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What is your favorite game?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by hiden ninja, May 21, 2011.

  1. mattdriscoll

    mattdriscoll n00b

    car race is my favorite game.....
  2. Timmyscottie

    Timmyscottie n00b

    i like to play online poker.....
  3. Colinadney

    Colinadney n00b

    I like to play every types of games such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots, Assassin's Creed: Revalations,Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , 1Age of Empires II is definitely the best (PC) and much more. These all games are great and very entertaining. Every week end I am playing these types of video games.
  4. Alstonbirks

    Alstonbirks n00b

    1. Pokemon (more specifically Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver)
    2. Fallout 3
    3. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
  5. wolfyGuy009

    wolfyGuy009 Archangel=Garrus cmon...

    Devil May Cry 3: Dantes Awakening: Kick-Ass Edition
  6. Top 3 .__.

    Pretty much any of the elder scrolls games made or sponsored by Bethesda softworks...
    But...here's a top 3...

    • Skyrim...
    • AVP:Extinction...
    • Team Fortress 2
  7. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    Haven't played any of the AVP games. Colonial Marines looks pretty fun though, so I'll give that a shot when it comes out.

    I like TF2, but I suck at it. >___>

    As for favorite game though it's hard to choose. I once played Morrowind for 12 hours... Oh, and Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are some of my favorites as well.
  8. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Alot of people hate his game because of how slow it is. Honestly though it is a great game. You have to get past the first 4ish hours for it to actually pick up (which alot of people only play it for about an hour or so and put it down).

    The Jp to EN version is a major difference. I prefer the J, but the main difference is the character. JP you are the older brother of a little girl with an incurrable desase. And the En version is the same but your're the girls father.

    The game starts you in a post apocalyptic new york where your daughter/sister is deathly ill and resources are scarce. Food is a minimum and you are attack by shadowy soulless creatures currently unnamed called shades. At the point the main character reaches for a black grimoire book asking for more power. And then you proceed to slaughter all of the shadowy creatures.

    Blam flash foward 2000 years (i think it might be more) and your in a house that looks like something you would find in the middle east. You are still the same two characters that were i troduced at the beggining... weird right? Well your girl is infected with a desease that kills anyone who is afflicted by it and looks like the creactures you fought, growing all over the body. From there you can do almost a number of side quests to the main story. There are several main characters all with a unique and very likeable personaloty in their own respect:The Father /brother who yoy play as the whole game. A stealthy assassin wearing pretty much lingere who if you read i to her background a Transvestite, Your Daughter/sister, a boy named emille who has some of the greastest theme music in the game . Wiess.. your main characters sidekick throughoit the whole game great humor and interesting lines make him very rememborable.

    The game has four endings (A B C and D) you must beat the game four times (this spounds like alot but its not. This game can easily be speed ran thrpugh the main quest in a lottle of 9 hours once you learn what to do. After the first time you beat it you learn something (not any spoilers sorry) and the game starts you off at the halfway point again where the game picka up. And their is added dialouge story and past revealed... your character goes through the game.slaughtering hundereds of these shades but on playthrough 2-4 you yourself as the player question your axtions from what the ending had shown you. You see the cutscenes through the enemies eyes. And the game over all is amazing.

    Youu can probably pick this up for like $10 at your local gamestop ($20-$30 at most retail stores or for on demand on XBL]

    Graphics: A-
    Square enox makes great games but the graphics wernt amazing but still good anf made great atmosphere

    Sound: A+
    I bought the soundtrack to this game. It is a surreal experience and the atmosphere can be relaxing and deadening

    Gameplay: B+
    Smooth game play but some areas have the old school locked camera angle and even bad camera angles when you get into tight rooms where there is alot going on. But nothing game breaking

    Great story line, multiple side quests and spells along with 4 different endings made me want more and experience it again.

    I love this game and hey if you have a weekend to kill or looking for a cheap new game and like action adventure type games i highly reccomend this game.
  9. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    My favorite game is probably "Fallout 2" now that I think of it. Most Fallout purists go with the first one, and while I love them all (3 included), I think 2 improves on 1 in every way imaginable.

    For starters it's longer, but since this is an open world we're talking about the main quest can pretty much take a hike. The real length in FO2 is the number of things you can do that have nothing to do with the MQ. And for everything you do there's a consequence. The first time I played through it, I didn't check the perks and traits I'd been acquiring but was surprised suddenly find myself a slaver, child-killer, and a grave robber. The true genius of the game is how it really forces your personality out of you. In one situation, I walked into a town only to have two kids run up to me and block my path. I walked around them to the bar and attempted to order a drink only to find that I had no money. The kids standing by the door had pickpocketed me. I was so annoyed with the brats that I blew their heads off with a shotgun earning me the aforementioned title of child-killer. Lazily playing through the game will, as I have proven, land you in some bad situations.

    The game improved the UI from FO1 as well. The clunky follower system is gone, so you no longer have to pay your followers to retrieve items you've "stored" in their inventory. Setting AI patterns is easier as well, though they will still make you want to bust your monitor at times with things they do in combat. All in all though the game is much easier to control from an interface standpoint.

    The amount of content they added is staggering and where the game really flies. You can get so many new guns it can even be overwhelming— especially when you've just scraped enough caps and loot together to buy that shiny new combat shotgun only to pick up a direct improvement from the bandit boss you just killed.

    The only low point to the game is how it seems to pigeon hole one into adopting a certain play style. Stealth is still terrible and useless. Hand to hand combat stinks compared to melee combat, though the martial arts tournament in San Francisco is a must play. Also good luck in the final quest if you've opted out of using power armor. My first run through, I actually had to restart the game because it was literally impossible to beat without power armor.

    On the whole though it's a very unique experience, and the amount of variability from one game to the next is great, ensuring a lot of replay value, and certain things like the amazing writing and ridiculous humor and pop culture references (including an honest to god Church of Scientology cult) make the game something really special.

    Cannot recommend it highly enough.
  10. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    So you didnt like new vegas as much as fallout 2
  11. hollowstorm

    hollowstorm Overlord

    I'm sorry but didn't like everyone hate New Vegas?
  12. WhiteFang247

    WhiteFang247 Meme Lord

    Every single Final Fantasy I ever played! Except XIII that one sucked >.>
  13. madhu213

    madhu213 13 cards rummy online

    Rummy online

    I like to play rummy online which is for both free and cash where we can win cash and bonus.
  14. JoelWrightes

    JoelWrightes n00b

    I love to play various types of games as it is the ultimate way to get relaxation and fun. Some of my most favourite games are Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Mario Kart Wii, DOTA 2, fallout 2, Guild Wars 2, Call of Duty and many more. These games are really awesome.
  15. Whiskey

    Whiskey Guest

    Can I choose 2? :D Skyrim and The Witcher 2 :)
  16. autoksWak

    autoksWak n00b

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    pcqqktrc n00b

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  19. Turkishbb

    Turkishbb Badboy53

    Dead Space 3

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