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The Fall of Funny-Games

Discussion in 'Arts' started by LAMAS, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    Made by Deadly Shot, Let the story begin..will be updated every so often.

    Chapter One: The Fall of Funny Games.

    I was a new member of Funny games. My name is D3adly Sh0t. Just an ordinary gamer who was just bored. The whole thing started off great to me. RolePlayers friendly and fair...well some of them. Mods & Admins that never abused their power. Until something happened... There was no warning. No signs, no leads, or anything. Us members are now here... in the RP Haven, using it as a fresh start. What happened and Funny Games? Well I'll explain... It started off in an ordinary day with us members were just Roleplaying around. I saw many fights from 2 admins Ninjamonkey and Dragon50. As they argued.. a group of people took it as an advantage.. All mods and admins were busy calming them down. These groups of people were reffered as "Spammers." They attacked the threads and raided the forum. Attacking every member and somehow winning. 2 weeks later, It was now a wreck. Useless Spam Bases are now in a few other topics. Spammers were never that bright for unintresting topics. I sat on the floor breathing hard with a member named Zer0. Hes new like me except...he doesn't know whats going on.

    "Hey Zer0, do you have a weapon?" I asked.
    "No, D3adly... do you?" Zer0 replied.

    I guess he'll burden me for a while but its alright. We were in the Introduce Yourself topic. There were no signs of spammers here... I guess they took this place of no use.

    "Yeah, I have one so don't you worry." I answered. I showed him my Spam Machine Gun (SMG). He was glad until I said. "I only have 2 rounds left so we have to save a few."

    I heard footsteps. Running foot steps.. Who could that be? Spammers? A member? A mod? We need as much help as we can get to survive this new hell so I had to risk it. I looked outside of the topic. 3 spammers and a flamer, we have to move out of here. Flamers were like Spammers except their weapon is a HATETHROWER and their a little more brighter than the spammers.

    "We have to move to the other threads and hide in one of the topics." I whispered. "We need to find a mod or atleast a few more members."

    "Who's there!" A man bellowed with a voice of a giant.

    "Its the spammers d3adly!" Zer0 Panicked. "I'm out of here!"

    He soon ran out and blew his and my cover. The Flamer burned him with his Hatethrower and now hes just pixels of ashes..I pushed myself to run and shoot at the same time to the Thread Games. Theres a big risk that there was a large base of spammers there but thats where all Mods and Members were at before the attack.

    I ran shooting behind and fell on my back. A pile of rubble infront of me tripped me. It was a Bump well a dud Bump. the 3 spammers were cocking their SMGs and now aiming at me. "Goodbye, asshole lolermaotrain." One of them said. I closed my eyes. Knowing this is the end. Until I heard one of them squeel. Then now a sound of a hammer hitting something squishy. I opened my eyes to see whats going on. Once I did, I was very glad. It was a mod... Not just a moderator... It was Ninjamonkey. Ninja had a Banhammer and now using it to bash the spammers into bits. He bashed the last spammer using 2 hits. One hit to the torso then one to the head.

    "Oh am I glad to see you Ninjamonkey." I happily said. I got up and dusted myself off.

    "You should be D3adly." Ninja said. "THe moderators had all planned to meet at Petr's profile."
    "Since he is not that active, spammers though his profile isnt that much fun to spam or wreck."
    "Also as we all go on, we all agreed on to get as much members we can rescue."

    "Yeah, but I still blame you all for this." I said Gloomly. "Back then, you all just argued and didn't pay attention to forums that much."

    "As soon as this ends, we will watch the forums and never let anything like this again." He said. "That is a promise if we all make it."

    We started walking to Petr's Profile. Hoping to rescue other members that needed help. This is when Funny Games was breaking down. Where everyone is against the Spammers and Co-operating to survive. Where a new site refreshes
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  2. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    Chapter 2​

    An Average Adventure.

    I looked around trying to see what had changed. Nothing but trash now. Threads spammed and taken over, other threads that seemed useful for the spam army was a bunch of useful threads. Ninjamonkey was just walking calmly as we crossed the News and Updates topic. All threads there were mostly locked so probably there weren't no spammer or flamer anywhere around.

    "So, when did you come in?" Ninjamonkey asked.

    "4 days before the attack." I said. "I was pretty much in the Introduce Yourself when Zer0 had came at the last day before the attack."
    "Now heres my question for you Ninja."
    "What is it?"
    "Have you settled things with D50 yet?"
    "Thought so."

