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T shirt design

Discussion in 'Arts' started by HOC, May 9, 2013.

  1. HOC

    HOC n00b

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has an opinion of this t-shirt I designed for a college project.

    Do you guys think anyone would buy it? Or know why they wouldn't buy it?


    clicky for tshirt image

  2. JamieHow

    JamieHow n00b

    Well, it seems fine. I guess you'll be able to find some buyers for this T-shirt. You can make its design even better.

    And regarding why they would or wouldn't buy it depends on the target market. You should advertise it where you think college youngsters would like to have such type of t-shirts. And college is a nice place to advertise this t-shirt, because you'll find many gamers in college :)
  3. I would buy it, and its actually not that hard to print your own t shirts. Just need a T-shirt press, a bunch of ink copies to stick to the shirt, blank shirts, and something else. We make T-shirts at my school to get money and its insanely easy to print out 100 of them in under an hour alone.
  4. Managarm

    Managarm he will swallow the moon

    Nice design

    I think that your design is very good. However I'm not sure the "I'm a gamer" part is necessary to the over all design. Though this is just my opinion.

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