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What's your top five favorite games and why

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by bi-furry-lover, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    1) Oblivion
    2) Fallout New Vegas
    3) Assassins creed series (though im waiting to get AC3)
    4) COD: Black Ops (great to play with friends)
    5) Dragon Age: Origins
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  2. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    I've changed my mind. I want to put Fallout 3 at 4 and get rid of COD
  3. In no particular order

    1: GTA 4
    2: Battlefield Bad Company
    3: COD 2
    4: Skyrim
    5: Halo 3

    all of these games were a blast to play with friends and i still play to this day
  4. lillythegoldfox

    lillythegoldfox Pie lover

    Fallout new Vegas can be saddening
    Ninja gaiden 3 just awesome
    Halo reach 3 odest fills up your dose of gamer needs
    bad nerd it's the best mobile game [survivcraft best mobile minecraft like gam
  5. Tomy85

    Tomy85 n00b

    I love games and mine favorite are:
    1. IGI-2
    2. Counter Strike
    3. Delta Force
    4. Need for Speed
    5. Racing Cars
    6. Elite Driver
    7. New Soccer 2012
  6. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    1. Fallout 2: So much to do. The writing is amazing. The best sandbox game I've ever played and one of my favorite RPG's.

    2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: My favorite of TES series. One of the most inventive plots and one of the coolest, most original worlds. The writing is great, and the lore breathtaking.

    3. Tetris: Never gets old. A great and always entertaining challenge.

    4. Half-Life: A true innovation in FPS's. Everything from the gameplay to the minimalist storytelling is genius. It will always withstand the test of time in my opinion.

    5. Doom: A real classic. An action-packed standard that is the foundation for most FPS's, and it's still fun as hell.
  7. WhiteFang247

    WhiteFang247 Meme Lord

    1. Final Fantasy VIII - It was the first in the series of FF that I played and I was young so I didn't understand it allot but I'd play it for hours and get into tons of fights and mess up my dads junctions (XP he was never happy about that) but all in all it's a childhood classic for me.

    2. Mass Effect (1) - It was at first quite challenging for me but I enjoyed the levelling up system and chopping and changing my groups to suit my needs as well as other things.

    3. Skyrim - It has to be the most amazing open world videogame and there's just so many ways you can play around with abilities and such to suit the character you want.

    4. Bioshock 2 - The firs was great but the second is so much better having both plasmids and weapons equipped at the same time made the game a whole lot easier and it's the only game I ever beat on hard mode :p.

    5. Farcry 3 - Open world, magical tattoos and an arsenal of weapons. It has to be my favourite shoot em up/adventure game. I enjoyed being stealthy and always trying to get the jump on my opponents. The game was just flat out amazing.
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  8. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    Dragon Ball Ultamite Tenkaichi, for all five slots. :D. I love it becasue i love everything Dragon Ball.
  9. Grey Dreams

    Grey Dreams Colorblind

    1) Skyrim
    2) Fallout New Vegas
    3) Mass Effect 3
    4) Gears of War 3
    5) World of Warcraft.

    The reasons for the first three are because they both allow me to play the game however I want, as well as letting me play as a Female character.

    Gears of war 3 because it perfectly concluded a wonderful storyline, and WoW because I like MMOs like that.
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    Nztrxeaz n00b


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