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what is your favorite movie?

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by ramron12, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. apvkt

    apvkt n00b

    My favourite movies include
    1) Titanic
    2) 2012
    3) King Kong
    4) Anaconda
    5) Deep Blue Sea

    I used to watch these films often..I am very fond of these films..
  2. titanic is amazing
  3. calvertwillson

    calvertwillson n00b

    My favorite movie is A good day to die hard....
  4. Gonuts

    Gonuts n00b

    I prefer horror it is one of the best and the most exciting movie sort..
  5. Ayami5

    Ayami5 Back... I guess :3

    Anything Zombies c:

    I love zombies so i'd have to say Dawn of the dead, Shaun of the dead and the Resident evil movies c:
  6. Whiskey

    Whiskey Guest

    My favourite is Armageddon.
  7. stevenjobs

    stevenjobs n00b

    My favourite is the expendables.
  8. SwiNut

    SwiNut n00b

    I have few:
    • Avatar
    • A walk to remember
    • Fast Five
    • Transformers
  9. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    Favorite one would be The Chronicles of Riddik. Great movie, from my point of view.
  10. reezo93

    reezo93 Love You B Xxxxx

    Don't really know actually...I'll go with Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
  11. Thomasan

    Thomasan n00b

    Currently "The rangers" is my favorite Movie.
  12. davidjordan1

    davidjordan1 n00b

    My favorite movies are

    Fast & Furious Series
    Underworld Series
  13. poewrpona

    poewrpona Banned

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  14. Ambrosse

    Ambrosse n00b

    Platoon is my favorite movie. Just superb story-telling and great acting from the cast, many of whom went on to become real stars. Oliver Stone really wrenched the emotions and built the tension between the characters.

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