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The Funny-Games Apocalypse: Rise of the Banned!

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Deadly shot, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. deryni

    deryni king kick spamming a**

    haaaay ya'll. deryni's back with renwed vigor whatcha. sorry i've been gone for so long. i've gone through a emotionally hard time lately but i'm back hehehe. :rcain:
  2. L3AD3R


    what do you mean with ''members of the hideout''
    what hideout?:confused:
  3. Hayate90

    Hayate90 n00b

    i guess Deadly need more time with the new chapter
    just give him some time not pressure him
  4. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Back Ungrounded and Getting back for my Story and RP!

    Sup guys! I am ungrounded now. Don't ask why I did in the first place but Oooook! Its good to be back.

    Back to my Zombie RP and my Funny-Games Book! Please welcome me back dudes and tell me what I missed!

    OR ELSE!

    Nah jk.


    Nah seriously.

  5. Hayate90

    Hayate90 n00b

    so, are u finally finished with the new chapter?
    just wondering when
  6. SQIRT1

    SQIRT1 n00b


    that was a boring story who ever you are

  7. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Posta next parta.

    U know teh bit where ah bust out mah chuck norris gun!
  8. SexyDan92

    SexyDan92 The Clansman

    OMG, thanks for the amazing part Deadly, restecp, jks
  9. achmed_kill_you

    achmed_kill_you The Dead Terrorist

    i like it. i wish all the members accept mods and admins werent zombies can you try to get chapter 4 quick? this looks fun.
  10. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Chapter 4: The Encounter With Truth!

    The members outside started to try to break down the door! Everyone cocked their weapons and got ready for 'them'.​
    It was too late to block the door with anything in the room. They knocked down the door and started to swarm through. Everyone started firing but Fuzzy, Kuri and me. I held Kuriko steady on my back as Fuzzy guarded me.

    "Concentrate mostly on the ones getting close!" Drac ordered.

    The windows soon shattered and 'they' started to crawl out of that opening. We've been stepping back and knew we couldn't kill all of them.

    "I'm out of ammo!" Random informed.

    She soon took out her blade and joined Fuzzy's guarding duty. The crazy members were almost close enough to jump and grab us. It was a bad sign even when are ammo is low and some of us couldn't fire are weapons for reasons. Foxcross was first grabbed and quickly was pulled in the mob. She screamed for help but they already pulled her apart. All of us, Bravo and Charlie team, started to lose hope for this firefight.

    "Deadly!" Drac called out. "You get Kuri out of here! We'll hold them all off here since most of them are all attracted to us now!"

    "Sir, we'll die here with honor of Ninjamo-" I was interrupted.

    "RayneK's team can't save Ninjamonkey with only four against all these... things!" He continued on. "Now go through the side door in the garage room and find Alpha team!"

    I seemed to have lost the argument. I slowly walked to the room then the door. Wishing them luck, I walked to the outside... the forums... overrun by whatever these things are. It was very dark out but the light of the systematic moonLiTe seemed to enough for me to go through. An hour later, I stopped to rest and put Kuriko on the ground. I seemed to be in an alley. Reminds me of when the spammers attacked. I laid on the floor thinking that if I sleep, I'll be eaten alive to what those members become.

    "Deadly..." A voice called out. "Where are the others?"

    I got up and saw Kuri getting up. She dusted herself off and turned to me.

    "They're waiting for us to Alpha team's position..." I lied. "We all split up to cover more ground."

    "Why are we resting here now?" She asked. "Lets go find NM and meet them there."

    She got up and leaded the way through the night. I felt a little guilty but I didn't want her to lose all hope and fear that we're all goners. We ran into a group of the crazy members. They don't notice we're both behind the debris of the thread. She stood up first and pumped her shotty. I aimed my PwnRifle and shot two in the head. I guess... the crazy ones aren't so bright. Both of us started to walk off the rest of the trip, searching thread through thread.

    "Listen... Kuri." I started.

    "Yeah?" She said carelessly.

    Then I thought... She'll soon find out. Probably by the time I get killed though.

    "Don't expect everyone to be there with Alpha team." I warned her.

