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She Was Raped, Murdered and Abandoned [Mature Content, Very Graphic]

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Zeusy, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. RawrHunnii

    RawrHunnii Rawr, Since1994.

    You spelt mean wrong.
    Go into the "shout box."
    See if they type correctly, you jerk.
    He did well, and hell. I'm sure he could do it properly when the time needs to come.
    You're too damn picky for your own good.
    If you're going to be picking on people for grammar and punctuation, you're in the wrong place.

  2. rimona

    rimona n00b

    My take on the critic/poet discussion.

    The writer writes
    But what does the critic do?
    It is no revelation,
    The critic does write too.

    So it what they do is similar
    How do they then diverge?
    The difference is mostly
    From where they get the urge.

    The writer/poet does so write
    Words from gut or heart
    This is the secret essence
    If the poets art.

    The critic in his inner self
    An artist wants to be.
    He just lacks that special heart
    So he writes out of jealousy.

    This however does not mean
    That the critic be ignored.
    For the writer and his critic
    Are joined by a common cord.

    The poet he will write of love
    Of heroism and of pain.
    The critic in his writings
    He will use his brain.

    It is when you get this synthesis
    Of intellect and zeal
    With this combination you create
    Art that is ideal.

    Best is to be your own critic
    Use heart as well as mind
    This is the way it was planned
    And mankind was designed.
  3. NoE

    NoE Pride ♥

    I kind of agree with Rubylula which probably isnt a good thing. ;P
  4. Pulse X79

    Pulse X79 US Navy S.A.R


    that will scare anyone, great job few but minor errors. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a new Edgar Allen Poe
  5. deathlovepeace

    deathlovepeace n00b


    :321:eek:h my fucking god lol..................:321:
  6. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    I am going to assume that you were ignorant to the fact that my other post was posted three months before you decided to reply; and that it was not necessary to even post back. I'm aware of the irony that I'm posting this just about three months later as well; but, since you decided to throw gas into the flames, I may as well play along, even if it's so late. I do find it very amusing that you think something so insignificant needs to be brought up again, though.

    Rawr, your first post was a straight up insult to Rawismojo, who made a very valid analyzation of this poem. He obviously knew exactly what he was talking about, and I'll add that he was correct in every aspect of his post. This is called criticism; he was not attempting to come off as a jerk to Zeusy; but, I suppose we should not expect to see such insight from a little girl, you are truly clueless. What you did not realise was that Raw was looking through Zeusy's poem to see if it was written in some format that he would recognize, he concluded that it did not have rhythm; and, that it did not flow very well, in this sense he is correct, another thing you don't seem to know about poetry is what rhythm is. Go look up rhythm in poetry and you will discover it has very little to do with rhyming words. The poem has absolutely no rhythm at all, and that's just how it is. Another thing you seem to be pretty oblivious too is that when someone puts up a piece of poetry, they want it to look good. Correct spelling and grammar are important to any self respecting writer. This is the Internet, your right there; but, regardless of if it's on the Internet; or, a sheet of paper, the typical writer will want it to look as good as possible, since they put their time into writing it. A poem can still be good without rhythm, I am not implying that the poem was not good, it was decent in my eyes; but, in all honesty, it is not my type of poem. That's just my opinion about the whole thing. Stop being so foolish, please. Constructive criticism should be a welcome thing; because, there is always room for improvement. If you choose not to listen to other's criticism, you will never improve on what ever it is your doing, and in this case, it was poetry. There is a difference in what Rawismojo posted, which was criticism; and, what you posted, which was a needless insult. Grow up.

    I'm not picky, I just don't like ignorant people like yourself. I'm not in the wrong place hun, this is a forum. People generally post and hold conversation in forums every day. If you don't like that, then YOU are in the wrong place.
  7. ojeIIXKnhN

    ojeIIXKnhN n00b

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