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what is your "zombie outbreak plan"

Discussion in 'Hell' started by 12rusmisel, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. brunus

    brunus n00b

    well as i own enough weapons of my preference i won't need to to steal them and risk getting shot by survivors

    i'd just grab my sword and start splittin skulls and takin heads and see how long i last

    RKLIPQQ n00b

    Juggalo :d

    simple grab my hatchet and start swinging grab some hatchet gear kill some haters meet some family and once im out of the city wait 2~3 days then go back and check out all the gun stores and break into Best Buy and steal a solar charger so i can listen too music :D then go out walking around shooting zombies for fun :D
  3. zombie survival plan: the rebels edition

    first, id go up and stay at home while the armies trying to rally people away to a safe area (which will obviously become a hazardous infected area withing weeks because of the people) then, i would, while everyones gone, id stock up on everything by "scaving", not looting, peoples homes. (id use a sledge hammer ive previously bought to break down the doors) obviously, moeny has no worth anymore, id take the canned goods, boxed goods, generators, gas/oil/resources, game stations and tvs, weapons and toolss (guns, knives, hammers, screws, etc), and beds, bedding, mattress, sheets, etc, incase i need it. then id get all my stuff and move it into my school. (a school is the 3 best place to be in during a zombie outbreak. the 2nd would be a prison, the 1 would be in an underground bunker with only a contined amount of people where the infection cannot spread). after i get myself nice and comfy, id start going out on patrols, find a few pets to keep me sane and accompanied, train them to help me locate zombies and gaurd me, then i would go out with my guns looking for other survivors around my area. id set up a radio station broadcast to get people over, and i would become the leader. good enough?
  4. MarsGuy

    MarsGuy Slavetocake

    stockpile myself up with weapons and hide a few in my trouser and jacket pocket, the others hidden in other building & warehouses, then rip up my clothing and make it look as though I am one of them ;) Once disguised, 1 by one, I would shoot them down with my weapons, come on they're brainless thye wouldn't notice much! I'd invent some medical stuff to keep myself safe from illness. And help the survivors with it. Then create some sort of Biological Weapon against the Zeds that humans have become prone to, Epic Win! :thumb:

    This is probably one of the most realistic ways to survive the Zombie apocolypse, Biological weaponry isn't false, AIDS is one of them.
  5. stock pile with weapos? where'd you get them? obviously all the gun shops would be the first to be raided and looted. next would be the police stations, after that, anyonw with guns and weapons would take them and run. next, ripping up your clothing wouldnt work alone. the zombies dont attack each other because they look like zombies, they attack each other because of the smell difference between a human and a zombie... im also pretty sure that there would be something a human gives off that a zed doesnt so they can distinguish humans from zombies. next, the loud noises from shooting them would cause a shitload of racket and get more zeds to come and screw you over with. they arent brainless, they are infected with a parasitic disease that causes a state of living comatose in the human thats only instinct is to eat flesh to feed the infection and disease. they arent dead or undead, its closer to them sleep walking and never being able to wake up, though it is shown that their decaying process is even quicker then that of a corpse, and they need not oxygen or food to live.. next, if scientists from all over the world cant think up a cure, what could you possibly do? lastly, there is a weapon against the zed, but its an eventaulity. when the zed become the zed, they're decaying process quickens... in 3-5 years, their brains would have decayed enough for it to become unusable, and they would die.

    the best survival plan is to cause as little attentin as possible and just try to survive it out. stock up, scavenge for food, and avoid confrontation, unless necesary. after 5 years, the world would be purged of the original zombies... all thats left would be the few that were bitten after.
  6. MarsGuy

    MarsGuy Slavetocake

    Dude, there is no need to be so technical, I was quite clearly not being serious with my post, of course I wouldn't rip up my clothing, not even a moron would do that! Seriously though. If I wanna get technical, I'll be technical, now stop Rebelling!
  7. dragon()slayer

    dragon()slayer dragondude

    I'd go to some military base to get some hard core weapons since the base would probably be deserted. I'd stay there for a few days and gather what food and survivors I could. Then i'd grab a tank or something and go to some deserted place and just survive.
  8. pheonix1

    pheonix1 I AM PHEONIX!!!.... :)

    i would

    i would hide out in my secret underground base(lol my dad was the president once(president of being cautious that is...)lol) yeah oh and i would launch the nuke we bought(yeah he thinks incase their is a zombie apocolypse YAY BEST DAD EVA)so yeah id nuke ud die zombies die everyoe that doesnt have a bunka will die (yeah awesome hey)
    o and i would send out letters to wherever there is survirors first saying to come here cause its safe but not let them in (im so evil:) is it :guns: for guns, meh ill find out
  9. pheonix1

    pheonix1 I AM PHEONIX!!!.... :)


    um... how would uu buy...just find one...no shops if there is zombies...im confused...but other wise its good :guns: :) <--- me (yay i getting shot) lol read mine its wierd
  10. dragon()slayer

    dragon()slayer dragondude

    I seriously doubt you have a missile or an underground base. It would be a great plan if it were possible.
  11. wasted15

    wasted15 n00b

    i'd drive to the nearest petrol station and get as much as i could (car, buckets cans etc.) get food and beer out of the supermarket that the petrol station is next too (I live in England so no guns on shelves of supermarkets) then drive to my mates and get pissed. (if were brain dead then prehaps we'l be ignored by zombies) :roftl:
  12. Dutchman2

    Dutchman2 The Flying Dutchman

    to easy

    i would steal a north korean aircraft carrier. no wait.......... TWO aircraft carriers. the first one i take all my closest un-zombified friends and family onto and would build a hydro plant so that as i travel across the sea i am constantly supplied with power for the big boat. on one of the main floors i would build a massive farm yard with artificial light this way i will have shit to eat and a water sanitation plant

    i would also highjack a helicopter OSprey from the navy and use that for the inland transport.