    "Oh Deadly, all doom and gloom for you." She joked. "Of course, the rest of them will be there. Well except Krazy but... you know what I mean already."

    My guilt got into me further. Am I going crazy? Is this how some of the members become to their current state?

    "Stop right there!" A guy yelled out.

    "And don't move!" A girl then too.

    We aimed are guns and waited what would pop out. I was thinking to myself... did 'they' ever talk before attacking? When Krazy turned into 'them', he didn't seem to talk. Back to the situation, two members walked in front of us and stopped once they got a little close. One looked a too familiar to me.

    “Deadly?” He questioned me. “That you? You’re not one of the banned, right?”

    “The banned?” I asked.

    “Did you run into FGF members who looked already dead, aggressive, and… hungry?” Hershey exampled.

    “Wait, if these members are already banned…” Kuriko started. “How can they even move?”

    “We dont know but...they just suddenly popped up and started feeding on us members! We tried are best to survive but they were extremely hard to kill including when the banhammer has no effect on them. ” Hershey explained. “Some valued members…and mods acted suspicious though after the attacks.”

    “So… knowing you two are still alive and out here.” I observed around. “Are there more survivors with you?”

    “Well yeah, ki-“ Hershey answered.

    “Where are they?” Kuriko interrupted.

    “Alive and well.” i2 said. “In hell.”

    Hershey shoved a i2 a little for getting are hopes up then just crashing it. I didn’t really expect i2 to be nice enough to tell us though.

    “Anyway, what about you two?” Hershey asked.

    “Well…” I hesitated. “Can I talk to you too for a moment… ‘PM-ly’?”

    I lead the two to a nearby alley with a trash can, leaving Kuri to guard the area too.

    “I don’t know if their alive but Kuriko doesn’t know what happened before Drac let me escape.” I said. “I lied to her so she wouldn’t have to go emo and kill herself realizing were going to be next.”

    “Wait… I haven’t seen Draconis and your hideout buddies for a while.” i2 ignored the real situation.

    “She’s going to know the truth soon, Deadly.” Hershey warned. “You got to tell her sometime before she finds out herself.”

    “I don’t really care about your troubles, Deadly.” i2 taunted. “Once she finds out, I’ll be laughin’ my a-“

    A loud bellowed screech filled our ears and interrupted i2i2c. Hersh and i2 moved quickly and beckoned to us.

    “What the hell was that?!” I asked.

    “No time to explain!” Hershey shouted. “Run with us!”

    Kuriko and I quickly grabbed are weapons and sprinted with the other two. What were we running from? What is it really? Whatever it was that made that sound, I can tell it’s huge.
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  11. Hershey

    Hershey i2's Chocolate Megatron.


    That was awesome.
    Got our characters perfect.
    'Specially i2.
    Great job, Deadly.
    Can't wait for the next chapter. ​
  12. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    Very nice. Keep up the good work!

    And as Hershey said, spot-on for Hershey and i2.

    Can't wait for the next chapter :D
  13. achmed_kill_you

    achmed_kill_you The Dead Terrorist

    me neither. i bet the scream was one of the mods being attacked. by the way, where are devin and petr? you would think they would be in here, being admins. are you going to add them in the next chapter?
  14. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!




    Guess and look around it..
    You might find something that'll make you wonder.

    Hint: The poisoned sky covers something...
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  15. Mr. Buttapple

    Mr. Buttapple Sell by Date, 9/01/2010


    that looks like a monkey, :O ninja monkey! I wish i was in it but i'm not a valued member :eek:
  16. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Wrong. Its got nothing to do with the characters.
  17. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    !@#$, why you forgot about me dude? lol
    Anyway, nice one. I'm still waiting like a moron for your next chapter. XD
  18. achmed_kill_you

    achmed_kill_you The Dead Terrorist

    This is teh awsomest novel ever! keep up the good work!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 17, 2009
  19. Ayama13

    Ayama13 n00b

    Pretty Good​

    For a Pervert xD
  20. racing boy

    racing boy Guest

    Good story.Good work 10/10.Keep it up.

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