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who here has had a paranormal experince ( seen, heard etc. a ghost)

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by footballplaya08, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. theguitarist

    theguitarist King of Grammar

    CC knows his stuff. The rest of you are lying. STOP LYING!
  2. lgeg

    lgeg n00b

    agreed x5

    I wouldn't call you guys liars.
    Maybe slaves to public opinion.
    Oh, and to Fag49, I looked at about 30 seconds of the "action" in that video.
  3. Razgrizghost33

    Razgrizghost33 n00b

    i hear my grandpa talk and he died in '01
  4. fang2539

    fang2539 never changes sig

    well I have had one too

    one night I hung some dowsing rods over my bed and they crossed eachother:eek::alien2: and I looked out the window and I saw somthing move very fast:eek::alien2:
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  5. Well, this is actually a life threatening experience, but .. one time I was at a bay at the sea, and a wave knocked me off at a fishing spot_ large strip of gravel, about two metre drop into the sea, and I just had to swim out again, that was two years ago, lucky for me it was high tide otherwise i coulda cracked my skull open on the rocks sticking out when its low tide!(If you dont believe me, my sister took pictures of it and ill post them)
  6. what that have to do with ghosts???????
  7. I said this is actually life threatening not ghostly remember?!!!Jees, these days i wonder about the future...
  8. Wacko123

    Wacko123 Ave Alook at My bebo Prof

    Yes I have many stories about this subject, I woke up about 4 in the mornin' went downstairs to get some Hot Coco (Hot chocolate) and I heared very disturbing screams coming from Upstairs I wnet upstairs and my window was open on a freesing cold night, I didn't even open it. Oooooh Scary:shocked:
  9. slaughter3

    slaughter3 Gross thats foreskin.

    yeah sorry that was me i stole sum of ya undies anfd forgot to close the window sorry
  10. Well this thead is about ghost *tut tut* a shamed
  11. superretro64

    superretro64 crazy weirdo

    my rabbit died a while ago and i always hear chewing of hay in her corner but we have a cat so my house is a mice free zone
  12. Ghost Maker

    Ghost Maker n00b

    yeahi keep seeing a girl in mirrors and stuff like off the ring but me bro said its me imagornary GF
  13. Stiggy

    Stiggy Blueberry Muffin

    I've never had a paranormal experience. I've seen streaks of light sometimes at night, but I realize that its just reflected light. I hope that one day I will so I'll know the truth.
  14. Wacko123

    Wacko123 Ave Alook at My bebo Prof

    Yeah I was wondering were my spongebob boxers went lol
  15. I've seen alot of ghosts/other stuff that scared the crap out of me:

    really tall shadow guy walking towards my bedroom
    creepy little eyes/shadow in parents' closet/crawlspace
    great-grandmother(I think) in my grandmother's house
    creepy face staring at me from fireplace after burning ouija board
    cousin's neighbor's grandfather in his old house
    grandparents hugging each other shortly after death of grandmother (grandfather already died)
    imaginary friend when I was young(maybe a demon, maybe imaginary)
    lady in white dress in woods behind friend's house
    something REALLY big on Nantasket Beach in Hull at nightime (at least 12 feet tall)
  16. redneckgr89

    redneckgr89 n00b

    i have, i use to talk to them. I couldnt see them but i felt them come into the room. A cold chill comes in the room. If you have any Question email me: redneckgr8990@yahoo*dot*com
  17. Yorkshire Pudding

    Yorkshire Pudding Miss Brightside . xD

  18. sadisticxXxbadass

    sadisticxXxbadass Not-a-noob-much

    oh, I had one when I was in our girl scouts....he looked like our dead principal...and he was glowing!
  19. NoE

    NoE Pride ♥

    My school was the first built in my town of 200,000+ people.
    It was built on a ancient aboriginal burrial site. In the old
    part of the school the doors always slam REALLY hard by
    themselfs. Sometimes it gets really cold the in old part
    of the school class rooms, when theres no air-con.
    Its most freaky when the doors slam, coz it doesnt happen
    in the new part of the school, so its not just the wind.

    Also when we first moved into our house 14 years ago
    (oh btw our house was built 80 odd years ago) my mum
    told me something that happened on the first night. She
    said that she was on one side of her bed nearest to the
    window making her bed and she said how a white figure
    came rushing in and stood beside her. My mum explained
    that this ghost like figure was a young girl a little taller then
    her stood there starring at her. My mum told that she didnt
    say anything so my mum thought it'd be best if she said
    something to 'the ghost'. She told the ghost how we had just
    moved into the house and to take care of me & my sister.
    I was 2 at the time and my sister was 6.
    After that every now and then my mum said she heard foot
    steps running behind her when she was in the kitchen
    doing dishes at night. She thought it might of been me
    and my sister running around the house, but when she went
    to check on us in bed we'd be asleep.
    It wasn't just my mum that saw this ghost thing, at night i'd
    always wake up and see a white figure run out of my room.
    When I was about ten I thought it would be a good idea to give
    her a name, so I named her Chloe, I don't think she liked that
    name, coz since then she hasn't been around, or we havn't seen
    any 'white figures'.

    Long story, don't know if anyone will read this, but I had fun typing
    it. :)

    I think I'm being haunted by a demon or shadow being or something. At night I've been hearing banging noises and some really scary animal like growls and grunts and sometimes a snort that sounds a little like a pig. I ask my brother and sister about the noises but they just say it's my imagination. This morning I heard some weird noise that sounded like a loud whisper that was inaudible and it would fade in and out. I've taken anything that shows reflections out of my room except my computer and TV because I saw a THING standing behind me while I was on the computer yesterday. Today I also woke up with fresh cuts on my arms, almost like a cat attacked me. The blood was still wet. I don't feel safe in my own house anymore. Whatever is in my house does not seem very friendly at all.:evil:
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