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Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii' started by NonstopDisco, May 21, 2013.

Which is better?

  1. Skyward Sword

    0 vote(s)
  2. Twilight Princess

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  1. NonstopDisco

    NonstopDisco Loyal Friend

    I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about which Zelda game was better. I personally lean towards Skyward Sword a little more but he hates it. I'm curious to see how people think on it. I like them both. Skyward Sword, to me, had a better storyline due to it being a prequel to the games and it's ability to enhance the controls, but Twilight Princess had better graphics and didn't seem to "overwhelm" due to it not having as much put into it (such as collecting items to upgrade shields and the limited inventory space.) I would love to hear more opinions.
  2. soulbusterx1

    soulbusterx1 The Wolf Dragon King

    Twilight Princess I like more. It was more gritty and darker then some of the other ones. The graphics I loved especially when it's done over the enemies. And the controls were a lot better then Skyward Swords.

    Skyward Sword, I hated the stamina bar that appeared when Link was climbing or fighting an enemy. And I didn't like the controls for flying your bird. Also the way they made Link look more famine then in his other games wasn't a help to his sexuality.

    But to be honest I do like the game play in Ocarina of Time when it was remade for the 3DS. To be honest I've just recently been playing the Zelda games 2 years ago and I started out with Twilight Princess.
  3. Venn

    Venn In a pretty bad condition

    I have both games so a little input here and there:

    Twilight Princess is a bit of the darker side of LoZ series, the graphics are very good and the game play is well quiet difficult or easy depending on how you play. Being a wii game the whole slashing and what not I find very easy because it really doesn't need much effort anyway. The story though is very interesting and its a fun game to 100% it as well.

    Skyward Sword, even though its a prequel to the games it has okay graphics and the game play can be difficult with the added stamina bar. The game can be a bit more difficult because the enemies need to be slashed in certain ways and the stam bar can get very annoy and very low fast. The concept and story of the game is very interesting though and to me I find it more entertaining than the Twilight Princess
  4. sexy_girl45

    sexy_girl45 n00b

    a christmas carol


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