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What is Your Favorite Party Game

Discussion in 'Game Ideas' started by Dare-Devil, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Dare-Devil

    Dare-Devil Dare-Devil

    Well Title speaks itself
  2. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    Mine would be some sort of drinking game where sexy bitches strip off
  3. ashlay

    ashlay n00b


    Party games are games that some people play as form of entertainment at social gatherings that are bingo, 1000 blank white cards, chain of life, spin the bottle, drinking games etc..
  4. johnnyhelly

    johnnyhelly n00b

    According to me, Euchre is the best party game which is a trick-taking card game most generally performed with four people in two relationships with a outdoor patio of 24 conventional Euchre playing cards. It is very easy and interesting party game.
  5. Bill Maher

    Bill Maher n00b

    I don't know any specific party game I like to play GTA's clubbing part.
  6. Mario party,Sims 3, GTA ballad of gay tony had some nice nightclub parties and strip clubs but Sims is definetly the best because of the options, i actually turned a funeral into an orgy once lol.
  7. Fuck that!
    Pin the fucking tail on the donkey all the way!
  8. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    If it's a party then no boundaries Truth or Dare should do the trick, but there is also twister or some strip poker could also do the trick :).
  9. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Drinking game

    Some of you may know it this game by other names but i call it "Waterfall"
    Before you start everyone must have some type of alcoholic beverage wether it be beer or liqpur and a moderate sized glass of the groups choosing in the middle (ill come back to this when the rules are explain). Take a deck of card s and just dump them face down on the playing area, wether it be floor or table or counter and shuffle around. Host draws the first card and turns go clockwise. Each card is as follows:

    Ace: in your face, player across from you drinks

    2: pick a player to take two drinks

    3: Three for me, player who draws must take three drinks

    4: for the Whores, All girls drink

    5: Make a rule, make up anything, however the rule must have a consequence of if you do or break the rule player must drink. (This gets fun after like 2 games and a rule like dont touch your face or dont touch the playing counter/table/surface unless drawing a card or getting a drink)
    6: For the Dicks, all guys drink.

    7: Heaven, all players raise their hands high, the last player to do so.or fails to do so must drink

    8: Bathroom Break, the only time people are allowed to go to the bathroom during the game is with this card or in between games. Player whonbreaks this rule must finish off their remaining drink

    9: Rhyme, Player says a word and it rotates clockwise through all players and they must say words that rhyme with the starting word. Player who fails to Rhyme or repeats a word Drinks

    10: Categories, player names a category and rules apply similar to 9. Example; Category is states in the usa. Players then name off states until someone fails.

    J:Waterfall, personal favorite rule in the game. All players drink BUT with a catch, everyone starts at the same time drinking, but the player cannot stop until the person previously stops drinking. The stater is always the player who draws the card hence a waterfall because it cascades down the group. Any players who stop before the the previous must finish.. if the stater is an asshole and makes you down your whole.drink
    ... well.. get a refill... xD

    Q: Question Master!: the player who draws this card bevomes the qiestion master untilsomeone else draws a queen. If you answer this persons questions at ALL you must drink... beast to ignore them...

    K: The King, Remember the glass i mentioned earlier? Well this is it. Since a deck has four kings every time one is drawn you must pour some alcohol into said glass (Reccomend a shot glass with heavy shit) But wait no ones drinking? Wrong. The player that draws the Fourth king must drink the King... worst luck ever if you happen to draw the 4th.

    Anyway thats my game. Any questions!?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2013
  10. 7 minutes in heaven
  11. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Marshmellow toothpick castle... please for thenlove of god explain this game to me
  12. Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Guest

    This is a kids birthday party game

    Get a king-size block of chocolate, one dice, a wig, hat, pair of gloves, and a dress up top of some description knife and fork and a plate.

    place chocolate on plate and decide who starts. The starting person starts to put on the clothes (wig, hat etc etc). The next person rolls the dice as the first is trying to get dressed. This continues til some rolls a 6.

    If the person getting dressed gets all the articles on, before someone rolls a 6 they get to grab the knife and fork and start trying to eat the chocolate with it.

    When a 6 is rolled the roller then has to start putting on the articles as the other person takes them off as the rest of the group continuing rolling the dice.

    This continues til all the chocolate is gone or the group get bored
  13. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Im assuming the age of the children would have to be 8+?

    I couldnt see this working out otherwise..
  14. *searches for memories of summer job* oh ya i know a ton
  15. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Blind man's bluff ! Omg I love it ! So much funnier when the light's off and we're pissed.
  16. hollowstorm

    hollowstorm Overlord

    Monopoly because its fun watching now mad people get
  17. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Edward 40 hands​
  18. Govietnam

    Govietnam n00b

    I prefer 'Apples to Apples', or 'Cards Against Humanity' for party games. They can be played with large numbers of people, and there is very little in the way of rules, strategy, or strong competitive streak to play.
  19. dx2xkyt9ao

    dx2xkyt9ao Banned

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  20. dx2xkyt9ao

    dx2xkyt9ao Banned


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