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The Conffesion Center

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by skillai, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. xxGOTHSTERxx

    xxGOTHSTERxx The Hardcore Goth!!!!!!!!

    I accidentally killed somebody once.
    I broke his leg and it got infected and he died.
    I felt so bad about it.
    Do not judge me please. I feel better now that this is off my chest a bit. But hardly any people know about it.
    I only half accidentally killed him.
  2. Ducky

    Ducky Guest

    I once cheated on a boyfriend with another girl and told her I was single. I felt horrible about it afterwords, but never told him and I needed to tell someone.
  3. Havok

    Havok The Serious One.

    I've stolen over £100 worth of fags.
  4. lgeg

    lgeg n00b

    i was on this one website...there was this moderator a group of us didnt like... we did everything we could to get him out of power... we succeeded and ruined his life...
  5. greivous167

    greivous167 Im 12 not 9 -_-

    this my 2 or 3 confessions
    1. i brutally mamed and tortureda shad fly while dissecting it i pull out its eyes with a rusty nail pulled off its wings enteni legs and poked at its brain through it all it was still alive.

    2.i used to brutally torture ants for my own amusement ie. making them blow up getting them to swim until they tired out and drown slowly crushing them and completely anniliating an ant hill by digging it up with a shovel then crushing the qeen to death.

    3. i stuck shad flys to a spider web and watched the spider coccon it and suck it dry i then fed it another and called all my freinds over to watch i also stuck the really sticky legs of 2 shad flys together and let them die stuck together.

    I was haunted by the dieing screeches of the flys for over 3months. wow that felt good to get rid off.
  6. Nac56

    Nac56 n00b

    I've shot at people before.
    I've done drive-by's.
    I've beat the crap out of people.
    I did this all without regret.
    I ask only God's Forgiveness
  7. TubaDude

    TubaDude Guest

    Yea?And even if you actually have done any of these and done it without regret,why would you be asking for gods forgivness again?

    When I was younger,my friends and I put a small firecracker in a frogs mouth and kinda lit(I cant spell lit :confused:)it.it didnt die at first :sad:.So I just steped on it cause I didnt want it to feel anymore pain.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2008
  8. deryni

    deryni king kick spamming a**

    shit, my confessions are:

    I'm emo and i cut myself.

    I think that everything in the world is my fault.

    I think that i'm the ugliest person in the world and that i should die.

    I think that people are retarded for being friends with me.

    I get in fist fights with my dad and hurt him badly.

    I don't believe in god because he has done nothing for me. I have lived a bad life, and you'll proly find out why.

    and this is all true, though it's not really a confession.
  9. sassy chica

    sassy chica n00b

    thats nice to no

    o...........................k nice to no
  10. deryni

    deryni king kick spamming a**

    well, this is a confession center, isn't it? and that was retarded on your part. People like to get thing's of their chest and if they feel comfortable around other's they will confess. Thanks for ruining my life b***h

    Sry, but she had no right to say something that mean or rude to me. I did this to feel good and she ruined it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2008
  11. emu

    emu Guest

    heres my confesson i swong a cat around by the tail and true him over the tree and told he ran away when i was a kid
  12. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr


    I once set a ladies house on fire with a deffective bathroom fan. Sorry.
  13. Hershey

    Hershey i2's Chocolate Megatron.

    Hmm...Lets see.Well, I once shot a bird with a bb gun, not thinking it would really hurt it.But I was wrong on so many levels, it just dropped dead.Which I now regret so badly.Also, I once pulled a squirrel by its tail and swung it wildly into the air like maniac.It didn't die, but that was such a bad thing to me, because I love animals.Last thing, when I was younger, we had two birds in cage.I crept up from behind and screamed at them, next thing i know it just dropped dead....like the other one.The other bird took a couple days and died without me scaring it to death.I'm not someone who usually does these things, but when I'm angry or mad, it happens.I'm sorry for the birds and the squirrel.
  14. wake206

    wake206 DemonLord

    i once cussed out my step mom for gettin in my face and now she lives in florida shes a bitch oh ya and i stuck my hand in a bee hive now its swollen as a tomato
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2008
  15. Cool_Fun!

    Cool_Fun! Twiglights Shadow

    Oh i confess i am Bin Laedan!:fmad::guns::guns::auto:
  16. xxBlue-Cutiexx

    xxBlue-Cutiexx xxBlue-Cutiexx

    i wish my old boyfriend never left school and i didnt loose touch with him:sad:
  17. wolfpackgirl12123

    wolfpackgirl12123 bite me

    i think about killing my teachers
  18. APersonOfTheList182

    APersonOfTheList182 Just Dan

    ummm mine is once ummm yeah ummm once uhhhhh once uhhhhh ummmmm oh yeah once me and my friends were at school and my friend and i were laughing and this kid who kept poking us got really annoying a a pushed and wacked him and yeah he got mad at me so i called him a nerd and then he was like well i am a nerd and then yeah.
    my second confession is i went out with this girl and cheated on her and then for some reason she broke up with me... she didnt no i was cheatin on her
  19. Nollog

    Nollog n00b

    I play with peoples emotions, get them to do what I want, and experiment on their mentality.
    I accidentally killed a cat when I was a kid, and I regret the whole series of events leading up to it, so much so I would gladly replace him with myself.
    I've made ex's cut themselves, consciously, because it "excites" me.
    I've stolen too much to count.
    I hate people, I hate life, I'm unhappy at all times.

    I'm not a whiney emo though, I keep everything to myself unless asked in detail.
  20. assassin123

    assassin123 n00b

    i tourtured a fly by ripping its wings off and stabbing it slowly with a tooth pick as i laughed but as long as god is with me and i confess im ok and Jesus died on the cross for our sins AND 1 MORE THING (im not agensted hunting) but i shot a squirl with a 410 and blew its jaw off and it was twitching and i shot in the head:sad:
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 9, 2008

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