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South park The many deaths of kenny

Discussion in 'Game Ideas' started by Killoman, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Killoman

    Killoman Killoman

    Hello i have an idea for a game, it is similar to kill the spartan (I couldent show link because of post ammount)
    but instead of a spartan, its kenny (obviously) and the backround will be the bus stop where kenny/cartmen/kile/stan wait for the bus, and how could we forgot to add sound affects such as: Oh my god, you killed kenny. You ******** :321:

    Here are a list of ideas for kennys many deaths:
    SATELITE - a satelite gets hit by a giant turd and crashed into the earth.(on kenny)
    BUS - the bus comes... but it comes on kenny.(runs him over as it slips on dog shit)
    PAPER AIRPLANE - butters is playing with paper airplanes but accidently threw it out the window and into kennys eye and then he bleeds to death
    FIRE - kenny got lost in the school and fell down a whole.he looked around and saw crab people "WHAT THE FU-" kenny suddenly stoped himself from shouting any more as the guards came he ran and locked himself in a dark room. 5 candles were in there all lit, kenny heard a noise behind him so he looked behind and it was just a dog that was pissing on him, then the candles began to set the pea on fire and kenny with it! kenny died all because of a dog with a big bladder. Said the grim reaper while laughing his skull off
    RAPE - a serial killer was on the news and kenny was worried so he desides that hes had enough so he hunts the serial killer down and tells him to "GO FU-CK YOUR MOMA" but the killer seid "but... you... are my... moma..." then the killer starts to rape kenny "AHHHHHHH HES RAPING ME. HES RAPING ME AND IT HURTS!!!" that was the last sentence any fag or fagget heard from kenny.
    If you have any ideas then please submit then

    PS: if you think im swearing to much its because i need to give it a south park atmosphere (i was hardly swearing. i was just trying to not get :bann:
  2. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Well that would be a extremely shitty game , it'll be the same over and over but in different scenarios.
  3. ... the raping Death... It's Fucking Bleh >~<
    And uh... what angel said.
  4. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox actual edgelord

    Why so much terd relation?
  5. chiaki57

    chiaki57 n00b

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  6. soulbusterx1

    soulbusterx1 The Wolf Dragon King

    You forgot the swarm of rats. Seriously they show up out of nowhere in the old South Park episodes to eat Kenny's dead body.
  7. zav

    zav n00b

    I won't play this silly game...
  8. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    Yep and this just remembered me of the Rat Swarm that you get in Dishonored :D.

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