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So lonely!

Discussion in 'SPAM' started by sexybabe12345, May 21, 2011.

  1. sexybabe12345

    sexybabe12345 n00b

    ok heres the deal.. my parents have changed my msn, facebook and twitter password...
    im 19 and they dont believe that 'modelling' is a career..

    Really appreciate some friends or anyone looking for some fun..

    text me 07850856397

    No catches attached just really want people to talk to!

    Im up for anything ;)


    I mean it.. Anything :p
  2. Valorie669

    Valorie669 lil furry

    Modeling sounds cool.
  3. ard welsh

    ard welsh n00b

    Wit woo check you out! xD
  4. Chris69tian77

    Chris69tian77 Hndsome guy

    U can talk to me

    im trustworthy and u can tell me anythaang
  5. Robotower

    Robotower robotower.com

    This is some kind of kiding, if not wisit my on this page and sent messages robotower.com .
  6. Anti-Alexes

    Anti-Alexes Member

    Can I Be Your Friend?
  7. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Just goto
  8. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    Why do people feel the need to put personal telephone numbers for the whole world to see? anyone could now get that and do horrible things using it.
  9. Big_Cat

    Big_Cat Friendly Sabertooth

    Hope you enjoy having your phone being blown up by a bunch of horny adolescent boys.
  10. TFatoLRHYl

    TFatoLRHYl n00b

    rKeePr Aq xb FYK pAtl AY

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  11. hll058hs

    hll058hs Banned

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  12. fgfgfggy

    fgfgfggy Banned

    but the le

    but the league is not only with the teams of the competition.
    I was very calm,hollister uk, Because control of Mourinho's desire is very strong,http://www.natehoward.com/blog/2011/12/iowa-republican-debate-2011.html#comments
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    the Paraguay will play Argentina international Milito bench. it seems only victory coming. †for the first time this season league 5 wins (two times previously won 4 in a row) coach Allegri after no longer taboo, not in the game state.
  13. fgfgfggy

    fgfgfggy Banned

    At present

    At present, management, Conference by the China Red Cross disaster management director Li Qinghua presided over the meeting site.. and actively organize transportation of chemical fertilizer, In addition,http://hogpredators.com/forum/welcome-mat/366468-hdr-wholesale-nba-jerseys-kzkq#387949
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  14. fgfhfhgf

    fgfhfhgf n00b


    &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&ldquo ;recently ,soy sauce bottle &rdquo ;in Anji news network &middot ;public channel forum published a named &ldquo ;supporting community swimming pool to owners charges reasonable ?&rdquo ;post, the post caused the reporter .
    Note :you tell us your opinion ,yet the city residence residential property to do so reasonable ?The swimming pool is obviously in our area public facilities ,we are all the owners of the property by the owner ,we have paid the property charges, why swimming pool also charge ?It would be reasonable, we as owners to enjoy the community facilities should not collect fees .
    How about you ?Reporter visits: small pool of foreign contracted around 9 am yesterday ,reporters came to the city still residence district .In an owner the reporter found the community pool ,probably because of the time, the swimming pool without a shadow .
    After about 10 minutes ,a master in the reporter line of sight .He saw the hand bag white powder ,is added to the pool .Upon inquiry after that ,sac vanessa bruno,the master named Shen Chunsheng, is responsible for the pool water cleaning staff .
    The reporter learned from the Shenyang master ,the swimming pool is two teachers from the small property office took over the contract, mainly for owners of small opening and summer training sessions using .
    Swimming pool opening time of 14:00— 16:00 and 18:00&mdash ;20:30 ,during hot days ,up to the time of the 200 square meters in the pool to accommodate nearly 200 people .&ldquo ;although the swimming pool on the owners or for a fee ,but it is not expensive .
    Do 300 yuan of card ,can swim 31 times,louboutin pas cher, average every travel time is less than 10 yuan .And swimming pool water ,electricity ,medicine ,artificial fee and lifeguard salary to wait, is not a small expenditure .
    &rdquo ;Shen said master, the pool is open for business in July ,opening in two months time ,today is the last day .Subsequently, the reporters tried to contract the pool and one of them get in touch with each other ,not clear to the ground ,no straight answer to the reporter .
    Answer :pool property high operating costs ,compensation for the use of it is helpless in order to more clearly understand the pool management and use, the reporters came to the Jielan Property Management Limited is the customer service center of city residence .
    General manager Li Quanwei told reporters after the hearing ,immediately took out several materials ,including pool paid services agreement ,health permits ,yet the City mansion pool paid use authorization form ,more than 2/3 owners of the signature and notice posted photos .
    In the agreement clearly states: Party A ( Jielan property ) management area ( city still mansion ) is belongs to all the owners of the pool a ,to the swimming pool to professional ,safe ,efficient service to all owners ,especially by professional teachers responsible for the pool to begin paid service activities .
    Because the pool open cost is very high ,in which service to owners and normally open operating under the premise of professional teachers ,allows using pool for swim training class &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,cheap supra shoes,access to swimming pool open the costs and personnel costs .
    Reporter notes ,agreement that 2/3 owners of public seven days without objection ,then signed .Li Jingli tells a reporter ,the owners paid use because the pool operation needs high costs ,&ldquo ;costs involving water ,oakley sunglasses,electricity ,equipment maintenance and hire lifeguards ,and we charge is almost run behind one .
    &rdquo ;in the public announcement protocol cost undertake column reporter saw : B ( Contractor) to pay water ,electricity 5000 yuan deposit and Party B to pay a one-time 7000 yuan equipment maintenance costs .
    Since we have no money ,why contracted to others ?&ldquo ;we want to operate their own property ,reduce the cost ,but because we do not have the corresponding qualifications for operation ,can be contracted to a professional teacher .
    Otherwise good facilities can not be used, the pool will become &lsquo ;garbage tank &rsquo ;.Now, not only facilities are utilized, and the price is cheap ,to the owners brought great convenience .
    Subsequently,louboutin pas cher, the reporter also interviewed a random part of the owners ,almost everyone acknowledges a pool charges ,and some people think that the charges are reasonable .&ldquo ;$300 31 is not a bit expensive ,louboutin,after all,hair extensions, is contracted to others ,cheap nfl jerseys,outside of a few better ,nfl jerseys,and we here pool environment including water quality is not a bit less than the outside difference .
    &rdquo ;Gu uncle said .Lawyers said: property companies authorized to the reporters on the issue and advice in Zhejiang seeking straight lawyer Wang Yi .King lawyer said ,residential facilities according to the contract if buy a house belonging to all owners ,property companies have no rights to foreign contract .
    Should the owners or owners committee for discussion and decision ,cheap supra shoes,the rent should belong to all owners enjoy .If untreated, the above procedures without contracting, the owners have the right to request discharge of contract .

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  15. iqdepfgind

    iqdepfgind Banned


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  16. zVVKmGacvq

    zVVKmGacvq n00b

  17. hll058hs

    hll058hs Banned

    Louis Vuit

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  18. CZUnCHrstY

    CZUnCHrstY n00b

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  19. 3i7y4yv4de

    3i7y4yv4de n00b


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  20. Heggisist

    Heggisist Winged Stallion

    Everyone needs friends

    It's a shame you were cut off.

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