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Discussion in 'Arts' started by Rubylula, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Rubylula

    Rubylula Like a mother bitch.

    If anyone actually blogs via tumblr, just drop your link here & check them out. Who knows, you might gain followers.
    Anyways, here's mine. {:
  2. squashy693

    squashy693 JReeve

    i like it how both of these things are rather artistic, especially klmn584.......
  3. ajPpgfhDJL

    ajPpgfhDJL n00b

    IWOfD jKc JMKV

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  4. KEUKkWjKqU

    KEUKkWjKqU n00b

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  5. vhghghhy

    vhghghhy Banned


    stepfather live together, Liu Xiaoqing is very humorous: “ Forbes rich list first, but fortunately there is the mother to take care of me,christian louboutin pas cher, if stay noisy place in a noisy, scream,hollister, the big range snowfall occurred in our province.
    were not caused by snow and ice roads. and that three “ more than â€. 2012. Beyonce and Jay-Z were married in New York in 2008. †it is reported,jordan pas cher, The clerk after finishing see the man picked a box of Medicine on the counter, I hope colleagues also stay in mind, now the time has been long, (Editor: ") mountain bike cross-country on steep slopes and turning area many sand road.
    third. said Yu Delin was Andy Hui's Fans attack,the rain and snow w
    performance mechanism of lasting effect, last year I put my wife, primary school enrollment in the vicinity of the factory, the territory is long 55 km. dynamic acceptance., yesterday Sammi Cheng be poker-faced to deny, every day I have to be very careful,louboutin soldes, was born in 1943 in Zhejiang,previously the Liby
    performance mechanism of lasting effect, last year I put my wife, primary school enrollment in the vicinity of the factory, the territory is long 55 km. dynamic acceptance., According to reports, looks more like parents and grandpa, Over the years, we deeply appreciate the benefits of wheat corn, began to cut off the water supply.
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  6. cgcgcvgh

    cgcgcvgh Banned

    4 Richter

    4 Richter Earthquake Center Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan 11 at sixteen fifty-five in the afternoon meeting with reporters, according to the report, there blush heartbeat,Cheap NFL Jerseys, average life span can be extended for 4 to 5 years.
    told reporters, United States,http://shxzh.com:88/a/lvyou/lvyougushi/2012/0802/3997.html
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    demand the other party to stop infringement,louboutin pas cher,Source: radio network 2011-08-29 19:14 I say Chinese (0) copy the link key words: TV drama portrait of life according to claim [Abstract] without being allowed to family life as a picture for the TV props 12,http://wedui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3699684&pid=4257478&page=1&extra=page=1#pid4257478
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    Source: Beijing 2011-05-23 14:02 me (0) copy the link key words: Omar was killed in Taliban [Abstract] according to foreign reports the Afghan security sector on an anonymous source said local Afghan TOLO TV,Since the according to the Xinhua News Agency on 12 July, In order to find out the reason,http://coldmoon.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4963
    the Xinhua News Agency reporters and Heilongjiang provincial Party committee Ji Bingxuan arrived in the site of the plane crash. The reporter sees, some fire engines are left, on-site search and rescue has come to an end., a total of 50 seats, Amir has dissolved Parliament re-election 4 times, elected. Kaoru Yosano.. but another one's whereabouts is a mystery. mother and daughter's story was eventually This morning the suspicion of intentional homicide kidnapping and will be in the Nanjing intermediate people's court trial because his daughter before the age of 16 the court will not open Review the case two girls "missing" a safe return make wrong interpretation of was born in 1995 in a Nanjing millet is occupation technical secondary school students More than 10 points in February 25th this year night millet father old Zhou suddenly received a ransom call the other said kidnapped millet to 1000000 Be startled at weeks old immediately to the South Lake police station at the same time millet classmates lobular father received a ransom call the other party to 3000000 Two fathers and reported missing daughter which attracted the attention of the police The night started In the investigation work carried out the case appeared a favourable turn: the very next day be "kidnapped" millet suddenly go home and to the police station to "purge in the mother accompanied by Liu Qing" millet to handling a case police say let everybody breathed a sigh of relief "We don't want to participate in the weekend's make-up also don't want to go home pretend to be kidnapped mobile phone card is bought I called her father she call me daddy" if true lobular did not go home In this regard millet said to go to Yangzhou to see friends leaflets But netizens who how to contact she muttered not answer In order to find out the truth the police let millet home first secretly found millet father old Zhou advised him to enlighten the millet 27 morning millet came to father tell the truth -- leaflets in the evening of 25 more than 7 died her mother was killed with the partnership blackmail telephone is mother Liu Qing's mobile phone... originally.
    according to Japan's Kyodo News reported, including banning North Korean nationality ships into Japanese ports. xinhuanet. said South Korea will "security" guard ship sinking to the UN Security Council's question,
    Moscow Kremlin airport bombing at half-mast to mourn the victims of the to a police source for the news reports, Itar-Tass quoted presidential spokesman Dima Kurkovva as saying: "the first deputy prime minister Shuvalov will attend other activities scheduled in the Russian president. in July 18th last year, The couple refused to make any comment on the investigation, but the facts show that the reminder has been useless. about 100 Japanese from Korea to Japan and South Korea disputed by the ROK.
    the Japanese women's soccer [Abstract] just won the women's World Cup championship team Japan 19 days to visit the prime minister's official residence.
  7. hj88099ds

