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We all sin

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by Sleepypanda, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Sleepypanda

    Sleepypanda Guest

    Everyone sins, no ones perfect. Heaven is were the people who haven't sinned go so does that mean it is impossible to get to heaven? Even the most holy person in the whole world sins. In that case it should be impossible for anyone to get to heaven. Is god's expectation too high, or are we setting the bar too low?
  2. First off, sin is defined differently by many religions. I think some Muslims actually go on without sinning because they do not do any sin's of THEIR religion. In short, sin's = Religion (rules)/x X= the rules you've broken.

    Second, Heaven is also defined differently depending on religion. I believe the Christian religion says anyone who accepts Jesus can go to heaven. Catholics do the same, too, i think, except they have priest to bless people or something.

    Then third, the atheist's. Yeah, no heaven for them. Or maybe they believe in reincarnation, or quite possibly, "The Void". Idk, just go with it.
  3. WilfredRhodes

    WilfredRhodes n00b

    Have you heard about repentance?

    Yes, repentance exists because sin exists.

    So, If one commits a sin, he/she should repent over it and try not to repeat it again.
  4. ReeceYoung

    ReeceYoung n00b

    Yes we all sin. But not all of us repent as well... right?

    So, if you make sin by mistake, go for repentance.
  5. Shadow_Scythe

    Shadow_Scythe Funny Games Veteran

    But do you believe your a sinner?

    There are many different religions and ideals across history that focus around similar principles.
    The basic core ideal is that you live your life with honesty and try not to bring misfortune on to others.
    If you follow that, you should die without guilt or regret weighing down on your soul.
    If you believe your a bad person that doesn't deserve a happy afterlife, then you probably will not have one.
    The Egyptians believed in this with their code of Maat.
    Which stated that if your heart{Soul} weighed no more than a feather. You'd have the privilege of traveling to Aaru{Eternal Heaven}
    Now mind you this was Ancient Egypt, but the basic idea is still practiced today.
    Do good to people and good will come to you.

    ..If you beive in that sort of thing...
  6. HaileyIsAwesome11

    HaileyIsAwesome11 I LOVE CAMO!!!!!!

    i have always heard that god will forgive our sins

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