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The Funny-Games Apocalypse: Rise of the Banned!

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Deadly shot, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Chapter 1

    It was just an original day.... We were in the Haven and it was very slow and inactive. Today, there were many online today. Not alot of new members here. Huh... not suprising. We only invited good people. Not people who are complete idiots and spam. Look at the bright side, we have few members in here but atleast none of them are stupid. Anyway, I, D3adly Sh0t, was sitting in one of the revived RPs. The rookies vampireatheart (random-gurll's friend) and Foxcross (my friend) were RPing very well. No too powerful characters or unrealistic stuff. Just the way everyone likes it. I always wondered what Funny-Games are up to. Ninjamonkey had went visit them for an urgent reason. He is still a mod there so nobody really bothered to ask him why hes still going there.

    A large slam came from behind me. I looked behind and it was RayneK breathing for air. He looked very pale.. I wonder whats wrong..
    "Rayne, Whats up dude?" I asked.

    "Ninja..monkey.. is in danger.. everyone meet at General Chat!" He exclaimed.

    He soon dashed out of the RP room and went on getting the others. The two girls and I had reached the General Chat. The armory was infront of us. A few of us stayed behind to guard. I heard about RayneK and Lgeg creating a new weapon. They rigged an SMG and turned it into some Shotgun. They named it Shotty but I heard that its unique because it can break an 0wnedSword. So its very effective.

    Lgeg stayed behind with the other members. RayneK handed me the list of teams. He says it will be a great way to excecute manuevers like if an 0mgtank got us pinned down and we had to split up to destory it. It lists:

    Alpha Team: RoflExtractor, PwnTurret(2 pilots, 1 gunner, 8+ Passengers;)

    RayneK: PwnRifle x3, 0wnedsword
    DarkStar: HateThrower x120%
    Starwars Junkie (SWJ) : Bansaber, Noobpistol x3
    Fire-Fly: Shotty x24, 0wnedsword

    Bravo Team: LolCarrier, PwnTurret (1 Driver, 1 Frontseat Gunner, 2 Passengers back of car )

    Draconis : SMG x4, Banhammer
    D3adly : PwnRifle x3, Snpr x2
    Kuri : Shotty x24, SMG x4
    Random-gurll: PwnRifle x3, 0wnedSword

    Charlie Team: On Foot

    MegaMan9990: Shotty x25
    Fuzzy: Snpr x2, 0wnedsword
    Foxcross: N00bpistol x4, N00bpistol x4 (dual wielded.)
    krazyskater0: 0wnedsword, n00bpistol x5
    vampireatheart: Shotty x24, Snpr

    My team was to stick with Charlie team. We do have the vehicle after all. Rayne's team was to search the ground for incoming enemy vehicles or squads. The enemy could be either the FGF members and mods OR the spammers may of came back to take over. FGF holding him captive seemed more possible... why? Because rarely we invite members of FGF to our hideout. They cannot search for it, even with a GoogleDetector. It wont be found unless one of the members invite the member. Everyone was now ready to go. They attached the loljeep onto the RoflExtractor and everyone got into the RoflExtractor. Rayne and Fire-Fly piloted and DarkStar held the PwnTurret. The rest of us buckled down to are seats and waited to save our own member of the forums.. Ninjamonkey.

    "Were getting off, make sure your all buckled because I'm expecting some heavy fire when were in FGF." Rayne announced.

    Chapter 2: Its Quiet...

    Four days later..... we got there... I woke Draconis since he was asleep. What's weird is... nothing was shooting at us... no anti-spam cannons. I guess Funny-games didn't capture Ninjamonkey... maybe the spammers got through again but why don't I see other aircraft out here?

    "Yo, Rayne. What happened to Ninjamonkey anyway?" Random-gurll asked.

    "I dont know.... The message ended when I heard a loud crash and the nearby members started firing." He answered.

    "Must be from big revolting Furries I guess." Fuzzy joked.

    I snickered a little. Then, I went back to being serious. No time to have fun when a member is in danger. We soon started to go down to land at checkpoint. They dropped the LolCarrier first and then landed on full ground. Soon, I felt fear go into my heart. Somethings wrong here... I don't know what but it seems.. a bit.. too quiet...

    "I'll be on radio always. Move out and becareful out here." RayneK lectured.

    Charlie Team went out first... then Bravo. Then thats when we all realized..

    "Guys... where are all the members?" Megaman wondered.

    "Yeah, and what the hell happened here?" krazy added.

    I observed the area with the others. Introduce Yourself area should of been packed with new members. Instead, we find nobody and a few rubble of threads and Loljeeps. Looks like an GTFO Nuke hit this place. I was soon interrupted out of my thinking from Drac.

    "D3adly, get on the turret of the LolCarrier." He commanded. "Lets see if your name proves your accuracy."

    Theres Drac getting creative again. Well, my team was assigned to the car so we might as well. Draconis was driving and the rest of Bravo was a passenger. Charlie Team was right behind our vehicle. Everyone seemed nervous. Like if a member popped up right now, they'd fire. Its so strange, We havn't seen a member or mod in this place. All of us walked in a formation to prevent ambush. After a few miles of messy streets and threads. We came across two bodies of FGF members near a thread. Foxcross and Fuzzy checked out if theres any signs of life.

    "Nope, their dead." Foxcross said. "but they were shot many times and they have severed limbs."

    "Holy shit, I think theres a few crazy members out here." Fuzzy warned.

    "Alright, thats all I need to know." Draconis479 announced. "Lets rest in that building for now."