    Suddenly, Ninja pulled me to a dark corner. He was holding my mouth so I couldn't ask what was going on. Until I heard a copter around the orange skies come by. "Shhh....Spammers got the ROFLCOPTERs and those are deadly." Ninja warned.

    "Stay back!" A woman's voice shouted.

    Then I heard shots of a SMG. Is that a spammer?!

    "Are you two spammers?" She said. "Oh it might not look obvious but I could ban you right here, right now."

    The woman walked out of the shadows and revealed herself. It was....Fire-Fly.

    "Whoa whoa Fire-Fly, its me, Ninjamonkey." He said. "Over here is D3adly Sh0t."

    She lowered her weapon and showed us her broken banhammer. It had scratch marks and was slashed diagnoly.

    "This is a work of a hacker...I dont know how they did it but this kind of enemy somehow used this "magic" and broke it like this." She explained.

    Well it was bad news but it didn't catch me. I see new kinds of these bastards evolving to some kind of new type of threat. While hiding I heard the ranks go. Spammer to Flamer, Pr0xie, Hacker, and Mingebag. I never saw what a Mingebag ever do but I bet its much deadlier than a flamer or a hacker's attack.

    "I saw Kuriko and random-gurl around the News and Updates center where the thread says "Funny-Games IRC!" She informed. "Becareful though... spammers have heavy ROFLs in that area because their guarding something in there."

    The vehicles were named by all abreviations in this war. Roflcopter, Omgtank, and Loljeep were the only ones Ive heard about. Though spammers can build something deadlier. Spammers guard centers where they can find thousands of materials like IRCs. There materials is the part of the defence system of the website. Unfortunately, the spammers killed every member there helping each other develop ideas for games.

    "RayneK is with Blaze and I heard their both in Petr's Profile already." NinjaMonkey added.

    "Can we get moving before this so called "Hackers" find us and end up like Fire's Banhammer?!" I recommended.

    THey both agreed and kept walking. They also suggested to see if Kuriko and Random-gurl was still in the IRC defending themselves. Fire-Fly led us to her LolJeep. The LolJeep looked just as a Halo Warthog except the Turret was a doublebarreled gun and was called Old Glory meaning it brings glory to anyone how bad their aiming was.

    I was the Passenger, Fire-fly was driving and Ninja was Gunning. On are way to the IRC thread, we had encountered 3 LolJeeps droven by spammers. Fire-Fly drove as fast as she could as Ninjamonkey tried to aim straightly at them. We made a turn passed the "Rules" and kept going. One of the enemy Loljeeps crashed into the rules thread giving Fire-Fly a little inspiration of how well she is at driving.

    "I'm running low here guys we have to get there sooner or later!" Ninja yelled over the shots of spam in the turrets.
    We were near the IRC thread so it wouldn't really be a problem until.....

    "Oh shit..." I said cowardly.
    "Everyone get out of the car." Firefly said. "Now!"
    "Why what's wrong?" Ninja asked. He turned the turret where we faced and now his cocky expression had turned into a suprised one.

    It was a OmgTank. Aiming for us.... I couldn't move because of all the fear in my body tingling. Fire-fly and Ninja had moved and realized I was still looking at it.

    "D3adly c'mon lets go!" Ninja demanded.
    Fire-fly went infront of the seat and slapped me in the face to get myself together.
    "Now lets go before you are nothing but a bunch of pixels!" Fire-fly commanded.

    I got off and ran out. THe tank did not fire yet until 3 minutes later on. I guessed that the spammers don't fully know of are technology yet. We were now behind the thread near the IRC one. THe tank as infront and was watching for any movement we make. I heard running and I feared the worse. 5-8 spammers surrounded us aiming their SMGs at us eagerly wanting to pull the trigger.

    "So thats it huh?" Fire-Fly said. "Are hard work for just rescuing 2 members gone to waste?"

    A flamer pushed one spammer away and came infront of us. He was in command and was going to command them to fire.

    I heard battle cries and GUnshots now.... I knew that all 3 of us are dead... but how come I'm still breathing? I openned my eyes to see what had happened. All 9 of them are dead... shot rapidly.... WHo did this.

    "Oh my god...." Fire-Fly said in relief. "Random-gurl! Kuriko!"

    I saw the 2 girls before my eyes.... We were rescued by the ones we were going to rescued. I also felt embarrassed I was saved by them. But it wasn't just them two... There was a man getting out of a Roflcopter and another man getting out of a Loljeep.

    I reconized the man in the jeep
    "Starwars Junkie!" I yelled in joy.

    THe man in the roflcopter came out and took off his helmet.
    "Hey, whatsup guys?" He said.

