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[Yet Another] Tutorial

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Bittersweet, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Bittersweet

    Bittersweet VOOOOOOOOII!

    Bittersweet's Signature Tutorial

    1. PNG's / Sizing / Image Editors
    2. Self Made Backgrounds / Already Made Patterns
    3. Effects / Brushes
    4. Actual Tutorial
    5. Extras


    PNG's are basically images with a transparent background.
    (good for images you don't want backgrounds to be covered in) You can find a variety of Anime PNG's Here.
    They Update Daily and have a fairly good number of PNG for you to use.
    And if you Don't want anime PNG's in your signature, I'd advise looking around the internet.


    Now, you got the picture you want on Standby in another tab. You open your image editor (i.e. SUMOpaint, Photoshop) and you aren't sure what sizes to make your
    actual signature. So being a beginner you decide to play around with it, but your at the wit's end. It seems everything you enter leads to a misshaped figure of
    weirdness. Now I personally use 450x150.
    Other people who like a thinner signature might use 400x100. It's all up to you, and your sizes might vary depending on your Image size, If you wanna fit more make it higher / wider or if you got a little less, then use a small one, so you don't end up with all this empty space to fill in at the end of your hard work.

    Image Editors

    So, you always heard of Photoshop and GIMP and all those fancy types of image editors. With the better options, Photoshop is a very known logo and most people would go ahead and buy it. Or if you're like me you can go ahead and find something on the net, as I would call it, "a Photoshop Wannabe." I found a pretty nice one myself called SUMOpaint 2.0. With lots of brushes you wouldn't find programmed into Paint. I'd pick this as the best Photoshop wannabe I've ever seen.

    Self Made / Already Made Patterns and Backgrounds

    You need a background now! (Unless you want you signature looking pretty empty) So one of the things I do is create my own! (A few examples below)
    And remember this, make sure the colors go together not like orange and green. That's ugly (my opinion)
    So if you have a girl with pink hair and a yellow mini dress,
    you might wanna use Gradient with a pinkish yellow ish mix and use a few brushes to add a few more details.

    If you want to get an Already Made pattern, you can use
    C4Ds Or whatever you think is a good pattern for your background. You can get a good amount of C4D if you Google image it.


    This isn't really that hard, you can just go to the adjustments / Filters pages and play around.


    The ones I like best are the splashes, and the 3D ones, It depends on you which kind of textures you like for your Self made backgrounds, For the 2nd one in the examples above, I took the 3D "Flare" Brush using different colors (bright ones or Opaque ones) and putting them around, then i blurred them slightly.

    Actual Tutorial [WOO-HOO!]
    Now with what I typed above and my knowledge (lol)
    I'll start on this tutorial.
    Step One : Open your Image Editor and Open your Canvas to the size you need for your Signature.

    Step Two : Get your PNG and copy the image's link and open it in your Image Editor. I Used this one From the series "Air"
    Once you've uploaded the PNG, Free transform it to a nice angle. (Free transform found in the Edit Tab Or Ctrl + T)

    Step Three : Once You've uploaded all you need, You can either upload your background (Already Made)
    Or you can work on your Self Made one.

    Step Four (Optional ) : You can add any text you want
    though I'd advise for Glowing Text or Text that blends in to avoid ruining the image itself. To make glowing text first On the top layer type what you want, under it with a color slightly different draw a border around it.

    Step Five : You can play around with Hues and Saturation and Effects (If wanted). And you can also add a Top and Bottom Border.

    Step Six : Show your Work! This was my Outcome :

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