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the quest

Discussion in 'Thread Games' started by marl, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. marl

    marl n00b

    you've just been chosen by the king to go on a quest, you have to rescue the his daughter from the darklord, and the king says you can take 3 people, who would you take?

    i would take cool shiva because he could kill the dark lords army with his cool threads
    saintnight because he can confuse the dark lord with his paradoxes
    and tainted black cuz he knows the secrets of the dark lords power,:thumb:
  2. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    I'll chose these members.

    im2ignorant2care, Reason: We need power of god and he has it. :p
    Chaossama, Reason: He can be a good sacrifice. XD
    Blaze, Reason: Don't judge a book by its cover, she's so powerful.
  3. Chaossama

    Chaossama Just a user, literally

    I would definitely go for:

    im2ignorant2care: I would actually feel sorry for those enemies he goes up against

    Angel of Game: For the very same reason that he put my name up above ¬.¬

    Hershey: Don't break the team and as long as she's focused on the enemy and not gut-ripping me, she and im2ignorant2care will be a unstoppable force

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