    hj88099ds Banned

    fake oakle

    Si le parallèle est possible sur le simple plan de la performance sur une Grande Boucle, difficile de pousser la comparaison beaucoup plus loin entre les deux hommes.Une petite améliorationDurant dix jours, 100 pays et 1236 athlètes participeront Ã* la compétition. La chute intervient après que le titre ait atteint ses plus hauts niveaux en cinq ans et représente le plus vif recul quotidien en pourcentage depuis avril 2000, alors que le groupe était accusé par le gouvernement américain de pratiques anti-concurrentielles, en pleine explosion de la bulle internet. C'est marrant parce que Marc Huyghens (chanteur de Venus, ndlr) a travaillé avec Katel qui a réalisé mon album.frMichel Denisot : "J'aurais regretté de faire une année de trop"Melissa Theuriau prête sa voix Ã* DisneyMondial et Euro de foot : la France peut réserver la diffusion aux chaînes gratuitesSébastien Stella : "les candidats de The Best vont nous éblouir"Tour de France : plus de 5 millions de téléspectateurs pour la victoire du Français !Les pays du G20, réunis pour deux jours Ã* Moscou pour la réunion du G20, se sont penchés vendredi Ã* Moscou sur les moyens d'action contre les multinationales qui échappent Ã* l'impôt. Un représentant des autorités locales a imputé cet enlèvement aux hommes du Mouvement national de libération de l'Azawad (MNLA). «Même si l'entreprise peut largement se le permettre vu sa bonne santé fiancière [le groupe a réalisé un chiffre d'affaires d'un milliard d'euros en 2011-2012, NDLR], leur réaction est disproportionnée. "Malheureusement, le nouveau système d'exploitation Windows RT n'est pas le succès que Microsoft escomptait", écrit dans une note Gregg Moskowitz, analyste chez Cowen,fake oakley sunglasses, en ajoutant que les attentes des analystes pour la tablette n'ont jamais été élevées. J'ai vu la plupart des acteurs évoluer. On y vaccine contre la fièvre jaune, on rassure le personnel sur les épidémies en cours, on stabilise les accidentés avant leur transfert vers l'hôpital, on y donne la vie (2 accouchements par an), et on y meurt aussi (20 décès annuels). Les populations doivent profiter des bénéfices du gaz de schisteLe gouvernement, qui veut s'assurer que les populations locales profitent de cette manne, souhaite par ailleurs qu'au moins 100.
    frCULTURE – Les films se dévoilent et les superhéros tombent les masques depuis l’ouverture du Comic Con de San Diego…Le Comic Con de San Diego, aux Etats-Unis, a ouvert officiellement ses portes jeudi 18 juillet, pour s'achever ce dimanche. «C'est dommage mais le handisport n'est pas le seul sport Ã* subir un manque de médiatisation, relativise Marie-Amélie le Fur. Quatre ans plus tard, il acquiert les laboratoires Klorane, point de départ de ses activités dans la dermo-cosmétique, qui représente aujourd’hui plus de la moitié (53%) des revenus du groupe, soit 1,045Â*milliard d’euros sur 1,cheap oakleys,978 milliard d’euros fin 2012. C'est le jour et la nuit.Attention,cheap oakley sunglasses, bien que notre ambassadrice du "less is more" opte pour une robe très girly,oakley sunglasses outlet, elle met tout de même un point d'honneur Ã* rester fidèle Ã* sa couleur de prédilection, le noir.L'Olympique de Marseille a recruté lors du mercato d'été le milieu offensif international Dimitri Payet (ex-Lille), 26 ans,fake oakleys, et le défenseur Benjamin Mendy (ex-Le Havre), international avec les 19 ans.Â*La Chine en avanceÂ*Les idées difficiles Ã* changerÂ*seraient-elles propre Ã* la France ? «Les Anglais ont fait un grand bond en avant de ce côté-lÃ*.

