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Restore Query

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by trevorlawrence, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. trevorlawrence

    trevorlawrence n00b

    Hi All,

    Unfortunately today my 60gb ps3 bit the dust for the first time and I'm going to send my old 60gb ps3 for repairs (still under a 3 month repair warranty, so wont cost anything) Meantime I'm going to be playing on my slim ps3.

    Now when I get my old ps3 back I am going to want to do a backup to get all my files/information from my old one, to copy over to my new one.

    So my question is, would doing a restore (on the slim) delete everything that was currently on it or will it keep them. I am asking this as I'm going to be playing AC2 on my slim while my old one is away and I've heard that its not possible to copy/backup an AC2 save as its locked to the system it was saved on (is this true?). Ultimately if it does delete it while doing a restore I would have to start the game over again and tbh, I don't really want to do that.


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