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Your favorite game from 2013.

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Silentwolfboy, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Silentwolfboy

    Silentwolfboy Pretext, subtext, context

    I feel that the year 2013 was a bit lackluster on game releases, perhaps due to the release of XBO and PS4 late in the year and delaying games for the new year.

    But from the 2013 released games list (PC only obviously), which one was the best that you played?

    Final Fantasy 14: ARR is probably the one that stuck out most for me, a strong reboot to the failed 1.0v that fixed a lot of issues from the first and had great new content, and perhaps an upgraded computer that can actually run 60fps.
  2. Commander_Ducktape

    Commander_Ducktape Master of Ducktape

    I would say out of all the games I played that I liked I would say Paper Please. Just because it was such a different game play style then when I was used to in a game.
  3. Eh.. I didn't really purchase a lot of games last year, and as a result, my favorite game from 2013 would probably be Grand Theft Auto 5.
    Not to say it was a bad game.. it.. it could've been better though.
  4. The_black_kid123

    The_black_kid123 TheDoctor will see u now

    Fav game

    Had to be Tomb Raider. yeah.. Tomb Raider.

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