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Which relationship do you think most important?

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by melodyeye, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    Family - its the only consistant relationship you ever have, friends come and go (i have so many people that i used to call my friends and i wouldn't even say hello to them if i saw them in the street) and your husband/wife becomes part of your family with the intention of creating a family of your own.
  2. Gee yes i have heard of a divorce, thanks for bringing back painful memories. I just think that i should spend more time with,care for, love, my spouse because honestly most people i have been with cared more about me then both my parents combined. So ya thats my opinion.
  3. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    That isn't what a bastard is, a bastard is a child born out of wed-lock. so put simply for you, a child whose parents weren't married when they had it, not a child that wasn't wanted (i dont know if there is a term for that).
  4. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    Well, for example, I have parent and very few friends and I chose none but my children instead. Problem is that I don't really like my parents that much (I won't say why) and I barely have some friends, because after I changed countries 90% of them left me... so it's normal for me to chose my children over anyone else. And I think that in a worse case scenario, my wife would agree with me to save our children.
  5. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    the most important relationship I think should happen is the Person and their child.
  6. Big_Cat

    Big_Cat Friendly Sabertooth

    *Shakes head*

    Yes, very insightfull. I rather like how you put that, and I completely agree with you. ^.^
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  7. RuneKnight94

    RuneKnight94 Misses his 3DS ~w~

    Really hard for me to pick one. Family is the core of society (or should be) it is with them that we learn things that will be working for the rest of our life, our values or holdings that can mold the path we will take in life, it is were we learn the basic needs to establish new relationships.

    From that one, things as love and friendship comes, friend will be always there for you, we need them to fill in a space that family normally can't fill. They are ther to make us laugh, to tease us, even annoy you in the least expected moments, but always willing to give a hand when needed.

    I personally choose both, because as I say, each of them fills in the the open spaces left from the other one. Good friends, as well as family, are for a lifetime, so I choose this way of thinking; it may sound really idealistic, but so far this way of thinking has lead me to meet great friends I know I can count on always, and to lean on my family for problems they can't help me with.
  8. thatonegirl101

    thatonegirl101 hello:)

  9. obmenshvht

    obmenshvht n00b

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