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will you kill someone for money

Discussion in 'Hell' started by adidas boy, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. mariahayes

    mariahayes Maria Hayes

    First of all I shall come to know how much he has and then take any decision.
  2. hm149

    hm149 Brony


    First if I get caught then they have to bust me out then pay me
    but yes i'd murder for money... how much is a human life worth? not much these days, for enough money i would do all the government's dirty work
  3. VanillaGorilla

    VanillaGorilla n00b

    I'd probably kill Hitler, or someone else that caused genocide for the cash.

    If anything, those people should die slow and painful deaths. :fmad:
  4. Boogeyman

    Boogeyman n00b

    sure why not?
  5. Shadow_Scythe

    Shadow_Scythe Funny Games Veteran

    My Thoughts

    Kill someone for money?!
    Me? Never...
    but i would kill a man, in front of his own grandma, for a Klondike Bar!


    ...but on a serious note id only kill someone if i received the proper materials to do so prior.
    I'm thinking either long ranged firearm or Poison. With Belladonna Atropa/Nightshade, i could easily spike said persons beverages. With cyanide it wouldn't be hard to inject them with a syringe while they slept. Learning someones sleeping habits and work schedule's isn't very hard to do. Breaking in while they sleep is hard, so the best way is to have already broken in during the day and simply hide and wait until night to emerge.

    The kill would have to be someone i don't know, not for emotional reasons, but to make me not a prime suspect. With enough time and preparation, i could even dispose of the body to destroy a large portion of evidence that a murder even occurred.

    Price would be negotiable depending on what the mark has done. Child molesters/Rapist would be cheaper than some random guy.

    ...was that answer too much? :uhoh:

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