    "Dragon50?!" Ninja had yelled in confusion.
  3. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    this is great. A+. keep it coming.

    i can't wait for my heroic intro *cough*cough*.

    i'll sticky this.
  4. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    Chapter 3

    We all greeted each other but Ninja still having the same shocked face. Whats wrong with him? IS something strange about Dragon50? I came toward and whispered to Ninjamonkey what was up.

    "Whatsup? Something about Dragon50?" I asked.

    "Dragon50 was killed in the Thread games region.... I dont understand how'd he survive... Me and Starwars Junkie witnessed it.." Ninjamonkey explained. "He died at a battlefield of a squad of spammers. Shot in the head to torso."

    It got me thinking. How did he survive that? Are Mods and admins more powerful? Or are they trained for getting hit in places where you die being it in obvious areas?

    "Guys, get in the roflcopter.... I hear more spamming vehicles on the way." Dragon50 said.

    Kuriko and random_gurl went on the LolJeep with StarWars Junkie. As Ninja, Fire-fly, and I entered the copter. I covered the turret side just incase any spammer has a roflcopter heading toward us at the side. THe LolJeep headed to a turn since there as a thread infront. I saw many threads.. Tall and short. If the Thread died it would be boarded up or used again but all that mattered to members is whats its purpose.

    "So Dragon50 did you rescue Kuri and Random?" Fire-Fly asked.

    "Yep, and I did it all by myself earning their kiss to me!" He bragged.

    THe radio on the copter turned on hearing Starwars Junkie and Random_gurl's voice.

    "Hey I helped you out asshole!" SWJ said.

    "You didn't get any love dumbass!" Random yelled angrily.

    Fire-Fly was laughing her ass off as for NM? Well he has a serious face on him. I understood why is he like that. I kept thinking Dragon50 is somehow maybe a spammer or the on responsible for this. I understood that Ninja and Dragon hated each other. This is War... We need to get over are differenced and try to win it or FunnyGames is lost.

    Hours had passed and we had made it to Petr's profile.... We landed infront of the profile to avoid alertness to any spammer thinking were hiding in there. Starwars Junkie had opened the side door which was heavily made out of Spam-proof material. As we entered. I saw many members and mods all over the profile. I always thought me and Zer0 were the only ones left. RayneK and Blaze were sitting next by the Admin Petr! He was here!

    "Yo, Blaze, RayneK, Petr." I greeted.

    As soon as I did Fire-fly had pushed me away, went toward Petr, and slapped him.

    "You see what happened to the forum while you were gone so long?!" Fire-Fly had said angrily. "This is your fault why Funny-Games is like this!"

    "I'm sorry but I thought making you and the rest as mods, I thought you were all responsible enough for this as I take a break for a while." Petr said sorrowful. "But we will end this once and for all."

    He took out something. Its a button to activate something or I dont know.

    "What is it?" I asked. "Something that can end this whole thing?"

    "Yes, Ive been working on this thing... thats why I was gone so long.." He explained. "This is a STFU Nuke, It will Ban everything thats out there... Threads and Topics will rebuild as we report everything is clear."

    "But sir, there maybe a few more members still out there!" RayneK said with a worried faced.

    "We all tried to save as many but its too late... this problem is out of hand and we need to take care of this now before these spammers ruin this place!" He angrily suggested.

    As the arguement went on. I saw D50 going into a room where nobody was at and he pulled out a Translator... Whats he planning to do? I watched him behind the wall and avoided being seen. I listened to what he had said.

    "All FGF Members, Mods, and Admin is in the Admin profile!" He called. "All spammers prepare and attack the area!"

    After hearing that speech I heard a Hoorah in there...... Is Dragon50 a spammer? No..... they said he had died.... but who is this? Why does he look like D50? As soon as he was done he had turned to my and smirked. He knew I was here?! Dragon took out his SMG and fired many rounds.

    I dodged by moving to the side. "Traitor! Dragon your a traitor!" I yelled out.

    Everyone was now looking at both of us and were confused.

    "What the hell did you do now you dickhead!" Ninjamonkey said boiling his head off.

    Dragon50 Laughed maniacaly and soon his voice started to change.

    "Hehehe.... I'm not who you think I am..." He said. "I'm the one who shot him head to toe.."

    He soon removed the face and clothing. He was wearing the Spammer uniform but he has a black baclova.

    "Hes a Pr0xie take him out!" A member shouted it out.

    Everyone started to shoot the pr0xie and never could tell if he was dead or not. They stopped firing on Petr's command.

