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The Hands of War. [12 year old written this.]

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Rael, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Rael

    Rael Yes I know I am young.

    The hands of war.

    It was dark, Then the light of the small Natzi truck approaching through the fog got closer. as I began to crawl back I felt the light tap of my best friend Jeremy, calling me into the dark forest. But before I could fast enought move the small natzi truck had seen me. They began to chase, but we had no choice to run into the forest leading to our hometown of "Plymouth," Which was destroyed by the Natzi's. The thing's that took place there was horrific. Torture, pain, hate. They shown no mercy on the people. seeing my own parent's die left me in a trance, my life flashed before me thinking of the loving memory's, me my mother and father had together. I felt the urge not to let go, but I had to for my own life and my best friend's life. As we continued to go through the forest the Natzi's had not given up chase, but as we stopped to get our breath back, I collapsed onto the floor, so did Jeremy. A young natzi soilder had shot us, I felt the sudden Adrenaline, of death. Blood rushed from my stomach then I heared another shot, this was the end. Jeremy stopped shaking, as I wimpered of the death of my beloved best friend. the young Natzi turned violent, thus. started to beat me with his gun. Strike after strike, I was on my last stick, I taken my last breath's, suddenly more German's came and the young boy stopped hitting me, the anger in his eye's tore me apart. Hitler had twisted their mind's, into good soul's into evil violent soul's. They began to laught at me, the German's spat in my face and burned me with cigar's. Then dragged me to the small truck which I saw earlier. Then fell to sleep...

    I awoken the next day, then started to looked around me, there was wall's which felt like 90 miles away from each other, bar's surrounded me. The smell of urine and tobacco disturbed me, then slowly I crawled to the door to find a tall guard outside of it. He looked at me then started whisteling the German national anthem, then a bell rang which defend me for a few second's the guard open my door and called me for shower time. then I resisted to move, as I had heared the story's of Jewish people entering the shower's and never coming back out, he pushed me back and my head smashed against the concreate wall which contained scroll's in them the guard began to walk off again. Then I pulled one out of the wall, and started to read. "They destoryed me, they say I will be executed soon. Whoever is reading this, do not enter the shower's they gas you with chlorine till you die. I was lucky to come out alive." I curled into a little ball. Then began to feel the wall's, my grandpa told me if you're in a prision they're is always weak wall's, as I carried on feeling the hard concrete wall. I came to a soft wall, then started to kick the wall but it didn't move. I looked around me to see if they're is any useful things to get me out, nothing but the shallow concrete wall's and rat's whispering to each other, I leaned back against the soft wall, Then suddenly fell back, into a cell with it's gate open. But the tall guard's footstep's began to come closer, I hid around the wall. He came into the room, in his back pocket he had a pistol, I grabbed it and aimed it at him, he turned around rapidly but I wouldn't dare shoot him, the man laughted at me and walked towards me. Then remember the torture and pain, in Plymouth. Then began to think that I'm not killing human's, I'm killing monsters. then I closed my eye's, then pulled the trigger back twice, the man collapsed to the floor. Then I began Thinking to myself, "I did this."

    This Made me sad, but nothing can get in my way, if escape is plotted. As I made my way through the silm hallway, I heared a faint cry in the distance of the hallway. I didn't belive I should go to it but a thing inside me told me to go to the cry, wallhugging incase of German's I eventually came the ear pierecing noise. A small child layed there sobbing as he lifted his head up to see me I noticed the sicking scar across his face, he pointed towards a ring of keys I walked towards them I picked them up, ran to his cell and open the door as I ran to aid him, a German came, I quickly ran to the wall for cover as he began to walk in, I made my second kill. The child's cry got louder and more earing, I tried to cheer him up by pulling a funny face he began to raise his head, he stood up and mumbeled in a German accent "My name is Erinan." He fell to the ground he had no will to walk, he crawled to me and grabbed my hand, and asked me to put him out of his misery. He said "I will earn a place with god in heaven, banish my eternal scar's and let my soul be free." I taken my gun, placed it to his head, "peace be with you." My eyes began to water, I bowed my head then felt the sorrow inside me, then the fact came... German's did this to him, they tortured, tormented him. They taken away his rights to live. I closed his eyes in a respectful way, and walked out of the compact room, then began to know that mankind has become corupt with power. Nobody realised what they've created, a peaceful world into a war zone, Towns turned into hell.

    This is not finished.

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