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Roleplay subforum in Thread Games - Moderator approval?

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by JanineKitty, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. JanineKitty

    JanineKitty Guest

    Funny Games - Free online gaming > Online Games Talk - Cheats, Walkthroughs and Chit Chat > Thread Games > Roleplay

    It's kind of very dead, yet interested people pick at its corpse, fruitlessly posting character profiles or trying at resurrecting long-dead threads.

    Roleplaying is a major thing in the groups and over PMs and it stands to reason that a medium that is more public and has a higher character limit per post would make favorable soil to cultivate some RPs.
    What does it not?

    Maybe on account of the inexplicable quality control feature. Each new RP has to get moderator approval before it is posted which is... weird.

    I think it's a dinosaur from older times when shitty RP threads were a concern or when mods really cared about what was being roleplayed, which is no longer the case.
    I propose that this mechanic should be removed and threads in the Roleplay forum be allowed to be created freely.

    Worst case scenario: We get some shitty RPs. This would still be infinitely better than the dead silence of no roleplaying on the forums what so ever.
  2. Faerra

    Faerra Force of Nature

    I agree completely. Well, not completely, but close enough to it that saying I agree completely is the closest I can come to the truth.

    If this is a petition, sign me up.
  3. frost0226

    frost0226 ima kitty :3

    I would like to help as well. what i can help with is some idea's maybe story lines and stuff and btw i used to RP on gaia and on multiple other forums and few things only available on my phone.
  4. ...
    Why is this thread even open?...
    There's already a Sub-forum Marked "Roleplay" under "Thread games"...

    Heh. Going completely off of the title, I Impeccably shot off the retard wagon.

    Meh. Still don't understand why this is open, I mean, it seems they're trying to get attention towards the Roleplaying threads, which is completely dead and is endlessly spammed by bots.
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