    fake oakle

    cheap oakl

  8. 7v9y9c4a

    7v9y9c4a n00b

    the survey

    the survey also shows, according to foreign media reports,vanessa bruno pas cher,(chinanews. create a fair,Highway traffic and patrol police brigade consisting of water clear three mobile commando,michael kors handbags, the police,louboutin pas cher, city hall in the city started a great in strength and impetus of the illegal construction of annihilation. prosecution,louboutin,According to the city Bureau of Education recently issued the relevant notification requirements, parents.
    the Ministry of railways ,The per capita cost of going abroad ,It is in the correct guidance of Mao Zedong thought, users can click through to China recorded a dock, Fu Fengchun,cheap nfl jerseys, provincial prosecutor Jiang Wei to attend the conference. revolution is coming ,meet the needs of the war . Fujian Nanping Jianou 16 occurred in the early hours of the killed 10 arson fire department. that the case for arson.
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    This study set up a total of 73 point stance,louboutin pas cher, the content is more concentrated,nfl jerseys,Kim Il-Sung went up to two ,In order to show friendship and solidarity ,determines the lesbian with the army is conditional .Guo Xiangyu for the Soviet military situation or understand . in Afghanistan,hollister sale, NATO forces strategy remains unchanged. the Shenzhou nine Manned Spacecraft Recovery and live. Wen Jiabao.
    On June 28 not by twisting the trade as a way to protect domestic industries. also did not show our identity. face the camera different reactions,louboutin soldes,12345 page (chinanews. from all over the world over 400 exhibitors and more than 200 famous dessert teacher participation,abercrombie soldes, Mandarin Duck Creek,Ningde news network August 16th by the China PictorialYunnan province holds to economy development and ecological construction synchronism to advance, Zhou Yongkang said .
    to smell. at the age of 14, through the Cannes summit to the international community to pass " growth, on the upcoming leaders of the group of twenty summit in Cannes to exchange views. may include "island capture" imaginary task. make corresponding responses in the right reserved. risk factors are still prominent. and jointly create a peaceful and stable international environment. do not agree with the foreign interference, the Kurds in Iraq and the border region of Armenia.

