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Saw: The Video Game Tralier & Discussion.

Discussion in 'Other Gaming Consoles' started by NoE, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. NoE

    NoE Pride ♥

    I found this on YouTube today after I was counting how many times Zeusy swore while playing Pit fall, or something like that...
    Its the trailer for Saw the video game. I think it looks pretty realistic, but I dont see how you can interact much with the characters, mostly what it looks like you do, is try and escape Jigsaw's hold on you, and get out of his game, and then the other way maybe is you are Jigsaw kidnapping people. Or you could be the cop trying to track down Jigsaw, and get through his obstacles in order to find and stop him.
    .I think I might buy the game when it comes out, if they make it for PS2 as well, or I'll just get it on computer if they dont make it on PS2.
    What are your thoughts on the game, and how you think it'll turn out?

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  2. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    Well It looks good. but i reckon over all it won't be very good.
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  3. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    My general opinion is just that the Saw concept will not translate well into game format. I believe a great deal of the attraction of the Saw movies is that you cannot do anything to help the people, even if you want to and as such sit there in suspense. Personal theory, of course.

    However, such an idea does not translate well into the game world simply because of the fact that in the game world, you MUST interact with everyone else, if even in some small manner.

    So as Kerrod said, the video looked good, but I doubt the game will be good overall.
  4. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time


    Heh, I remember those devices they showed in that trailer, but I have to agree with Chaos.

    The whole point of the Saw series is to see if the person will survive or not. If your playing it, you are actually trying to survive with common sense, while the movies, half of the people are mostly idiots and want to see them die. Also the game won't be exciting because of the pain that they will have to endure.

    Compared to the movie, I bet the game will have HP and fake screams, in the Saw series, they actually try to make it realistic as if they were actually playing the game.

    I would think the game will do decent and get a decent amount of money, but it won't be the 'This game rocks' type of thing.

    Ba Bye!
  5. wazza

    wazza Funny Dude

    Well i guess the game won't have as much gore in as the films did, and from the restrictions of gameplay then it sounds like the game wouldn't be really that good.
  6. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    What a huge nose Jisgsaw has!
  7. minishadow71

    minishadow71 Midget

    I agree with Kyojin in that all the "tests" u need comon sense and the movies were about pointless gore.

    To pass the tests he uses pain to make them think but if you cant feel the pain then it wil be kind of easy just to take the most sensible option. Even if they introduced the health bar as the "pain" it wouldnt work as the player just needs to find the way that uses up the lest HP which wouldnt be very hard.
  8. NoE

    NoE Pride ♥

    I just realized that they might ban the Saw video game in Australia, because if a game cant be suitable for 15 year olds (MA15+), then they ban it, and considering the movies are MA15+ already, the game will probably be R18+, and wont be sold in Australia coz of it. D:
  9. Battery

    Battery Most people call me Doc.

    Seriously. Think about it. There is no possible way for ANY replay ability WHAT-SO-EVER. If Jigsaw made ONE WAY out. How many ways can you do that one way? ONCE. This game will be GARBAGE. And I hate the movies.
  10. [zephyr]

    [zephyr] Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie

    Pfft I actually agree with you.
    Movies were fail, the game will be fail.
    They should've stopped the series at Saw 2, maybe 3.
    Video looked good though :p
  11. UzumakiNARuTO

    UzumakiNARuTO What?

    I got it, completed it after like a few days (quite hard TBH), traded it in.
    At first it WAS kinda fun, but it gets really boring. I guess it's ok though if you wanna challenge.

    You sometimes do. You're always being attack by people, since Jigsaw apparently placed a key inside you to escape this old asylum you're in.
    Sometimes, you have to help people get outta traps, then follow them and watch them die, teehee.
    But everything you do is to save one person the player (Detective Tapp from the films) knows.
    Other coppers, etc.

    So, yeah, guess you are interacting with some people.
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  12. tipo

    tipo n00b

    Awesome !!!!
  13. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    Is it worth playing?
  14. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    SAW for a games console ???? Worst game ever
  15. smayragrace

    smayragrace Free Computer Games

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