    "You're all fools!" THe Pr0xie said. "All spammers know where you all are hiding and now their going to kill you all......"

    After that speech he had died. And Ninja went mad and picked up Petr by the Neck.

    "You see what happened?!" He rampaged. "We couldn't trust Dragqueen50 in the 1st place or now!"

    "Put him down or you'll turn out like the pr0xie!" random_gurl yelled.

    Ninja threw him on the floor and sat looking down seeing all hope is gone. THen he raised his head looking at Petr.

    "Push it." He said.
    "Are you sure?" Petr asked.
    "Yes, Now just push it!"
    "Alright, Forgive me you members out there... if only I was online long enough... this wouldn't of happened."

    He took out the button and pushed it. I saw a missile come out from the middle of the profile and launched quickly before my eyes.

    "Its over...." Starwars Junkie said. "We've finally won."

    We heard a boom from a distance and all knew everyone out there still is now gone. But the moment had ended when a member shouted.

    "Many reds on radar coming this way!"

    Wait...The Stfubomb?! Did it work?! Was it a dud?! We heard it blow! Whats going on?!
  5. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    Haha, we are probably the first site to ever have something like this in their forums, this is a one of a kind thing. D*mn, frankie already stickied this, oh well, at least its stickied, its good. Great storyline though, I see that took alot of thinking and creativity to make the vehicles and enemies.

    Personal Note (don't change the storyline in anyway for me saying this, its a really good, any change might kill it.)

    Ninja and me already settled our diffrences, and many more people are, but plz, continue the story. :D
  6. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    lol xD

    .... I wonder I would show up in this thing lol
  7. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    First off this is NOT the first site this has appeared on. i have recieved consent from deadly shot to post it here. it had a different name,which was changed for ..er..reasons...

    It was actually about the rise of an rping website.
  8. FireHeartz

    FireHeartz n00b

    wow this is awesome keep it coming i bet ur gonna be able to do a book full or stories!
  9. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!


    I googled other sites and turns out HaloGrid has the same thing. Except it lasted 3 chapters for a novel.

    Yeah I'll take that advice.
  10. Colt

    Colt The World Is Yours

    This must have been that one week I didn't have my computer, because I don't remember any of this. :p

    Good job so far though. :thumb:
  11. L3AD3R


    nice story,cant w8 for the next part!:thumb:
  12. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    Chapter 4

    We all started preparing for a huge battle with an army of spammers. Petr had sat back on his chair very confused and had no hope left. Each Mod assigned everyone to squads, vehicles and formation. Petr's profile was big as the white house except the front yard is now barricaded with strong Wtfshields and Spam Turrets set up near them.

    Ninjamonkey came infront of me breathing deeply to say something.

    "You're with me, RayneK, LAMAS, SWJ, and Random_gurl." He said. "Get rid of that SMG and grab a PwnRifle."

    "Fire-Fly has Kuriko, skaterdude1, and Foxcross which is are armor support."

    PwnRifles were diffrent than SMGs. It looked like a M4 Carbine and had a scope for better aim and can switch to single fire, burst fire, and automatic. But it only has 35 rounds each magazine and the SMG has 360 rounds per magazine. Still, the Pwn was better. I looked at the team and observed them all at a time. NinjaMonkey had a banhammer and a PwnRifle, Starwars Junkie had a BanSaber which was created when he got along with the mods. It shined red showing fear and no mercy. RayneK had 0wnedSword and a PwnRifle, and LAMAS had a PwnRifle and a Snpr(sniper).

    We all stoof infront of the profile. Holding are ground preparing a bunch of Spammers and Spammers with plenty of their own armor. Everyone got ready....Some scared, some prepared, some eager. There....we saw them... all running toward us... with their swords, guns, and vehicles rushing at us.

    "Everyone ready, aim!" Colt as are firing squad leader. "FIRE!"

    I fired at any spammer coming this way. Ignoring ones going after different forces. There were so many kinds of them. I knew who the hackers were because they were using powers like the "force". SWJ and RayneK were fighting side-by-side with their melee. I was taking cover by the shield while LAMAS gives covering fire. While reloading, I looked up the sky and saw many roflcopters dog-fighting. Fire-Fly's team was up there and see that they were doing well firing the Roflturret and F-Bombs. Soon I was done reloading and now looked through the scope again firing anyone coming this way. A spammer came behind RayneK and was about to cut him in half but I shot his leg as SWJ Stabs his BanSaber through his skull.

    "Move an OmgTank is aiming this way!" Rayne cried out.

