To the ignorant little kids who spout certain acronyms and sayings that deface this genre of music, I have much worse to say, but I will hold my e-tongue. To the people who are (in?)finitely more knowledgeable and deft with rap themselves, then I... salute you? Whatever.
  12. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    I think everone who knows me good will know wjat I am about to say............ROCK, first of all, I grew up with rock, the first song I ever heard was Mettalica's One, and rap, well, lets just say they got no skills, all they sing is really horrible poetry and tapping the drum, oooo, what good music they have *Syke*, rock is soooo much better, they always know how to put on a show at concerts and how to make good music.
  13. Draconis479

    Draconis479 Dancin the safety dance

    Do most people on this forum who "like" rock not respect any other type of music. (No offense to any of you who do, just had to get that out of my system.) Now I like rock more than rap. In fact I think that most rap is absolute garbage. But there are a few songs that I like. And most of it is from older artists. I'd have to thank my one friend for that. I like majority of types of rock. Except for the screamo and most bands where all they do is scream.

    There are rock songs like that you know. Like a lot of Rammstien I can't understand what they are saying. All I hear is some deep voiced German screaming into a microphone. Thats why I hate most bands where all they do is scream. I happen to like understanding what the song is about.

    The one genre that I like most in rock would have to be symphonic metal. I don't really know why.
  14. childrenofthekorn

    childrenofthekorn Harbinger Of Death

    rock is my fav.
  15. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    dude ive got a decent variety of music.on my myspace i got some classic rock to jazz and even a country song(a tuba plays in it :D)i just wanted to say i have a decent variety but to anyone who defends todays rap,just please shut up.ive got to many reasons for why i hate it besides the lack of actual music,but also it lacks feeling in my opion.all i hear i is some bad poetry with the same beat over and over and its all usually about hoes,gangs,the greed of money and what such 'power' it has,and how even some of them are gonna try to take over the country(which will be a TOTAL disaster if they somehow do that but im not gonna get into it).but what really bugs the bugs outta me is when people call it a genre of music.there is no music and most people who read and play music should know this.its ok if you listen to it but they always admit that it is WAY to simple for its own popularity.and people who actually have the talent to play an intrument and spend years on perfecting their technique and tone,get payed nothing much more than the ability to live in a small apartment or 'manufactered home'.to actually play an intrument that is not a guitar for a living would have to be a passion cause your not gonna get much money.todays rock is just the same:WAY to good for its own popularity.to prevent this into becoming somthing of a small novel,i hate rap with a passion and give it this as my farewell when it will hopefully die :321:.

    You thought you could slip in a cuss just because you don't make proper spaces and paragraphs? Pff.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 24, 2008
  16. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Dr. Doc

    Dude first of all rap stands for rap, rock stands for rock, and swing stands for swing. Second just because you don't like rap does not give you any rights to make fun of rappers. Everyone has there own opinion. If you have something bad to say just keep it in your head. Also at one point in your life i know you have attempted to rap so calling rap r*tarted is like calling yourself R*tarted.

    *Now to keep this on topic...mostly.*
    I like rock more because I prefer guitar solos.
    I don't know why i hate most rap. I just really don't like it. There are a few rap songs that I like a little.
  17. MapleStory

    MapleStory Divide by 0. I dare you.

    Old school rap and new age rock ftw? lulz
  18. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    Lol? I like your thinking, MS. That's the kind of thinking that could get you BEATEN UP AND THRASHED BY PEOPLE. Not really. And I respect some of the more recent posters, because they at least stated that they do not like rap, but don't totally flame it for what it is.

    And as for TubeDude, half of the arguments made against rap is made against only a portion (however large) of rappers. Kanye West And Will Smith aren't like the evil, neo-Nazi people you instantly assume every rapper is. Neither is Bo Burnham, but he's just goofy. There are a lot of bad (in both ways) rappers today, but the genre didn't start out that way. You just judge it by the music of some artists and condemn it totally. That's like saying if I only listened to bands like Fall Out Boy, MCR, and most screamo bands, I think I'd be disattracted to rock and roll as a whole and would hate it and never find out about more reasonable sub-genres (Because, like it or not, mostly every "individual" genre today that features a setup with the usual singer, one or two guitarists and drummer and a bassist that most every band uses today sprouted from rock and roll, which came from blues. So all those metalL and pop-punk and weird alt bands all came from one place too, in the end)

    But I'm not like that, so I'm sorry to see you are. Good luck getting through life with such a narrow philosophy, my friend.
  19. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    my narrow philosophy may seem that bad but as you have im stating what i think.i know there are some artists that actually have lyrics that make sense sometimes.and even if all the music of today come from one place they have dumbed it so much to the point i cant stand most music today.and the lack of variety of instruments annoys me as well IF they have instruments.i like music with more complex rythms and maybe a wide spread range of note pitch or creativity.i also dont like todays music because ive heard most of it before hence the creativity.by that i mean i usually hear the same thing over and over in different songs and the same notes in certain types of songs.i guess im just kinda bored with it.but im sticking to what i have said before and i hate,at least todays rap,with a passion.you have your reasons and i have mine.and thanks i think ill do just fine getting through life.
  20. Southpark11

    Southpark11 Rock'N'Roll God

    Good question i dont no wat i would choose both Rock is awesome and rap is wicked theres my answer


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