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The Sea

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Awesomex2, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Awesomex2

    Awesomex2 Banned

    The aqua blue skies meet the calm gentle seas over the sharp horizon.
    Albino candyfloss clouds pepper the heavens, hanging over an expanse of gold.
    Balmy, rippling waves lapping the shore, balletically dancing to and fro across the sun tinted pepples.
    The gentle breeze whispers it's ghostly chant across the deserted beach.
    Soothing music wafting across the silence as the water trickles and flows with the ebb of the tide.
    Gently hugging the smooth, emerald. velvet coated boulders, the water engulfs and submerges.
    High above, the seagulls gracefully glide and spiral on the warm air currents, searching the ocean for a feast.
    Suddenly, the smooth horizon turns savage as each raindrop leathally pierces it's smooth appearance.
    Angry storm clouds gather above, plotting the revenge on the unsuspecting scene.
    The mighty seas cures an aura of dread across the desolated dunes.
    Seagulls screech and squeal in shock and amazement and so bask in the storms pitiful might.
    The sea roars triumphantly with glory as it hurls the waves menacingly onto the shore.
    Powerfully it spits a foaming froth at the pointy, jagged rocks, dominating anf fierce.
    As the storm abates, the dark clouds depart leaving a watery shimmer across the weary sky.
    Once again, the waves recede, swaying and oscillating comfortably in the sea bed.
    The sands begin to glisten exposing the debris of drift-wood and salt encrusted sea weed.
    The silence returns and it is once again calm...
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  2. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    I like the last line the best. It just sets the mood it originall had at the start.

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