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World war2 reichs edition(+18 only)

Discussion in 'Game Ideas' started by S.C.SturmWulf, May 4, 2011.


Would you play this game free of charge, if so would you tell others about it?

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  2. Yes, Id play, yes id tell others about it

  3. no i wouldn't play, yes id tell others about it

  4. no i wouldn't play, no i wouldn't tell others about it

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  1. S.C.SturmWulf

    S.C.SturmWulf S.C. SturmWulf

    Good Evening Gamers and Game Techs!
    im here today to discuss a possible Online Browser(or flash) based game that i shall try to describe to the best of my ability.
    If you were interested in developing, please contact me at z9combat@gmail.com
    (NOTE) game overview encased, Screening, artwork, and layout shall be thought up.
    The 3rd Reich Fuhrer Adolf Hitler has Risen to power and now demands his countrymen To fight for Europe. You Private (INSERT NAME) of the German Wulf Head army, will be deployed to Seize (city name) in Luxemborg. (show animated map of Luxemborg with cities and routes marked). player and computer take turns moving army pieces, player awarded experience to rank for controlling cities, defending controlled areas, etc.
    Player faces more Ai controlled enemies as war progresses.
    The Reichs edition of WW11 allows player control of nazi forces, they make their own outcome of the war.
    Game ends when all enemies surrender, or if player is beatenOO

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