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Why weed is illegal.

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by Ckstunner, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. 0100100001001001

    0100100001001001 Future cam slave???

    it cant be taxed because anyone can grow it. But it wont be made legal because big pharma wants to sell synthetic thc to cancer patients for massive profit, even tho the synthetic version doesn't work well.
  2. I find it funny how weed is legal while cigarettes and alcohol aren't. And i believe weed is illegal partly because of the lumber companies slander campaigns, myths of its effects, THC, and because of its ACTUAL effects. I've had friends do pretty stupid shit when they were smoking the stuff. When it all comes down, the government should just legalize the shit. I'm not saying its good or its bad, but if it's legal, then the government can control it better. Illegal, it can get into the hands of anyone, even kids. I mean, if its legal, then it can be given an age restriction, can be limited, monitored, controlled. Isn't that what the governments want? control? Well, there goes my 2 cents.
  3. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    There are a few reasons, but I will say this.

    Weed, I do not smoke it, my father does. And I do not think there is anything wrong with it. If you smoke it and have a productive life? Good for you.

    But Weed does have problems, it does mental damage, and has the same side effects as Cigs/cigars. (Mouth/Throat cancer, and lungs.)

    But here are the two reasons I think Weed is illegal.

    1: The paper thing. Because weed was legit for a long time because you could turn it into paper, but the tree based paper companies decided to get rid of that.

    2: Corruption. Yes. I THINK the government makes 'MORE MONEY by having weed illegal, because it gives the government a "reason" to have drug busts and such. So instead of taxing it, they make "more" money in enforcing it.

    That and I honestly think the CIA "supports" said drug king pins and such as a excuse or front to "the dangers of civilized life."

    It is just like the War on Terror really, America, "MAKES" problems 'HAPPEN" as a excuse to make money/pay employees, in sometimes unsavory ways. (For more on that rant, ask me about Iraq and I will give you a legitimate answer. Besides writing, reviews and being a errand boy. I study many things, including politics.)
  4. The Sims

    The Sims I aint a game >.

    Just make every drug legal, if people wanna abuse it then let them
  5. hollowstorm

    hollowstorm Overlord

    That is an incredibly bad idea
  6. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    If your going to do mind altering drugs cool good on you. But you wonder why you dont have a job or cant live a good life because companies wont hire you because your fucked in the mind. Fuess what drugs ca be legalized but a Job can still have rules that do t allow people to work there if they use said drugs.

    Say marijuana and spice was legalized in all of he us. Every single job could still deny you a job of it states that in an application.. and how would you buy deugs without money from a job.

    Ita not needed and you shouldnt need it to get a buzz or high. Do something oroductive rather then fuxking off
  7. Reggie12

    Reggie12 n00b

    If it goes above the limit or if it is mixed with some chemical stuffs it can create strokes and lead you to death.
  8. Illegal Because It Fucks up your brain.
    Maybe some other "Hidden" Political Shit too .__.
  9. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    the government couldn't tax/control it that well since people could just starty growing their own and then not paying for it, thus no money going towards any government or shop. although it is safer than alcohol and cigarettes as people have stated
  10. reezo93

    reezo93 Love You B Xxxxx

    Because most politicians have connections to the industries that could be threatened by the production of hemp and there for have a biast egenda. Also especially in the U.K I beleive that they hate anything that makes you "think".

    Do we really need to prove that they lie? In the latest adverts they say "skunk" is a new strain which is stonger than older ones and will "fuck you up".Well anyone who smokes it will now that skunk isn't new, its been around since the 1980's and that the high is exactly the same as older strains, it's just that nowadays we have to smoke less to get to a nice "level".

    Watch this song it's about how ironic it is that we're treated as criminals yet drinkers cause a shit load of probems for society. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxF4vE67g40
  11. aefety

    aefety n00b

    so...what's your mean?
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