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what is your "zombie outbreak plan"

Discussion in 'Hell' started by 12rusmisel, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. 12rusmisel

    12rusmisel FrankWest,PhotoJournalist

    The title says what to post just keep it real. no take a rocket and blow them all up(unless you tell how the F*** you gut the rocket)

    My plan is simple ill take my 2 best freinds and my girlfreind annd make them help me get my 27 guns in my dads pickup drive to home-depot get a bunch a bourds and fence, the fence i us to make it so zombies can't get in the back. drive to the scrap yard get sheats of metal and cut holes in them an nail them over the window and on the top of the fence in case it rains my freinds would not get wet they would be in the back shoting :guns:zombie. i would also go to the gun store and get more ammo and guns:guns:. find a place to stay for the night then hit the freeway and head north to canada, or south west to mexico wich ever i decide. oh yah i forgot to say i would also have my motorcycle in the back of the truck and lot of gas.
  2. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr


    Haha, I love zombies, they always get such a bad rap.... sad. Anyway, in case of the Zompocalypse, grab a gun, get home, hide out for a few days. Raid my pantry, hit the road, hope that california has been totally wiped off the map. Travel around, see the world. Good times.
  3. comediac

    comediac hell's gatekeeper

    i would grab all the guns i can find, with all the ammo i can find, and get lots of survivors. then, i would lead them all to the nearest school because they're the easiest places to defend (heavy doors, lots of storage space, and multiple emergency exits) and just shoot zombies, going out to find mmore ammo and food when we run short until every zombie in the city was dead...again
  4. Duble Dragon

    Duble Dragon The best of the best

    I would be a vigalante. Make my own weapons but take weapons from gun shops, go around door too door saving people from zombies and bring them too a sckool then go too home depot or something that has wood and metal resources go back too the sckool board it up with protetion, give the adults the weapons too defend the place, then go out one more time get and kind of weapon and anyother suvivers then head back too sckool then get ready with supplys then go too the roof and blow my war horn that I have so the zombies now im there and come then lay fire on them so I clear out my city then do the same everywhere else.
  5. Cool_Fun!

    Cool_Fun! Twiglights Shadow

    Treat them as my pet like the golden army and prince nuada
  6. MapleStory

    MapleStory Divide by 0. I dare you.

    My plan is... To just die. Yes suicide.
  7. The Alaskan Firedragon

    The Alaskan Firedragon Stupid Boy Whore

    agreed, I'd rather take a bullet to the head or cut my throat than get eaten
    I doubt any of the others would achieve anything with their plans
    death will come, at least I decide when
  8. Rubylula

    Rubylula Like a mother bitch.

    Make Zombie friends :D

    Ultimate Chick reply, but yeah, Zombies might be better than they seem to be?

    Who knows?

    Maybe suicide, or just run like hell, whilst screaming.
  9. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Lol these are allways interesting topic's.

    Hiding out at a school would be the worst thing you could do IMO, it would only be about two week's untill you had thousand's of zombie's on your doorstep.

    I would probably go live out in the wood's in complete isolation honeslty, put up a large electric fence and past that have another large wooden fence or something.. Have maybe 2 or 3 other people with me but that's all.. Another good option instead of that would be to go out to the island's ( The Key's ) near Florida.
  10. DragonWolf67

    DragonWolf67 Cunning Wolf

    Sigh. Suicide with no fighting back. Very brave. Id grab the essentials (guns, knives, matches, etc.) then I'd grab the car. I'd stop at a lot of the gas stations for food, water,shelter, gas and protection. I'd try and make it to the nearest airport/airstrip to escape but if they caught me at an gas station, then, and only then, would I use the gas station and my matches to blow everything to hell.
  11. Argeus the StarLord

    Argeus the StarLord Death to butterflies!

    Steal a car.
    Fill it with lighters and matches.
    Go to the nearest gas station.
  12. f|iP

    f|iP n00b

    haha what a kick ass topic ok ever since 28 days and weeks later i have had my plan

    20 mins than i am out i grab what i need *no guns beacus i can get them but i am not bad with a bow* i whoud go up to the big forst behind me and i mean BIG it is one of austilras big rainforst thingys anywas i whoud get a lot of wateawile * a fucking vine that if u walk in to it u cant get out un less u walk back and it rips u up BAD* and i hwoud put metile cups nife forks bells all over it and i whoud have the waterwhile aound my camp so if someonthing gets court in it i will heaer lol and i been doing boxing judo kickboxing and i can use a bow stalf and a bow and some other shit so i whoud have my shit ready and i am trying to leve for the army in a few months *yet i am 16^ and yer i have it all pland lol 20 mins to get my frends my dog my geaer my my mum haha *need someone to cook* and yer i whoud fuck the zombs in the head if i had to lol :thumb:
  13. Angel of Game

    Angel of Game You want ban?

    get some weapons and food supply so you can stay alive for a bit.:D
    then search for the survivor and get out from there.
  14. f|iP

    f|iP n00b

    fuck that i am out to save me my m8s my mum my dog and thats it i will help someone if it dont indanger me lol
  15. Ricadani2

    Ricadani2 Ricadani2

    lol id got to army barrqacks coz its like 500meters fdrom my house steal a bazooka tons of gubs n a banzooka n hide out oin the tank with some soldiers n my girlfriend pwning the zombies if they came near then raid the supermqarket to get supplies go to my home n get my tv xbox 360 generator n tons of batteries n fuel then just set up a barricade and shoot them till i run out of supplues then just fight to the death with the zombies.
    "Stand up for what you believe in...Die Fighting for it!"
  16. vortex4000

    vortex4000 Viva la Vortex.

    Build a bombshelter, stock up on food, bullets, ect.

    Once the outbreak happens, stand on the tower of the bombshelter roof and snipe zombies untill I have a zombie wall big enough to keep me safe. Run out of bullets, Grab a sledgehammer and restock. Just like on food.
  17. uknown2u

    uknown2u why do you live

    simpel go to the nerest army base because it is very likly they have a great zombie defence system and unlike movies hasent been over run by zombies.

    p.s. try to get survivers if there not pricks.
  18. i would get my best friends in a car. Drive to school. Save the girl of my dreams. Then hide in the staff room and hide. And wait till the zombies eat them self

    Thats my plan:D
  19. get a ton of guns, ammo, and something to board up the windows then go to a grocery store and try to live but if it comes to it suicide.
  20. f|iP

    f|iP n00b

    :guns:lol you know none of us prob whoud do anything for aday or 2 lol i know i whoud be shiting my slef but i know for a fact if one bites me i will bite it back my bro bits me i bite him my dog bit me i bit it back my cat my m8s dog and cat my m8s bird lol i have a thing about me if u bite me i bite back -_- lol but i whoud go out fighting thats all i know:guns:
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