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Stardust RP

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by SexyDan92, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    Hi, this is my first RP idea so hopes you like it.

    In England there is a small village called Wall, name dafter the tumbledown wall which borders it. But, on the other side of the wall is the magical kingdom of Stormhold, you can adventure around the kingdom of Stormhold or venture across into England.

    Note: this is set before the film, so all of the Kings sons are still alive.



    Stormhold guard: You are one of the soldiers who serve the King, you are well armoured and reasonably gifted with your weapon of choice. This means that you can also travel in the Kings Palace, which is difficult for non stormhold guards to enter

    Stormhold Civilian: You are one of many civilians living in the cities of Stormhold, you arent particularly well trained in anything, but you can learn.

    Witch/Wizard: You are an adept of magic, using magic does drain you so you will have to go on a quest to find a star if you wish to regenerate. You can use on of three magics, White, black or shadow.

    Lightning Hunter; You are a pirate who make shis way int eh world, serving on one of the many airships which collect lightning and sell it on. You are a rogue, and probably serv ed in the army at some point or another.

    Star: You are a fallen star, you can take the form of a human, you arent trained in weapons at all, but you can learn on your journey, you can be iven away by the glowing that occurs when you are happy, also, you8 have your own form of magical attack, you can disintegrate enemies unless they are shielded, but it can be used only rarely as it drains you and you must be in love for it to work, it can be used by a star with a broken heart.

    Characters from england are still being thought of, but if interest is shown then i will make some

    Weapons vary from swords and spears to magic and lighting tubes, anything pre-1850s is acceptable.

    Notable Places:

    The village of wall is the main english place you can visit, it is isnt particularly interesting but it is the only place to cross the wall

    Market town is probably the most diverse place to visit, just on the other side of the wall, it is full of odd creatures and weird things.

    Stormhold, the centre of the stormhold kingdom, it is named after the huge fortress where the king lives. this is where all fo teh assasins and soldiers can be found.

    if you like it l pist and then we can develop it further

  2. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr

    Fun stuff, not too shabby, however there is no conflict. Guards just wandering around, what are they guarding against?? Dragons, evil elves, lost astronauts? Should lay out the conflict, and never assume that people have read/seen whatever book/movie you're basing an Rp on. Not bad for a first try.
  3. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    thanks, yeah, there could easily be dragons, or other creatures, if u like ti, wanna help me make it?
  4. okopipurtdfr

    okopipurtdfr In a land far,far away...

    Good idea.

    I know what movie your basing it on, not a good chocie however.
    There isn't alot of conflict in it.
    (I watched the movie about 4 hours prior to posting this)
    Possibly twist it a little, make it more eciting.
    If you make it, I might join.
  5. Clint_derby_fc

    Clint_derby_fc Back, hopefully for good.

    Yeah, great work Dan :thumb:

    Would give you rep but i need to "spread it around" as the laptop telle me... I'll join no problem, if you want any help just PM me as we have worked together before, im sure you remember.

    Name: Cloud Reghen
    Class: Stormhold civilian, training to be a wizard.
    Age: 17

    The golden gleam from the gates was unmistakably warming. After all, this was not only my new training location, but also my home. With having no family from the age of 6, i was raised in a smelly orphanage, but this place will be my new home.

    I strolled into the reception area and strode to the receptionist.
    "Hi, im here to train, you'll find me under the name Cloud Reghen"
    "Cloud Reghen, im afraid there is no Cloud Reghen on the database"
    "You spelt it wrong, it's R-E-G-H-E-N"
    "Ok ok, im not dumb you know".

    If they hired people like that, im sure to pass my magic exams. It was getting late, and i was tired, i can meet my fellow trainees tomorrow morning. I collapse on the bed, drained of all energy through tiredness. It'll be better after a good sleep.
  6. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    Thanks Clint,t hat would be good, if you want ill message you and we could think of a few ideas to make it mroe exciting.
    Do you think this will be enought people to start it?

    thanks, okopipurtdfr, ill try and think of some ideas for more conflict, maybe do it during the movie, so that we are al hunting for the ruby necklace? or make its during a war in Stormhold?
  7. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    This is being put on hold for the Resident Evil RP, its taking up all my time as im still working on the map
  8. xxlisa-erexx

    xxlisa-erexx love and learn

    Aww bless ya ill join both When they are both ready i knew you was putting all youre effort into that other thing i forgot the name lol x AWWW
  9. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    This has been dropped for an unknown amount of time, if someone wants to use it go ahead, this is the same as Resident evil, just dont have the time anymore. Sorry people

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