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Welcome our 2 new Administrators.

Discussion in 'Funny Games News' started by Devin, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Devin

    Devin Administrator Staff Member Administratior

    fgcaptain44 and Kyle are Administrators. I have had multiple PMs asking about their actions, use of bans, how they became Administrators, has the forum been hacked, etc, etc.

    The two new Administrators need to be respected just as you would me, or other Moderators. They have been legitly promoted to the position. While you can PM me about a action they have taken and I can review it and speak with them, do not count on me to reverse any infractions or bans they are handing out. They are doing quite a nice job, and probably have much more time than me to weed out the posts on the forums.

    I am still around and you can still message me, friend request me, or post on my profile. Previously I have only returned replies to certain messages, however as of now, I'll be replying to any legit message sent to me in a timely fashion.

    Sorry for the late post about this, it's been around 20 or so days since they've had the "Administrator" title. Just have not had time to make the post.

    Have fun on Funny-Games!

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