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walkthrough to murphys law 5

Discussion in 'Online Games cheats and walkthroughs' started by cdgamer10, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. cdgamer10

    cdgamer10 n00b

    you got to be cool on this game:coolgleam:

    1. you put the dog food that is on the floor put that in the dip on the tray
    2. click the button on the washing machine
    3. click the window to open it
    4. get the black tube on the floor put it on the rag on the table
    5. click the left end of the coat rack that is hanging on the wall
    -next scene-
    6. click the top of the lamp
    7. get the saw on the floor and put it on the chair
    8. get the video tape on the floor and put it in the vcr(things may get inappropriate):confused:
    9. when he has the bowl of soup hurry up and click on the ball right by the dog before he walks away
    -next scene-
    10. you have to hurry up and close the bin in the back before he lands in it

    now he has got a facefull of garbage and HE IS STILL REALLY MAD AT YOU:fmad:

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