    Hes right... it was getting dark and I had a feeling we would meet the "thing" that ripped those two members apart. Fuzzy and Fox got up and opened the door to the thread slowly. With their glowlites on, they searched the building for to be cleared. Megaman and Krazy went infront of both of them to check the rooms.

    "Hey guys, a member alive and breathin'!" Krazyskater yelled out.

    We all and rushed to see the member. Then we started hearing him yell out "Get off of me you freak!" The member was on him gnawing his arms at Krazy. Krazy struggled using his 0wned sword to resist the FGF member. Everyone aimed their weapons at the member but they know that Krazy might end up joining the crazy member.

    "Sir, Calm down! Were not here to hurt you." Draconis said.

    "I think hes crazy! Kill him!" He yelled out.

    "No! He just needs helped!" Kuri refused.

    "Girl, does this lo-" Krazy soon was interrupted.

    The member got through Krazy's struggling and bit his neck. KrazySkater screeched in pain and pushed the member off. Then pulled out his N00bpistol and fired his whole clip into the it. He stormed into Kuriko's face and scolded her.

    "See what happens if nobody listens to a wise choice?!" Krazy growled.

    His blood spilled out as he tried to pressure it. He walked to the nearby chair and was breathing hard. Kuriko sat down slowly and had tears coming out of her eyes. Draconis ordered Foxcross to try to heal Krazy. Then tells the rest to search the whole thread if any of more of those "things" are in here. Me? He told me to cheer Kuriko up. Asshole.

    "Kuriko, don't worry... krazyskater is just mad cuz of hes injured." I comforted.

    "I-I just thought the member was frightened. I didn't know he was that crazy." She stuttered. "Now its my fault that Krazy was wounded."

    "That ain't true, if you ever stayed here where everything looks messed up and stuff. You'd be scared too." I suggested. "Besides, that member must of seen many horrifying things.. probably was too scared to even tell us what happened here."

    "I guess..." She replied.

    She got back to her feet and helped Foxcross fix up Krazy's wound. Job well done. It was very late now.. so dark, we had to turn on every LiTe in the thread. The teams took turns sleeping and going on duty. Drac never slept. He was on the translator with RayneK all night. I overheard that Ninjamonkey contacted them and told them he was at the Thread Games section.

    "Everyone check this out!" Random-gurll called out. "Theres more of those things outside!"

    I looked outside the window of the thread. It was true... there were hundreds out there. We know now that their crazy and hungry but why not attack each other?

    "Are we boned?" Fuzzy asked.

    vampireatheart shoved him for joking around then went back to stare at "them".

    "We're gonna need more ammo." Draconis said.
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  2. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    At last, the sequel is already come!! But, where's my name? I don't find it! T-T
    But still, nice prologue! Keep it up! :thumb:
  3. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Lol but it starts off with the peop;le in are own forums. i dont think u were invited :rcain:
  4. funny411

    funny411 did you ever wonder.....

    ok it was ok. not perfect. but keep up the good work!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 8, 2008
  5. MapleStory

    MapleStory Divide by 0. I dare you.

    Pretty good. Can't wait for another one!
  6. im2ignorant2care

    im2ignorant2care Hersh's French Fry Pirate

    Judging the success of your last novel, I've stickied this thread.

    Do what you do, man.

  7. Clint_derby_fc

    Clint_derby_fc Back, hopefully for good.

    Yeah, this is pretty cool, but i must say i did expect a bit more because of the quality in your other novel. However this is still great :thumb:

    I'm not expecting a mention but wasn't Angel Of Game one of the "original" members in your other novel. And i thought he was highly respected, so how come he's not added in.

    Also, will other members come into this?
    Angel of Game likes this.
  8. funny411

    funny411 did you ever wonder.....

    that ruled!!!! i love it soo cool!!that ruled!!!! i love it soo cool!!
  9. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    epic story, ive got to admit, the rp is even better tho, nice one
  10. Highlands

    Highlands Highland Basketball team

    good story is ther any more to come ????????????????
  11. LAMAS

    LAMAS Ninja


    Angel of game was an original (as in an early member) of funny games. Highly respected..meh.

    He does not belong to our forum, which is where all the characters currently in the story are from.
  12. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    I'm highly respected? I don't think so. I'm only senior members. That's all. But thanks for the praise, Clint. :)

    But, really. Something strange in your story now. But after all, this is your story. You can type anything you want. Keep it up! ;)
  13. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    yeah i can.

    CHAPTER 3.

    Angel of game turns into the hulk and saves us all. but then zombies mob him and eats his flesh making them stronger ZOMGZ!


    There are more members
    I just like it to become more of a suprise. Why would you read the whole thing if I answered all your questions?
    . next chapter will come sooner or later. school hasnt been keeping me busy lately.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest


    its a OK thread it is very creative
  15. Devin

    Devin Administrator Staff Member Administratior

    If you want too, we can merge your posts so that it's one long continous post of your chapters, etc.
    Deadly shot likes this.
  16. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    lol I love a good horror story =P and your pretty good at telling stories xD keep up the creativity.
  17. Super Sonic Ingram

    Super Sonic Ingram 2nd Lieutenant

    Rise Of The Banned hey? This is a new 1 on me.
  18. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Olol,Me thinks a banner is in order.
  19. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    Is it just my feeling? This story is never updated again. :confused:
    Really, where are you Deadly?
    I hope you just only forgot about this thread.
  20. Killa Ashley

    Killa Ashley n00b

    You are alright at stories :thumb:

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