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Why do people 'hate' EA?

Discussion in 'Online Games cheats and walkthroughs' started by davidbailey, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. davidbailey

    davidbailey Online Games

    I didn't know IGN was owned by EA

    It's a great read, the comedy value is up there with Bill Hicks.
  2. casydave

    casydave n00b

    Because of it's regular base background or crowd design.Mostly people assume similar to previous version during playing any latest EA games.Games developer should focus in that area for making incredible game.
  3. bradmaxwel

    bradmaxwel n00b

    Today gaming technology will increasing more and more, many gaming consoles are also developed for different type of games. I love to play the new upcoming games . Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. Sexslavekitty

    Sexslavekitty *pouts* done already?

    Gahhh EA has horrible servers (can't have 2-4 major games on at one time) plus the online passes... Just a cheep way to keep us Paying for more when we shouldn't have too... Who WANTS to pay 50$ for a new BF3? Not many when you can buy used for like 30$ oh but wait.. Online play cost you 10$ if you don't have a code... So stupid...
  5. girls in dubai

    girls in dubai n00b

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  6. I actually love EA and there servers are really good in my opinion, so i dont know why you guys hate EA.
  7. Sweet candy girl 2

    Sweet candy girl 2 ~Mew mew~

    I like EA don't get me wrong... but yeah their servers can be crappy at times :/ but they do have their strong points! Also lets not forget... DEAD SPACE.
  8. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    Probably because they keep a game server up until the next sequel of that game appears. Like for example the Need for Speed series. They kept the Underground 1 servers up until Underground 2 came out, after that the Underground 1 servers didn't exist anymore.
  9. aefety

    aefety n00b

    Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. my friend told me why he hates EA and i will quote. ''EA is a bunch of corprate money hogging whores''. I disagree and just because they are successfull and make some of the best games OF ALL TIME dosent mean they are bad people.
  11. Scottish Legend

    Scottish Legend What d'you want?

    Generally the people like like EA are the ones playing the more popular games, these are the ones that they actually put effort into developing and updating. Personally I feel that they neglect some of the less popular games in that they do not try to promote or improve them, they just...Take the east road and go with what's most popular at any given time.
  12. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    EA is a publisher... not a game creator... EA didnt make mass effect or dead space they simply on the smaller companies that make great games and slap their name on it.

    I dont hate ea i hate their buisness model.

    Day one dlc thats on the disc: this isnt just ea though i wont lie but they damn near have it on every game and started this shit... and its like a less than 100kb dl... you know what that means? The contents already on the fucking disc its.just.locked by a.code... so fucking stupid

    online passes: forcing you to shell out mor money for a new copy of a game and possibly not even being worth it. (Though it rests on the consumer to research the multiplayer)

    3/4ths of the time i wont buy anything made by EA.

    Lets take mass effect 3 for example a shit ton of people were upset about day one dlc ending ect. But in the interveiw with bioware they claimed ea rushed them and wanted the game out (im paraphrasing of course you can google.search the whole story)

    And it happens alot. I cant hate a company for being succesful i can hate.one for ruining great games and trying to force unneeded money from people
  13. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    What games does EA still make as opposed to publish?
  14. srtrny

    srtrny n00b

    I love to play the new upcoming games .
  15. DutchLover

    DutchLover Big, Sweet and Cuddly

    Yhea that is the main reason I don't like EA games as wel

    But still I do like the EA Sports opening theme

  16. ???=_=???

    ???=_=??? sometimes silly

    Agreed, that and EA tends to put out unfinnished games
  17. Whiskey

    Whiskey Guest

    I think EA still makes great games - for example Simcity.
  18. Tehadmiala

    Tehadmiala n00b

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