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What would YOU improve?

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by Hannah Of Hyrule, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hannah Of Hyrule

    Hannah Of Hyrule Out saving Hyrule!

    I've been seeing a lot of people around here complaining that there are a lot of issues with this site as a whole - notably the forums. While it can be safely assumed that most would do away with the frankly embarrassing amount of spambots that flood the various boards, what do you think would make for good additions to the site?

    More mods? Less boards? Different layouts for the forums? I'd love to hear any ideas that people have. I know that I'm in no position of power to truly change anything, but I think a consolidation of good ideas for the betterment of FG is a nice start~
  2. onilink

    onilink Chill guy :D


    I don't like that it's not really easy to get to your friends list.. I swear I've gotten to it once and now I forgot how to go there again haha. Also I think you should be able to view your own profile just like other people see it. That would be pretty helpful. And if there was a way to speed up the site, that would help too. I've noticed this site is kinda slow... so yeah that's what I'd fix.

    Wait... I think that's just for using funny games' dark style. I'll just use default instead haha
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  3. Rawr Girl

    Rawr Girl Banned

    Make the reputation work. T - T "

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