    NOW IT GETS FUN! on the second aircraft carrier i would have saved all the hot, tanned chicks from australia and plave them there by themselves, being towed by my aircraft carrier, they would be denied clothes and would always have to be naked so that as food ran out they would fight to the death.. oh, and i would give the hottest of the hottest babes with big tits knives!..........
  13. DragonDude1229

    DragonDude1229 n00b

    Since im the son of a military general i would steal the nuclear launch codes from his corpse and blow the zombies to bits:coolgleam:
  14. Thunderwolf

    Thunderwolf It lives?

    My plan

    My zombie outbreak plan, I have two 1) take over a nuclear misssile silo and launch the missiles at the major cities of the globe. 2) plan 2 involved 30 pounds of C4, detonators, ducktape, and a dead Man's switch, figure out the rest
  15. hunghorse

    hunghorse Guest

    my plan

    id go to my uncle daves, he has a place in the mountains and is a crazed vietman vet, he has more guns than i can count. plus claymores and tnt. id make it one big hunting trip. take out as many as i can at long range then if they get close use the M-60 he got in the basement
  16. Crossed

    Crossed Big Red X

    Mine's simple. I'd pack a gun, hopefully a revolver, a suit, and 1 extra bullet in my breast pocket. Then, I'd Go to the nearest 5 star restaurant, clear out all the zeds, then find myself the nicest table. I'd go to the kitchen, humming my favorite tune the whole way, and I'd prepare myself the most wonderful dinner of all times. I'd make everything juuust perfect. Then, I'd lay it all out on my table, put on my suit, say my prayers and have a feast. When all is done, and I've finished the wine, I'll pull out my revolver, and roll out the bullets. As they cascade around me, the empty shells clinking, I'll pull out my last bullet, and put it into the revolver. As I pull back the hammer, I'll hear the screams and moans of the undead and humans alike. This is how the world has become, I will think, and I will put the guns barrel under my chin, parallel to my neck, point upwards into the sky, into my brain. My last words will be C'est la vie, before the world will fall into complete blackness.
  17. Stinger

    Stinger Guest

    My Plan

    Take out as much cash as possible and head to nearest stripclub/brothel. Preferably one where they haven't been listening to the radio. I have no intention of surviving an apocalypse. Civilised comfort or nothing for me!
  18. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Food , water and hide the fuck away.
  19. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    It depends on the kind of zombie in question.

    1: If classic Romero zombies, I do my best to get as much valuable things as possible and find a "good" holding ground.

    What sucks is that ANY "death" without brain destruction results as a zombie. Still, you can have a good life if you do good enough. Sadly, when you die, you WILL become a zombie, and have to be put down. Oh well, fun right?

    2: Return of the living dead: These bastards are made from chemicals (To make corpsess rise.) or by bites. What is so bad about them? They have their intelligence, and have the strength of a gorilla on steroids, and they are the ones who EAT BRAINS. Lucky, ones who get their brians eatten do not come back as zombies, they are just dead. The real bad news is these zombies are EXTREMELY tough to kill. And the whole body is "animate" Menaing if you hack off arms and hands, those appendages can and will attack you, given the chance.

    I'll blow my own head off in that case, just to get it over with.

    3: Living Zombies: These are the bastards from 28 Days Latter. Do not get bitten, do not get blood/infect, and you got a good spot? Your SAFE! The dumb asses do not eat noir drink, yet still, alive. So, they strave to death, in time.

    4: Brian Keane "Demonic" Zombie: I blow my damn brains given the chance. You will NOT survive. You just will not.

    Why? They are "DEMON" infused bodies. They are smart, can only die via brain damage. And did I mention their smart? They can use guns, they can drive. They can run. Chances are they will find you, weaken you, and tear you to pieces to eat, just for fun.

    What is worse? The damn ANIMALS become zombies too, at death. So yeah, your not surviving it, your not met to survive. The said story only lasts for two books, because the human race is wiped out.

    Game over, game over. (As a nice bonus though, there is a after life, and most of the dead victims went to heaven, apparently.)
  20. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    I'm going to assume they're Romero zombies because I'm a zombie purist.

    Step one: Collect any and all supplies, moving them upstairs because if they get into the house I can bottleneck them on the steps.

    Step two: Find and wear all the tightest fitting, long-sleeved clothes I have along with gloves and something to put over my face. Duct tape the sleeves and pant legs too. Can't let them grab onto loose clothing, and when I kill them at close range, I can't allow any blood to land in my mouth.

    Step three: Gather real and makeshift weapons.

    My firearms:
    -.22 smallbore target rifle with scope.
    -.357 longbarrel S&W revolver.
    -.22 target pistol.
    -M1 Garand
    -Springfield 30-06 rifle.

    My melee weapons:
    -Set of woodworking chisels

    Step three: Identify houses to raid for supplies. The easier the better.

    Step four: Prepare defenses against other raiders. Set up ammunition for rifles at windows along with a pair of binoculars.

    Step five: Enjoy the ride.

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