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Requested Design

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Awesomex2, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Awesomex2

    Awesomex2 Banned

    Instead of all the artists making threads where others request, and members creating threads asking for a certian request, I made this; Requested Design.
    Basically, if a member wants to request something, they must use the form at the bottom of this post. After a request has been made, any member can complete the particular request.

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  2. the disciple

    the disciple not good=not the end

    this wont work as it is not stickied! think things through first durr!
  3. aravindgiri

    aravindgiri n00b

    Type: Graffiti text

    Size: Like your sig in the post.

    Text: aravindgiri

    Colours: Red and Blue

    Other: Background is a Manchester United logo.
  4. wCJleskrLm

    wCJleskrLm n00b

  5. zh8t2858lg

    zh8t2858lg Banned

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  6. fghfhjhf

    fghfhjhf Banned

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  7. xcfcvcvc

    xcfcvcvc Banned

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  8. iqdepfgind

    iqdepfgind Banned


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