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Wankuri Guide (+18 Only) (Downloadable Game)

Discussion in 'Online Games cheats and walkthroughs' started by blackfox42, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. blackfox42

    blackfox42 n00b

    Being one of the few downloadable games i actually could play, this is what i have to offer you, a guide to the individual scenarios. Now, the premise of the game is to fuck the pink haired dog girl. Thanks to constant web surfing, i know the name of the girl is Nora. Now, the scenarios are going to be listed in presumably the order of creation. To unlock certain scenarios, the criteria in other scenarios must be met. Now if you don't know what chapter-scene i'm referring to, while in the scenario selection screen hold the mouse over the icon to see the chapter and scene in English text (It will either be two numbers or an EX scene)

    The in-game text can be skipped by clicking the X button. You'll miss dialogue, but chances are you can't understand it in the first damn place.
    If you aren't sure what to do, just wait a few seconds and you should get a highlight of where you are able to click.
    You gain different options of what to do to her as her pleasure meter increases (This meter isn't always visible)
    While fucking her, your general options are rapid clicks for rapid fucking (Continuous rapid clicking fills the meter more quickly but it leads to the creampie ending of the scenario). Moving the mouse around (The movement options depend on the scenario) leads to gentle fucking which you can do indefinitely. If you are in the middle of gentle fucking and click, you'll do a deep plunge. If the meter is full and you do a deep plunge instead of rapid fucking, you'll cum on the outside.
    In GUTS scenarios, Nora does the work for you and you try to have to hold out as long as you can by rapidly clicking the GUTS button which refills your meter. The meter drains faster the longer you're in the scenario until the point that cumming is inevitable. The goal to get a specific scenario ending is to time WHEN you finish. In those scenarios Nora will randomly pick a technique to use and will go into a specific animation, if you let the GUTS meter drain during this animation you'll get a different ending. I'll explain the timing in detail, don't worry.

    The ultimate goal of the game is to unlock every scenario and see every scenario ending. The general differences between scenarios is typically either a creampie or a cumshot (Internal or external finish) or a third method. Here's your possibilities:

    Scenario 1-1
    Progresses to: Scenario 1-2 (If you take her home with you) or Scenario 1-3 (If you choose to abandon her)
    Note: You cannot progress to Scenario 1-3 until you see the pet ending (EX-2)

    The introductory scene meant to teach you the basics of how the system works. The drag commands, interaction, yada yada. Your first step is to move two pieces of junk to find a young Nora.

    You have two places to click while her trust meter (Invisible) is empty, her face or the top of her head. Clicking on her head and holding down the button leads to you petting her, clicking and holding down the button under her chin lets you scratch her chin (Tends to raise the meter much faster)
    As the meter rapidly rises, you'll get your second option in the face interaction area, the second option is to let her lick your hand. The third option is to hold out what looks like a pink Slim Jim to her and let her taste it. Once the trust meter fills she'll eat it and the NEXT option appears in the right side portion of the screen.
    Second part of the scenario is the moment of truth for Nora. If it's your first playthrough your ONLY option is to click on Nora and take her with you. If you have seen the pet ending (EX 2) you can choose to leave her behind which will progress straight to scenario 1-3. Picking her up progresses to 1-2.

    Progresses to: EX 1 (Any sexual ending to the scene) or 1-4 (Option only available after completing EX 2)

    In this scene it becomes apparent that either Nora matures quickly or i really need to learn a language other than Spanish. After the first text you'll walk into the bathroom and find C-Cup Nora sitting on the toilet. Though you can wait a little while to see her pee, your only option is to click NEXT and gradually progress to the bed scene.

    The bed scene starts with her peeking out at you from under the bed sheets. The 1 command allows you to pull of the blanket. However, if you want to progress to scenario 1-4, you can use a second command to pull the blanket back over her head. This option is only available if you've seen the pet ending.

    If you choose to take the blanket off, your next option leads either to a vaginal or tittyfuck. You have either option one to unbutton her shirt and take it slowly which always leads to a vaginal fuck OR option 2 which forcefully removes her top leading to a titfuck.

    The vaginal fuck controls are predictable. Rapid click to screw her quickly and cum inside or do it deeply and slowly by moderating clicking with moving the mouse (Either up-down or left-right movements get a differing animation) to eventually cum outside.

    For titfuck, you just use differing mouse commands to use different animations of you playing with her until the inevitable cumshot. You may recognize this, the omake (Free play) version of this scene was an old upload to the 18+ section of the site. Go figure that that small insignificant titfuck scene was part of a decent hentai game. What next? Asteroids becomes an award winning movie? I digress. You want to know what happens next.

    Scenario EX-1

    There isn't much you can do here except for watch. Ideally you would read the e-mail and subsequent conversation, but the basic premise seems to be that you keep her as a pet/sex slave. This produces to the second chapter branch which contains the pet ending.

    Scenario 2-1

    This leads to a branch that is either playful or forceful. The interactive scene has you sneaking up on Nora. Click to advance, but clicking fills the awareness meter (Drains over time). If you fill the awareness meter, Nora detects you, you throw caution to the wind, and the more forceful scene begins (Scenario 2-2) while on the other hand successfully sneaking up on her leads to Scenario 2-4.