    I moved away from the shield and jumped as it fired at it. I saw the OmgTank and it was immediatly blown up by are very own OmgTanks. RaynEk and I rushed where the sword duels were. Firing countless of them, reminding ourselves to avoid friendly fire.

    "Cherry bomb!" A member had yelled. It blew up making Raynek and I fall onto the floor. This is where SWJ and Ninja encountered a Hacker. I watched as I got up trying to find my rifle. Ninja rushed with his BanHammer and was about to smash the Hacker's head off until....it did something. It was now controling the hammer making Ninja fly around gripping it tightly. THe Hacker now made a fist causing the hammer to break in pixels. SWJ raised his BanSaber and tried to attack it. The Hacker was using some invisable shield to avoid getting hit.

    I quickly found my rifle aimed at it. SWJ was in the way...crap I might hit him....! I waited for a chance but it was endless. Until, SWJ caught it off guard and got to leave a scratch on it's right arm. Still, it rose its left arm about to do something. So, I got my chance and shot his head to make sure it's really dead. RayneK was still on the ground unconciouse.

    "Rayne! Get up, lets catch up with the other squads!" I demanded. I shaked his body many times until he mumbled something. I gave up so I had to get him on my back.

    "You owe me big time for this." I mumbled to myself.

    A Geek(Medic) came to me and told me to give him the body. I put Rayne down and the Geek rushed to the profile.

    Over the area I heard disappearing assualt teams. like

    "This is Delta Four! Theres this "thing"! Its not going down!"

    then next thing u know.. static comes on their radio with stomps ending the transmissions.

    "A horde of Flamers 3 o'clock!" A member yelled from the translator. "Anyone with a melee weapon proceed with caution!"

    I aimed at concentrated on the Flamers to watch the members with 0wnedSwords backs.

    "Theres something big coming this way!" Blaze warned. "Its very white and heavily armored, PwnRifles don't do anything to it!"

    I thought to myself and started to wonder if that's the spammer's leader. It was right on a profile next to Petr's. Like they said, PwnRifles dont do damage to it so I need more fire-power. The Omgtanks division were fighting it off and were backing away. The big white thing raised its arm and fired some kind of lazer into all the tanks..... If tanks cant take it down.... Nothing will!

    "Retreat! Everyone back into the profile!" Colt had yelled over the radio.

    "The hell were retreating already for just one big thing?!" DarkStar had yelled.

    "We're not retreating!" I corrected. "We're advancing to another direction!"

    Many explosions and shots had filled the sounds. It sounded all beautiful to me... The art of war has always been my thing.. As we all retreated to the profile. I saw Petr speaking to all of us as we crowded.

    "That big white machine was my project...." He said. "All this is my fault... so I will end it... no more of you will be sarcrificed for this nonsense!"

    Everyone was whispering many questions. Whats he talking about? How did the spammers get his "project?" What the hell is up with this place?!

    "I will face it myself.... but I will need one of you to be crazy enough to drop my own type of that project infront of that thing." He added. "Who is up for the task?"

    Everyone looked down or was scratching their head.... I don't think anyone would do that for what had all happened.... Until we heard.

    "I'll do it..... I'll drop your machine infront of it."
  13. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    very very very super good. still waiting for my mad mod kung-fu to jump in and ban-chop a few spammers. but i'd still give it a 100% even with my incredibly noticeable absence. lol:rcain:
  14. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    For some odd reason, I like being the bad guy, though how you killed me off was pretty lame, if I were to die in anything, I would prefer if I died in syle, but besides that, keep on going, you are doing great.
  15. im2ignorant2care

    im2ignorant2care Hersh's French Fry Pirate

    ..I feel like this is my every day, modding the Shout Box.

    Very well illustrated. frank should come in with some pwnjutsu.

    I'd smirk inside to see me taking some long distance shots on those bastids.
  16. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    I don't like it very much. It's too much of an overblown unicorn fantasy. It's like taking World War II and internets, then mutilating them with some sharp implement. I only skimmed over them because large walls of text bore me, but I generally didn't like what I skimmed.

  17. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    thas jus cuz yooo a dickead!:321:

    you know i dont mean that. btw
  18. bigbadandy

    bigbadandy wheres the sport at????

    maybe advance into the homework section and have me found sobbing in a corner over all my homework?
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2008
  19. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja

    or maybe we thought it wasnt possible to add every member so we deciode not to?
  20. Fire-Fly

    Fire-Fly Valued by Funny-Games

    Hio and zing!

    But one thing wrong with it...I'm kinda a guy, rather than a girl. Just a small technicality

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