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To those who have played the game "The Movies"

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by jackmoma64, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. jackmoma64

    jackmoma64 Jackmoma64

    Well after a few years i decided to play "The Movies" again and I can't. When i try to play it white screen comes up. Many forums said it was because you need Windows Media Player(WMP) 9, and sometimes WMP10 worked. I'm pretty sure i currently have WMP 11. I tried downloading codecs but none worked. SO, i'm now resorting to completly removing WMP11 from my system and downloading WMP 9.

    I tried everything to delete WMP11. I even went into safe mode and deleted every file relating to WMP but it seems to always pop back up. SO! my question to everyone that can help is....Do you know anyway to get this game working with WMP11? Any suggestions on removing WMP11 completly?

    Thanks to all who have read this long boring message and to those who try to help :)
  2. MagicZ

    MagicZ n00b

    Do you mean the one where you have the webcam, and then you're like on the screen?

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