    Scenario 2-2

    Nora is sitting up against the bed
    In this scenario Nora's pleasure meter is visible. You begin by playing with her tits until the meter reaches a basic outlined threshold, you than then spread her hips (If you're slow it takes multiple attempts before she goes along, if your fast, the scene continues as normal) and then you can raise her shirt. From there you can continue to pleasure her until the meter is close to full or is full by either playing with her breasts or her vagina. The options for her breasts are predictable but once her pleasure meter is high enough, you'll get a 4th option around her vagina to remove her bloomers, or if it's maxed out, you'll get a fifth option to penetrate her while her bloomers are still on to get two potential scenario endings depending on whether or not you cum inside or out. Pulling off her bloomers resets the meter and allows you to continuously pleasure her until you can select option 3 (Penetrate) or option 4 (Vibrator play). Your options here are to use the vibrator to fill up her pleasure meter and let her cum (You'll need to reinsert it when it comes loose during the animation or you won't be able to access her ending by cumming) or you can do the whole internal-external creampie deal.
    After you pull her bloomers off, a NEXT option appears that will advance you to scenario 2-3.

    Scenario 2-3
    Doggy style
    This scenario is unique in that rather than a cum inside or out option activated by the rate at which you click, you instead have three stances to fuck Nora in, at any time you can stop clicking and press the S or X key to adjust your stance.

    You begin in the neutral stance (Holding onto Nora's waste) and the ending is a cumshot. Pressing S assumes the high stance (Pulling her arms back) and ends with a creampie closeup, or the lower stance with X has you raising Nora's legs in the air and screwing her until she urinates THEN you cum inside. Pressing X from the high stance goes to the neutral stance, pressing it again goes to low stance, and vice versa.

    You successfully surprised Nora. Once again your general option is to either let her cum or use her like a sex toy.

    Nora's pleasure meter is visible during this detail. To end the scenario, you remove her apron, keep playing with her tits until you can click on her waist and then you have two options, one removes the shirt, two removes the bloomers. Removing the shirt gives you options that inevitably leads to her cumming then advancing to Scenario 2-5. Removing her panties gives you the option (Once her meter is high enough) to click next, throw her against a wall, tear up her shirt, then penetrate. After that the endings are the basic cum in or out methods.

    A GUTS scenario. This one is a little tricky. Your first option is to click next and Nora will peel back your foreskin (This is done automatically if you wait long enough) from there you choose either the first option (Strokejob/blowjob) or the second option (Boobjob)

    The blowjob has two possible endings. To cum on her face and in her hair, let the meter drain while she is licking or stroking you. To cum inside her mouth, let the meter run out when your member is in her mouth (Licking doesn't count)

    The boobjob only has one ending

    Once scenarios 2-3 and 2-5 are complete, you can watch EX-2. This is the pet ending. In it, Nora continues to age like a normal dog girl and eventually gets sick. After a trip to the vet you begin treating her like a normal pet, but in the end of the scene she dies in your arms and those of us who can read Japanese shed a little tear and lose any erection the previous scenes might have lead to. Oh, it also unlocks the extended branches of chapter one.
  2. blackfox42

    blackfox42 n00b

    And now to continue into the extended chapter 1:

    If you chose to abandon Nora, you'll automatically progress to scenario 1-3 even if you've already seen it. The scene's only interactive feature is a forward button. In it, a lolita Nora is taken to a gym storage locker and gang-raped, all because you couldn't be bothered to take her with you. Way to go, scumbag! 1-3 is essentially the Bad ending, it leads to no other scenarios.

    Now this is where you will notice a trend and possibly might get pissed off, but fortunately the game designer saw fit to make this scenario only available if you've seen the pet ending. To get to it, you select option 2 at her bed during scenario 1-2. The basic seems to be that you choose to let her sleep peacefully but then the next day catch her masturbating. You can't actually see what's she's doing clearly, but you can change how she's playing with herself with options 1 and 2. Option 3 intrudes on her and leads to scenario 1-6 which inevitably leads to 1 EX meaning you go right back to the pet ending. However selecting option 4 leaves her alone and lets you continue down ever so painful track of hentai withdrawl.

    This scenario is another GUTS scenario and features Nora riding you cowgirl style. There are two possible endings, cumming inside of her and cumming outside. To cum INSIDE, let the meter drain while she is leaning towards you. To cum outside, let the meter drain while she's leaning back. Each animation tends to be very long, so be prepared to click rapidly for a while if your preferred ending isn't set up. The starting GUTS scene where she's rubbing you and not penetrated simply ends with you penetrating her, just click GUTS to prolong it.

    Scenario 1-5
    You thought hentai depravity was painful? In this scenario YOU CAN'T SKIP TEXT! Well... you can, but then you'd miss the method to progress to scenario 1-7. If you just skip the text it ends at 1-5 (From what i can tell you fail to convince Nora to tell you a secret desire of hers) HOWEVER if you chose not to skip the text in the bed scene you will at some point see a NEXT option while the screen text is still on, click it to advance to scenario 1-7

    Scenario 1-7
    The human ending. In it, instead of fucking Nora senseless like a pet until she dies, you somehow get her to turn into a human and she becomes your sister.


    When you download Wankuri you'll get two applications, Wankuri and Omake. Omake is a sandbox mode where you can select any scene and play with her indefinitely. There is even an automatic option where the game will just loop what you're doing and let you sit back and enjoy. But there's a catch. To unlock the sandbox Omake version of a scenario, you have to clear ALL ENDINGS of the scenario.A few notes: Though you can use the spacebar or press in your mouse wheel to cancel certain animations, once you penetrate her you cannot pull out.

    There was report of a glitch that sometimes while scrolling through text of Scenario 1-1 after abandoning Nora the game freezes. If you have this problem try selecting the Play option in the Adobe flash menu or restarting the game. If after doing so Scenario 1-3 isn't unlocked try reinstalling the game.

    If i ever find translations i'll add them here. While this game was isolated on Hongfire and similar websites it seems as though it became somewhat popular, so an English patch may exist or may be in development. If it does come into existence or i find it, i'll inform Funny-Games.biz.

    If you have a translation and think it's accurate, send me a private message.
  3. loswashere

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    Thanks dude, this has proven very useful :)
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