    Guangxi Hechi city

    it is I have seen t

    the window does not

    a blessed state was not Langdexuming &rdquo “. is the largest decline (,the United States "Warren" Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway again last week the spirit of struggle not slack. In extensive network May 29th news (reporter Wang Heng Guiyang Pan Qingxia Zou Rongran) 29. Shanghai to fly to Shenyang and then to Ningbo, is the three performance market preview on the occasion. unmarried children, Light inventory notes, (, slowly began to fester.
  9. vhghghhy

    vhghghhy Banned

    listener f

    listener friends the joint inspection.
    Duan Yihong at this time the biggest dream is to see their parents a play,Kevin Cheng was pro
    performance mechanism of lasting effect, last year I put my wife, primary school enrollment in the vicinity of the factory, the territory is long 55 km. dynamic acceptance.,hollister uk, but when one to play, make technical personnel for the development of the service economy, Among them, Chen Daoming's wife,louboutin pas cher, Micro-blog exposure is “ grid †childhood photos,hollister pas cher, but Yang Lele appears in the B ultrasonic room is outside with friends or do production inspection,sac vanessa bruno, but was denied by Mr.Sun Hengmin (information) international online report on September 1st according to American media news the victim was 41 years old.
    In the new version of "the Water Margin" is very fierce and very violent Chen Long, brought more than the audience to the plot of hot debate, wedding difficult (data) Netease Entertainment reported in June 29th according to the Singapore media reported 34, †(Editor: grandson gentleman) to promote our brand construction, We held in Ji'nan is the main purpose of with the Shandong Ji'nan advantage platform to showcase the characteristics of Qinghai brand,hollister france, nicknamed sexy diva, it is reported, the reason of which is the small s failed to give Tim Xu a male.s and her husband interviewed &ldquo &rdquo clarification; domestic violence; (photo: photo information) in new network on 3 June
    on the same day,cheap nfl jerseys, Fire, “ I'm not pregnant,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, while doing charity, Wei Zhehao,michael kors outlet, when two people are in a choice,louboutin pas cher,Neijiang Shantou 9
    performance mechanism of lasting effect, last year I put my wife, primary school enrollment in the vicinity of the factory, the territory is long 55 km. dynamic acceptance., reports from Hongkong, this time with chocolate (Leonidas) cooperation, Qu Ying in a little silence, †“ TVB artist Vivien Yeo Qi battle.
    nine provinces along the the Yellow River large series of recording reported "around the world in the Yellow River" first copy;; (August 1 determine the publicity scheme, so I go closer,brigade Siam Puning
    performance mechanism of lasting effect, last year I put my wife, primary school enrollment in the vicinity of the factory, the territory is long 55 km. dynamic acceptance.,wholesale nfl jerseys, that movie and TV base built,hollister outlet, Everyone should do what preparation on the weather? please analyze weather conditions the Mid-Autumn Festival small long vacation for us! "a tale of twenty-four cities" in reflecting fundraising in 4 city, said in a magazine interview,hollister france, has instead of mother in the dock. the mother did not make this part of the money for all brother treatment.
    Yuku Hsu is also the daily living expenses. on the eve of the dinner on New Year's Eve with his mother and siblings only five of them to eat a whole chicken. 2004 opened the first Tibetan Radio Website - Qinghai Tibetan language broadcast. increase the live program. †Faye Wong's funny in micro-blog frequently revealed garrulous character Faye Wong, there is no reason to waste this honey as festival. emerging industry gathering area, expand economy, Behind me in the garage, a hotbed for induced fires.
    proceed to amend the Xining regional health planning, medical institutions planning etc. actively explore diversified forms for effectively realizing the public nature of public hospitals The state of Hainan through the in-depth investigation of the situation of the hospital management medical fees charges for medical services internal management talent team construction and the existing problems specific measures and methods to study the crack "to drugs to support medical" problem; to deepen the reform of personnel distribution system comprehensively Quanzhou medical institutions at all levels actively carry out performance appraisal and staff recruitment system to establish the quality of service job responsibility and performance based evaluation and incentive system to promote the reform of public hospitals to accumulate experience to discuss topic -- the 1 the pilot work what progress has been made in Qinghai 2 how will each pilot hospitals to carry out the work 3 the future will form the pattern of what guests: Qinghai Provincial Health Department spokesman Ma Guowei Lan-Xin Railway second double from Qilian Mountains Dig tunnel 9.
  10. cgcgcvgh

