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The wonders of the human brain?

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by swordxofxarm, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. swordxofxarm

    swordxofxarm Banned

    Ya know when some people think of it all they forget the basics. Recently I was reading a post by Dharok when i found something kinda funny that i thought i should share with others. He said he'd ban people for using multiple accounts by checking the ip of accounts, well I agree its a good idea but you have to think deeper.

    Being a mod he should know a few things about computers,but what about people who use programs to mask their ip which are used throughout the world? Some of these programs use the same ip multiple times to confuse people. Some people also use proxys to protect their identity for international reasons beyond somes comprehension.

    you shouldn't be vague when entitling a rule, there are exceptions to the rules and thats 2 exceptions he should be aware of before posting what he did. So for you that use these programs do stop or risk being banned with others.

    I did wish to reply to his rule but of course it wouldn't let me.
    I wish not to insult but to better users exp. by warning them with facts left out.
  2. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    We do know about the existance of IP maskers and proxy servers, but what are the chances that banned spammers will be able to use them?

    For the most part, IP bans are enough to dismiss 99% of the idiots and spammers, if it does get any further then that, we can use the netcard ban, but it has thankfully never reached that point.

    Other then that, we also have the host's IP as well, and it's very doubtful that one would be able to match both.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 17, 2008
  3. swordxofxarm

    swordxofxarm Banned

    Well I didn't say the staff didn't know, just they didn't include it and it can cause problems
  4. Devin

    Devin Administrator Staff Member Administratior

    Lol read the post further.

    I am now searching users IP addresses that I think are multi-accounting.

    I do understand that sometimes peoples IP addresses can be the same, but if I find enough proof that you are mutliaccount I will BAN YOU

    Multi account takes up much needed database space.

    If you suspect someone is multi account just use a report on one of their posts and put "they are multi accounting"

    We will then look into it :)

    So, if you wanna take a chance of being found out take it.

    But I will now give you all a break chance, if you PM me any other accounts YOU OWN and can show me that it is yours, then I will delete/ban it and then nothing will be done to your main account.

    Thanks for coming to funny-games.biz!

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