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Violación, Sacraficio, Mutilar, Devastar (More Rejected Lyrics)

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Zeusy, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    The band didn't want to do a song in spanish.
    this was probably our fastest, thrashiest, and Heaviest song we had.
    But one of our members really didn't like doing songs of this nature so we scrapped it all together

    Orgía Blasphemo
    Aterrorizado Esclavo de Sexo
    Sed de Sangre
    Pervertido Cura
    Intenciones por asesinatos
    Nacrofilia, Sadismo
    El semen se reúne la sangre

    Usted sabrá que la Hermandad del infierno
    Violación, Sacraficio, Mutilar, Devastar

    Matar a Satanás
    Mata al los puros
    Culto de la Anti-Cristo
    Dios no va a ayudar a
    quitarle su virginidad
    Tu inocencia es para los débiles

    Usted sabrá que la Hermandad del infierno
    Violación, Sacraficio, Mutilar, Devastar

    -English Translanslation-

    Blasphemous Orgy
    Terrorizing the Sex Slaves
    Perverted Priest
    Intentions for Murder
    Necrophilia, Sadism
    Semen will Meet Blood

    You Will Know the Brotherhood of Hell
    Rape, Sacrifice, Mutilate, Devastate

    Kill For Satan
    Kill the Pure
    Cult of the Ant-christ
    Your God will not Help you
    Take away her Virginity
    Your Innocence is for the weak

    You will know the Brotherhood of Hell
    Rape,Sacrifice, Mutilate, Devastate
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  4. 8wriqa3ax5

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