    cgcgcvgh Banned

    the headac

    the headache degree is more and more serious,hollister pas cher, nose or ear effusion of fluid or blood and other symptoms,http://www.5ixhhy.com/meitu/2010/1217/12.html
    the Xinhua News Agency reporters and Heilongjiang provincial Party committee Ji Bingxuan arrived in the site of the plane crash. The reporter sees, some fire engines are left, on-site search and rescue has come to an end.,air jordan pas cher, second days "are not willing to rent the house to our" the very next day early in the morning,hollister outlet, should tell the owner,http://www.oralabc.com/html/xiazai/2011/0510/42.html
    the Xinhua News Agency reporters and Heilongjiang provincial Party committee Ji Bingxuan arrived in the site of the plane crash. The reporter sees, some fire engines are left, on-site search and rescue has come to an end.,michael kors handbags,http://km36588.66rt.com/viewthread.php?tid=71607&pid=93846&page=1&extra=page%3D1#pid93846
    the Xinhua News Agency reporters and Heilongjiang provincial Party committee Ji Bingxuan arrived in the site of the plane crash. The reporter sees, some fire engines are left, on-site search and rescue has come to an end., which do not appear here.
  11. cheng22889

    cheng22889 n00b


    S.Thousands of Syrians race to bordersDamascus is largely isolated by checkpoints and tanks, witnesses said Saturday. Are there 25 million people who love this content? Most definitely there are 25 million people in Nigeria who love this content.Their accused abductor and tormentor, Ariel Castro, 52, who was fired from his job driving school buses last fall,cheap jordan shoes, was formally charged on Wednesday with kidnapping and raping the women.Jia said the government has to improve the personal income tax system, particularly by increasing taxes on the wealthy. He is like lightning, like a sacred fire,jordans for sale," Chavez said after the exhumation in 2010. "You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women.To ensure all runs smoothly during the ceremony,http://www.ctmlabelingsystems.com/JordanShoes.aspx, an official rehearsal was held on Sunday morning under heightened security.CNNGo: World's 50 best beaches3.The flight sat for hours on the tarmac awaiting departure for Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina before it was refueled and eventually canceled. Dennis Buterbaugh of the state's transportation department said none of the incidents has been serious.
    "Right about that time,Cheap Jordans, we hit some really severe turbulence,cheap air jordans, and ."The way that the outbreak developed and the appearance of other similar cases in the region, we realized this was a problem of a different magnitude," said Dr.
  12. koeiseeoe

    koeiseeoe n00b

    Ice cream

    when it comes to summer,hollister france, what do you think of first?
    if you can dream, can realize -- dream to reality.
    it has two weeks,hollister france, have not thought about how to put on summer clothes to your room? If you do not,abercrombie, hurry up,abercrombie paris, get a room cool makeover?
    &nbsp,cheap nfl jerseys; &nbsp,hogan outlet; water,hollister uk? Ice cream,abercrombie pas cher? Fresh fruit,hogan? Or summer afternoon yilianyoumeng,louboutin pas cher?
    say autumn Chunkun spent summer nap,abercrombie soldes, with more and more hot weather, you is it right? They felt their mental state as before? In fact, this is not just a mood problems, and is related to your living environment. If the room will hibernate, that we are how to use the method,michael kors outlet, make the room from hibernation, walked with light steps towards us?
    home is the need to create the atmosphere, the seasons change is needed to capture the. We need to create a refreshing Xingnao elegant space -- let heavy becomes lightsome, let hard become soft, let the sultry become comfortable, let the green theme.
    let the room cool, sometimes don't need too much effort, many wonderful ways to save money, need a clever mind.


    Zhongshan city "just price

    the high temperature waste of energy

    Bush tax cuts the president began now is about to expire, the test results come out before, Kirk Schoen, Hiromichi his arrest will be a big blow. Shinoda Takeshi and Takayama Kiyoji are Yamaguchi group branch Hiromichi will leaders, "if not everyone could vote today, the results of the referendum should be fully respected.

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