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Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by Dave, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. fuzzy

    fuzzy Fuzzeh Butt :3

    Just put a thing they check off that says that they are 18, if they lie its their own fault.
  2. im2ignorant2care

    im2ignorant2care Hersh's French Fry Pirate

    I agree with fuzzy. I think the most you can do (without going to unnecessary extreme modes) is have a box to check off, or just ask for age. If people lie, it's their problem, but it absolves FG.biz of all sticky situations when youngins get into the adult material.

    But I do agree with Dave, in his initial point, which I believe is along the lines of just "have a section for all mature content to be in". I'm not sure what tags can be placed on users, but if you can limit sections of forums to people with 10+ posts, then I don't see why you couldn't limit some people by their age.
  3. hardstyle

    hardstyle n00b

    Yeah. I also agree with fuzzy. But there is something you have to think about... will it even make a difference anyways? these age things dont stop anybody anyways. the internet is too new to control things like this. once people figure out how to stop underage users accessing adult material, then it will be under control. but that will be years from now...
  4. silentguy

    silentguy n00b


    I dont take much time to read everyones post, so sorry if i resay or take your idea lmfao.

    But no no no no, tracking IP: or age req. wont help, simply put the disclaimer, and let the lil ones get on. One day they will get caught. Nothing can stop the young from getting in, and asking for info ect will simply make it a pain for us older people to get to do what we want. Just put the disclaimer and itll be ok.
  5. Wacko123

    Wacko123 Ave Alook at My bebo Prof

    Y dnt u just do a seperate forum only aloud 4 18+ cuz im 11 and i ALWAYS go on the forums.But there could be liars Hmmmmmmmm.......................2 join ur will ave 2 show proof that u r over 18.
  6. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    hmmm if you dont let the little peop[le get porn here, they will just go to some porn sight and accidently view underage porn...or get a trojan.

    do you want that?

    haha i could care less
  7. wazza

    wazza Funny Dude

    it's like im 13 but wat stops m from saying that i am 18 or older cos u dont know
  8. loladin

    loladin Whaddawhore

    Nothing, but it sure would help, im not mentioning anyone who has lied about there age. *cough* R3LOAD *Cough* Darkstar *Cough*. It is really off putting to browse the adult threads when some 12 year old comes on it asking what you are talking about. There should be some kind of penalty to the point-blank obvious liars..
  9. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    I doubt there would be a ip tracker on the forums.People should not lie about ages ( i am such a hypocrite)well on the other side youtube wont let you join if your not 13

    (sorta on /off topic bit)

    video games limits should be lowered allot of kids are de sensitized to violence every single s1 (12 11 year olds)i have asked said they have seen an 18 (well only one didn't but she hated horrors)
  10. resanance

    resanance resanance is here

    TCP/IP is the language that computers use for internet, and every computer has it's own TCP/IP address.
    With an IP address you can:
    Control a computer(i.e hacking)
    Install malicious software
    If webcam is plugged in, the person hacking you can see you
    Sell personal information to third-parties
    Basically, you are always at risk when you enter a site on the internet, which is a network.

    I think that would be a great idea, and it would solve a few problems(under 18 speaking) of youngsters(like me!) seeing adult content.
    Who needs those 18+ areas when you have Health Ed in school and get free condoms when your 12?- ok, that is maybe not the best place for anything like that, I mean in school?!?!?!?
    I dunno about America, but in the UK, we have to learn those kinda things when were 8!
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2008
  11. unholy

    unholy /\\//\\//\

    Sadly, there's nothing you can do to stop kids from gaining access to the 18+ unless you get rid of it. The least you could do is make people register and join the 18+ group to see it. Even then, kids will just lie about their age to access it, but I doubt a kid would register to see 18+ material. Even if they do, it's possible to make it so they have to post a certain number of times to access the 18+ material. If a kid does, he/she most likely wouldn't read the rules/noob guide or anything she one of their first posts would be something like: how do i c the pr0n????
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2008
  12. RayneK

    RayneK I'a Cthulhu fhtagn

    All good ideas/points.

    My remedy involves code that checks for membership to the 'Adult Users' group. And that the group automatically updates new members when 'age=18.' This, however, doesn't prevent users from lying about their age, but it would give a line of defense. Unholy's idea could be used in conjunction with mine, that way someone would have to actually become part of the community before they even have the ability to look. And most would give up because getting porn would require effort, which we can imagine, is a turn off, giving less incentive to stay and more motivation to look elsewhere.
  13. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    Gotta admit, I toggled on the Adult Users group a few times just to see if it did anything, then removed it, seeing as how I'm 16 and all.

    Like the idea, though. It's definitely a better safeguard than letting people use their morality as a barrier... that being said, I'm a bit of a hypocrite in that aspect. :O

    Most users, seeing as how their age doesn't stop them from being able to access the... "page", is what we'll refer to it as from now on, a good deal of people won't even lie about their age. That's where the trap would catch them. :D

    Good thinking, Rayne!
  14. Liquid Legend

    Liquid Legend Schwing!

    Not to undermine anybody or anything, but there is a certain part of this site *cough* that's accessed by a huge number of underaged people, surely making this inaccessible to underaged people is more of a priority than some forum topics that have sexual words but no graphic content?

    After reading through what I've just typed I do not doubt I'll be getting some nasty PM's xD.
  15. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    suggestion about age matters

    i don't read all the post because it's too many to read them. So if this suggestion already exist, i really sorry.
    well, age matters is always a trouble that can't be solved, for now:sad:
    some people lie about age so they can enter that need above their real age.
    even using IP tracker sometimes can't solve the problem.
    I suggest we make adult place more difficult to access by give them really hard question that required you already finish senior high school and always up to date.:D
    sounds good, right?
  16. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Lolz i lik edit yor pst for errs

    Hey I admitted my age.Well all I can think of is a section for adult stuff and subsections and so forth,and only people who have joined the usergroup can access it(I have no idea how to do this but...).

    Oh yeah and Supertramp is the best 70ish band ever.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2008
  17. /deceived\

    /deceived\ im actually not a member

    good idea but cant you change your age in the options or whatever ?
  18. UzumakiNARuTO

    UzumakiNARuTO What?

    Some people put in their real age, and then when they wanna go on adult content, change their age to 18, this should be stopped?
  19. Nollog

    Nollog n00b

    I know this thread is old, but:
    1. It's a good idea.
    2. People under-age setting their age higher do so to gain access to inappropriate material. That's your defence if an angry parent comes bawing.
  20. fgplayer

    fgplayer ;3

    Well im not so sure that would work, because as other people have said people could lie about their age. Other than that it would work. And I also think that the restriction would only be on the games, not any threads here.
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