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Xionic Story 1.0 (information)

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Insanofest, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Insanofest

    Insanofest King of insanity

    Okay...this is my first story so uh dont be so fuckin harsh but anyway it's what i wrote in the 8th grade its a pretty good story but im not gonna write the story yet this just the Bio about the story and charcters and their equipment cus im too lazy to write the story now... but ull see it in a 1-5 days after this.

    PLOT:the story takes place in 2013 not much has changed at all ,Our constant struggle with our rival Bio.Int.Corp.,a govermental organization which experiments with biological weapons in secret, has reached a critical level. In the past month they tried to sue us for experimenting with human bodies ,they had no proof of it of course , but they seem to be trying to uncover our work, and we cannot let that happen. In order to avoid further threats from Bio. Int. Corp. We have decided to take care of the situation . We have sent 4 cyborgs of our creation to their laboratory with one sole purpose: Destruction

    Name: Omega
    Description:He was a former commando before put in coma and being used for the Omega project. He's a natural leader and ruthless with his enemies , therefore , perfect.

    Speciality:stealth/melee combat
    Description:He was a former ninja who was caught in a mission and executed, but we were able to save him and use him on the Xero project.His ability with melee weapons in unmatched but he cannot use firearms...

    Description: He was an explosives maniac who was killed by his own comrades.Due to his natural ability to hack into computers and create explosives we decided to put him on the Askad project.

    Kind:Automaton robot
    Speciality:Energy Reactor
    Description:The peek of engineering technology.Able to develop herself as a human,this machine is our sucess.Her energy reactor , besides her fuel source , can be used to destroy anything on her sight , as well as for defensive purposes.

    Name:Bio. Int. Corp. Security guard
    Description:A normal guard who didn't know what kind of problem they would get tonight. Oblivious to the company's secret projects, they will try and stop any armed intruder they see, of course , they didn't prove too worthy for our specialists. They may have wanted to call in sick tonight.

    Name:Bio. Int. Corp. Black Ops.
    Description: A special squad of former commandos hired to guard the black operations of Bio. Int. Corp. They have high proficency with almost any firearms weapons, and are trained for combat. Still,they are human after all.

    Kind:Infected Human/Cyborg
    Speciality:Melee Combat
    Description:Created after XV's virus leak, it morphs any living being into that shape. Endless hunger for another living beings and very poisonous blood ,makes this enemy a worthy rival . It normally uses its tail tip to stab and capture a creature before eating it.

    Description:Our enemy's top secret investigation , it's orgins is even unknown to them, its Extremelly powerful destructive capabilities and the ability to spread it's genes in a virus form that takes over the host's body, makes this "thing" a menace for everybody,Exercise extreme caution.

    Kind:Biological Tank
    Speciality: Demolition
    Descrition:The ATD (anti tank dragon) is a weapon made by our enemy for defensive purposes. Mimicking Kary's Energy Reactor , they made this biological tank effective against armored vehicles , its able to maintain balance even on one leg left. We don't know what creature(s) were used to make this piece of metal alive.


    Description:a .65mm Semi-automatic handgun, the power of this weapon plus its armor-piercing bullets makes this an excellent all-around weapon. It was named after a code that appeared as a virus in Omega's Systems

    Description:A powerful shotgun equiped with HE shells ,it can be set to fire one, three, or all twelve shells at once for an ultimate blast of power, It's recoil is too difficult for use of human hands.

    Type:gatling gun
    Description: a portable highly-destructive machine gun , capable of firing at 2000 bullets per minute it has a magnetic energized magazine which lasts for 900 shots . It includes a bayonet for close-quarters combat.

    Type:sniper rifle
    Description: A special rifle designed for perfect marksmanship. It fires Plasma armor-piercing bullets. The design of this weapon provides light recoil but due to the hot nature of the bullet it has to be pumped to reload. Find a safe spot and use that camper spirit that lies within you.

    Description:A sword designed for slicing due to the hard alloy its perfect for slicing through human flesh and bone , it is recommended to use with care due to its sharpeness

    Type:special ninjato sword
    Description: This weapon was payment from a japanese client after we wiped out some "problems" he had with a certain organization. It has a special compound in the blade that renders it invisible to human eyes. If used properly it's Uncommon length allows advantage to excute lethal slices and stabs.

    Type:prototype Saw-Blade
    Description: It was made to create a painful death for oppnets and can rip through tank armor with ease and is nearly indestructible.

    Type:Throwing weapon
    Description:due to xero's inability to use a gun we decided to give him the next best thing a forever circulating throwing saw good for mid rang butcan be used for close range.

    type:anti-personal explosives
    Description: it is a sticky bomb with the power of 3 hand grenades that can be set to remote detonation or timed and it wont trigger fire alarms.

    Name:painkiller stake
    Type:Anti-personal explosives
    Descritpion: askad is able to materialize one of these whenever he wants and stab people with the sharp end and in 2 seconds high explosives with the power of 10 hand grenades goes off

    Type:Energy enchancer
    Description:a glove with knives on the tips kary can infect beings and gather energy from her kills as a power source and it helps her figure out more ways of using her deadly energy.

    Type:suicide knife
    Description: a suicide knife that causes the cyborg to explode with a magnetic force thats similar to a mini nuke

    Name:Riot controller
    Type:electrified night-stick
    User:security guards
    Description: it is what it is

    Name:MK23 SOCOM
    User:Black ops
    Description: .45mm sidearm with a laser

    Name:XM-29 Internal rifle
    User:Black ops
    Description: 5.5.6 mm rifle that fires at automatic pace

    Name:HK G-36
    Type:carabine rifle
    User:Black ops
    Description: a modified version of the G-36 with a 2x magnification scope with a lightier recoil

    Type:assult rifle
    User:Black ops
    Description: a french assult rifle with 25 bullets per clip firing at 960 bullets per minute can be set to automatic or burst fire and it has a bayonet.

    Name:Gatling gun
    Type:heavy machine gun
    User:Black ops chopper rider
    Description: a gas operated mounted gun made for destructive purposes

    Name: Death's cliff
    Type:Spear like weapon
    User:XV's infected beings
    Description:this weapon is indestrucible and very sharp be careful when using this if u have the chance

    Name:Judgment Blade
    Type:plasma sword
    Description:a special weapon made by XV with a lot of slicing and explosive capabilities dont try use it if u get it from XV, Possibly the ultimate weapon for close to medium range combat.

    and that's all it it is oh and ill be making a 1.5 and 2 for this and that's it in the section and tell me idea you got for weapons and such
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2009

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