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Resistance 3

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by Wazza2k7, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Wazza2k7

    Wazza2k7 n00b

    This had better come out because i just finished the second one which i got for christmas and by the look at the ending if they dont bring out a 3rd ill go crazy. altho i hav heard rumours that after the first one came out that it was goin to be a trilogy. im not going to ruin the end of the second one by talking about it so if you post here dont talk about it bcus it will ruin for ppl who havnt done it.
  2. George2307

    George2307 George

    Yer Have to agree with you Resistance 3 has to come out anyways im pretty sure they confirmed it to be a trilogy
  3. templarnight

    templarnight ...physcosocial

    Its not a trilogy, its going to be like MGS the thirdone will be taking place in Russia, and you will be playing as malikove or a cloven. the forthone is yet to be anounced, but ive got a friend who i met on R:FOM he works for insom. hes name is Jstevens (not his online)
  4. Dark-Angel

    Dark-Angel Guest

    the trailers already out
  5. warren93

    warren93 Manbearpig awareness

    lol they alredy did say the main story was gonna be a trilogy. it wasnt a rumour

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